6 Ways To Stimulate Your Creativity After Having Your Heart Broken

Jovana Vukotic

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have. It feels as if you're creating and living your very own fairytale. Every day spent with that person adds a magical touch to your story. The good times are filled with wide smiles, laughter and crazy adventures, while the tough moments add exciting twists to the story and leave you with valuable lessons.

However, life is not a fairytale. Life is full of ups and downs and unexpected events. We live in a world of uncertainty where nothing is set in stone, so when it comes to love, we can never predict whether our story ends with a happy ending. The most we can do is enjoy each moment we have with that person and only hope to live happily ever after with them.

But what happens to the rest of us who don't get to live our happy ending with the person we thought was the love of our lives? The ones who get our love story cut short unexpectedly? We are left with our hearts shattered, waking up every morning with a broken soul and taking each day as it comes, feeling fragile and too afraid to love again.

Fortunately, for those who are wounded from love and heartbreak, even if everything that goes up comes crashing down, we have the ability to get ourselves back up. The thing is, no matter how hard it's going to be and how long it's going to take, we have to want to get ourselves standing again. It doesn't just happen overnight.

Self-healing is far from easy, but it is a critical process to be able to live a happy life. Here are six healthy ways to heal post-breakup that will help you through your tough days:

1. Find your inner zen.

Yoga isn't for everyone. A lot of people prefer working out at the gym or partaking in intense training sessions, but during heartbreak, yoga is a perfect practice to add to your routine. It not only improves your health both physically and mentally, but it also helps you tune in to yourself. It lets you face all the emotions you're feeling and assists you in dealing with those emotions.

By practicing yoga regularly, you'll begin to strengthen your patience, listen to your internal dialogue and be able to shift your focus into the present moment. These are qualities you can then incorporate to your everyday life.

2. Spend more time outside than you do inside.

By this I don't mean leaving your house, going on benders and having nights you don't remember the next day, or dating every single good looking person who captures your attention. Sure, engaging in these activities is fun and gets your mind off things, but it is a temporary fix that won't help you in the long run.

I mean going out and exploring this beautiful world we live in. Find a trail and go hiking. Go on a road trip and camp under the stars. Swim in the ocean until your skin is wrinkly. Go to the park and read a book. There are endless activities you can do that involve nature. Being surrounded by natural beauty and fresh air will do you good and leave your soul singing. Also, the best thing about it is it doesn't hurt your bank account.

3. Shift your focus from relationships to learning.

After my heartbreak, I'm certain I have come out of it with a whole list of new talents. Instead of looking for a new love or downloading meaningless dating apps, I chose to help my soul grow. From learning a new language, taking up writing, mastering meditation and yoga, buying an instrument, learning how to play a song to taking up photography, I have really broadened my horizons and interests. And you know what? I still continue practicing every single one of them.

They have become activities that I not only love, but also have become my passion. Taking up new challenges will shift your focus from the pain you're feeling and the unwanted thoughts that linger in your mind, to the present moment. You'll be surprised at how quickly time goes by when you're learning something new that you enjoy. And there's nothing more fulfilling than knowing you were hurt, but you overcame it by allowing yourself to fill the space your heartbreaker left instead of filling it with someone else.

4. Learn how to cook and eat mindfully.

During devastating moments, many of us have a change in appetite. We become demotivated to cook our own meals, and we resort to take out or easy comfort food, which will only makes us feel sad and sluggish.

Being able to cook our own meals and paying attention to each bite we take is one of the first steps to making ourselves feel better. Cooking your own meal, being aware of the ingredients you're using and taking your time in cooking something you love eating shows how much you love and care for your body, and by extension, yourself.

5. Start reading.

Reading is the best way to escape reality. The very moment you pick up a book or select an article to read, you are instantly taken out of your current situation and placed into another's world.

Reading gives you an insight to the life of the writer. It's the best way to gain another perspective on life. Take a walk in another's shoes if you find that the aforementioned tips just won't do the trick today.

6. Write, write and write some more.

You know what got me into blogging and writing articles? I met someone I felt so strongly for that, when I opened up a blank word document, my fingers started typing like crazy. I formed sentences that reflected the beautiful emotions I was feeling. And from there, I got my very first article published.

Writing is a way of expressing ourselves. It has more of an impact than talking our best friend's ear off. Every single painful emotion we feel during heartbreak can be written away. Once we rid the negative feelings, we are able to finally think and act clearly. It's like you take the painful thoughts and memories out on the page, and a weight is automatically lifted.

Heartbreak is only as hard as we make it out to be. Feeling broken is only temporary, staying afraid of love and life is a choice. The person who left you broken will never be the one to heal you. Unhealthy habits and distractions will only give you a temporary fix and delay your happiness. You are the only person who is capable of making yourself heal. You have the ability to create a new chapter and although it might not be the fairytale you wanted it to be, it's going to be a fucking awesome adventure.