Kayla Greenstone


Kayla is a young professional & millennial mom working as an Account Supervisor in the Consumer Promotions/Marketing industry. She writes regularly on her personal blog www.runningwithstrollers.com where the self-titled tagline is, "a mom finding beauty in balancing it all." Kayla is passionate about both self-improvement and providing her readers with relevant content & inspiration they may be searching for as a fellow mama. Follow her on instagram or facebook @runningwithstrollers ✨

Why It's OK For New Moms To Leave Their Child In Daycare Without Feeling Guilty

By Kayla Greenstone
For most moms, the decision to return to work isn't a choice — it's a necessity for her family. I know moms who will only leave their children with family members, and I know moms who will leave their children with anyone who will take 'em. A few…

10 Scary And Very Real Things Every New Mother Can Expect To Happen In Year One

By Kayla Greenstone
Last year on this very day, I was told I would be having my baby any second. I was 3cm dilated and ten days from my delivery date. I didn't wind up having the baby for another 18 days. This is a for soon-to-be mamas who have no idea what to expect…

Why New Moms Have Such A Hard Time Taking Care Of Themselves

By Kayla Greenstone
So I really need to stop referring to my life in trimesters… but I promise this is the last time. Saying fourth and fifth trimester doesn't even make sense, but they are so real, friends. Just becoming a new mom really happens in five parts: one…

5 Millennial Moms On What They Wish They Would've Known After Giving Birth

By Kayla Greenstone
I'm so excited about this post, for several reasons. I may be biased because I have history with these ladies, but I think all of these moms you're about to hear from are superheroes. I've watched them embrace motherhood while successfully juggling…

4 Ways New Moms Should Think About Weight Loss After Giving Birth

By Kayla Greenstone
I think I have referenced the "fourth trimester" in more than one post, and let me tell you, it's no joke. What an awesome, yet strange time for moms everywhere, both physically and mentally. Not only are you trying to learn how to take care of a…

10 Unfortunate Side Effects Of Pregnancy I Was Never Expecting

By Kayla Greenstone
I have to preface this post by saying these past 10 months have actually been amazing. For the most part, I have gotten very lucky: no morning sickness, no constipation (TMI), good test results (there are a lot of them) and an active baby who I can…