This New French Fry Pool Float Is Perfect For The Relaxation You Crave This Summer

At this point, we're already halfway through the month of May (which is honestly wild), and that means summer is somehow lurking just around the corner. And since almost anyone who's ~in the know~ is well aware that pool floats are one of the greatest summer accessories known to mankind, I've been spending these last few weeks avidly perusing the world wide web in search of a few favorites to ring in the warm weather. When push comes to shove, however, Zulily's French Fry Pool Float definitely takes the cake. It might be one of the best ones I've seen to date.

Zulily recently released new Intex-brand pool floats that are basically guaranteed to steal your heart... especially if you, too, are an avid fried potato enthusiasts. As a lifelong potato-lover, I'm truly captivated by both options, and choosing just one won't be an easy task.

The first of the two looks just like your go-to order at McDonald's (which is obviously a greasy order of fries!). As you can see in the photo below, the French Fly float closely resembles a handful of golden, crunchy fries jutting out from a bright red carton. It goes for $12.99, and while this float is absolutely glorious, it's making me ridiculously hungry. IDK about you, but I absolutely one of these babies for myself. It's guaranteed to make days at the beach totally and utterly unbeatable.


Next up is Zulily's Intex Potato Chips Pool Float. It closely resembles your favorite bag of Ruffles or Lays, in a red, white, and blue bag that is hilariously labeled "Party Size!" It's pretty large, laying down at 55 inches wide by 70 inches long, and it goes for a price of $16.99. If chips are your favorite form of potato (and float), just make sure to order one for yourself as soon as humanly possible — according to the website, they're selling out quite quickly.


WOW, to be completely honest, I can't decide which potato-themed float I like better. As a lifelong tater fan, this might be one of the single hardest decision I've ever had to make. To be honest, I really don't know which one I prefer, so I guess I'll just have to get both and call it a day.

Deciding on which pool float to buy can be extremely tricky, because there are so many glorious options out there. However, if you know that you mostly enjoy floating for the sake of getting tan, here are the five best pool floats for tanning. Some are more luxurious, going for a steep price of $70, while others are more affordable, costing about $11. There are more than enough options, if you just can't make a choice.

Floating is fun, but buying a cute pool float to deck out your summer ~lewk~ is honestly one of my favorite pastimes. If you're a big potato fan, though, Zulily's options are definitely perfect for you. It will — however — make way for an incredibly hard decision. I'm so torn.