Zoë Kravitz & Karl Glusman’s Astrological Compatibility Is Complicated

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Did you know that Zoë Kravitz married her longtime boyfriend, fellow actor Karl Glusman, back in June 2019? If you missed it I'm not surprised, since this couple is the epitome of low-key cool. It really seems like they don’t feel any need to hype their relationship up for the world to see. In fact, they were engaged for almost a year before anyone even knew it. That's unique for a Hollywood couple, but when you take Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman’s astrological compatibility into account, well, they are far from your typical duo.

First some quick background on the two. As Kravitz told Rolling Stone in late 2018, they first met in 2016 at a bar with some mutual friends. As it turned out, this casual hangout was actually a set-up, as Glusman had been crushing on Kravitz from afar. Kravitz told the publication that after they met, they ended up spending the night making out at her place and they just clicked from the start. “I can be my weirdest self around him,” said Kravitz. “It’s so relaxing to be around someone where you can be a hundred percent how you feel.”

After a year and a half of dating, Glusman popped the question, but didn’t exactly go how he had originally planned. His intention, according to Kravitz, was to ask her to marry him while the two were in Paris, but their work schedules got in the way. So instead, it happened in their living room. “I was in sweatpants,” recalled Kravitz. “I think I was a little drunk.” Glusman set the mood by lighting candles and playing music by Kravitz’s favorite singer, Nina Simone. Kravitz said he hugged her and she could feel his anxiety and anticipation. “I could feel his heart beating so fast — I was like, ‘Baby, are you OK?’ I was actually worried about him!,” she said. Of course, her answer was yes, and the couple were married on June 29, 2019 at her father Lenny Kravitz’s home in Paris, France.

Since this couple prefers to play things close to the vest, our best insight into their relationship dynamic may be in understanding their astrological compatibility. Kravitz was born December 1, 1988, under the sign of Sagittarius, and Glusman’s birthday is January 3, 1988, which makes him a Capricorn. Right off the bat, this pairing is an unusual one. Earth sign Capricorn is very grounded, practical, and disciplined, while air sign Sagittarius goes where the wind and their desires take them. They tend to worry about the practicalities later… or, you know, never. But since so much of a relationship is about a couple finding their unique balance, being opposites in the zodiac doesn't mean they're doomed. It's just that their balance is a little extra unique. Here’s what else we can divine about this couple's relationship based on their zodiac signs.

They really “get” one another.
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If there was ever a case to be made for opposites attracting, it would be Sagittarius and Capricorn. Sagittarius is the ultimate free spirit, one who believes in living in the now and following their heart. Capricorn is all about discipline, hard work, and adhering to a plan. They set goals and focus on achieving them over the long term. So, you would think these two signs would clash far too much for a love connection. But in some says they really do actually complement each other, because they give one another the balance they so desperately need. Sagittarius gives Cap’s life a much needed infusion of fun and whimsy, and a reminder to let go a little and live in the present. While for their part, Capricorn offers Sagittarius a some sense of structure and a safe harbor to come home to.

Their biggest hurdles are intimacy and trust.
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While these two are capable of forging an incredible bond, it will take a lot of work and a leap of faith. Capricorn is the most traditional and conservative sign in the zodiac when it comes to how they structure their romantic lives, and Sagittarius is, well, the opposite. This disconnect between them can create real trust issues if left unchecked, and that can spill over into intimacy problems. Because while Sagittarius has no issues keeping things going on a purely physical level, Capricorn needs a heart connection to fully open up sexually. Basically, in order for this relationship to go the distance, both signs need to make the mutual and intentional choice to find a middle ground — and to be totally open about how they're feeling at all times, lest resentment sneak in and ruin their delicate connection.

They have fun just being together.
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Perhaps this couple’s greatest strength is simply how much they love being together. They bring out the best in each other and they like who they become when they're together. That can be a powerful basis for a bond — one that can be the glue while they work through all the complications of being so fundamentally different in other ways. They don’t just love, but truly like one another. Honestly, what more could any couple ask for?

There is no question that these two look great together, but judging by their astrological compatibility, they actually are great together, too.