Aaliyah Rubio


Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Aaliyah is a beach lover and spends her time soaking up the sun. She has a great passion for travel and has left her mark all over the world. Follow her adventures on http://aaliyahrubio.com

6 Ways To Stimulate Your Creativity After Having Your Heart Broken

By Aaliyah Rubio
Falling in love is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have. It feels as if you're creating and living your very own fairytale. Every day spent with that person adds a magical touch to your story. The good times are filled with wide…

3 Places That Prove Traveling Is All About Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

By Aaliyah Rubio
Traveling is a must during our 20s. It allows us to open our minds, grow as people and live our lives to the fullest. The majority of us are fortunate enough to let our inner traveler loose at an early age, although there are others who haven't yet…

If You Can't Accept These 3 Things, You'll Never Be Friends With An Ex

By Aaliyah Rubio
I used to ask myself this whenever I'd been dating a guy for a long period of time: “Could this guy be it? Am I finally going to experience being in love?” Sadly, after a few months of dating and reaching that "we were almost in an exclusive…

5 Reasons Every Traveler Is Captivated By Life In The Philippines

By Aaliyah Rubio
We all feel the need to get away sometimes in our lives, whether it's a relaxing vacation to a tropical island, an action-packed adventure or just a quick escape from reality. Traveling abroad has always been my go-to trip of choice whenever I'm in…

3 Things That Finally Made Me Get Over My Fear Of Falling In Love

By Aaliyah Rubio
For the majority of us, dating and relationships have never been priorities in our lives. I should know; I’m that girl in the group who is always single and constantly surrounded by friends in relationships. Like many others, I’m a very independent…