Zayn & Gigi’s Astrological Compatibility Makes Them A Rock-Solid Match

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The way Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have remained a solid couple is both impressive and mystifying. The two reportedly started dating in November 2015. Two months later, Hadid starred in Malik's "PILLOWTALK" video and Malik called Hadid his girlfriend in a February 2016 radio interview. From their iconic April 2016 Vogue shoot, to their 2018 breakup, and Hadid's summer 2019 fling with Tyler Cameron, fans of the couple have rooted for them through plenty of ups and downs, but it seems like now they're better than ever. Considering Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's astrological compatibility, it's actually unsurprising that these two stuck it out and are making it work.

Malik, born January 12, 1993, is a Capricorn. Hadid, born April 23, 1995, is a Taurus. Caps are often portrayed as workaholics, and Taureans as hard-headed. These stereotypes might make Zigi seem like a recipe for disaster, but they actually make a stable match since they're both earth signs. Here's how their astrological compatibility explains why these two fell in love and kept coming back for more.

They're Chill When It Comes To Traditional Romance

Notoriously, earth signs aren't the most romantic signs, but they show love in their own ways. Cap will help their partner thrive by crossing items off their to-do-list and Taurus is always down to make an IKEA run to let their boo know they care. It might not be chocolate and roses, but it works for a Capricorn-Taurus union.

They're Honest & Communicative

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Generally, earth signs like to take things slowly, especially when cultivating relationships. Cap and Taurus make a good match because they're comfortable asking each other all the important questions — What do you want out of this relationship? Where do you see yourself in five years? — before committing.

Both signs are also notoriously hard-working and responsible with their finances. If there's any doubt about this couple's earth sign tendencies, please refer to Malik's grueling stint in One Direction, as well as all the covers, campaigns, and runways Hadid has collected under her belt. They both work tirelessly to excel in their professional and personal lives and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Sometimes, They Can Lock Horns

If there's any telling what Hadid and Malik's arguments are like, imagine a goat (Capricorn's symbol) and a bull (Taurus' symbol) butting heads. Capricorns like to be in charge and have the upper hand, so when anyone tries to hold them accountable or correct them, they get defensive. Meanwhile, Taureans are endlessly stubborn. They'll go down swinging trying to defend their point.

Malik and Hadid reportedly broke up in 2018 because of their conflicting, "crazy work schedules," which totally sounds like a Cap and Taurus issue. However, it would make sense if the couple's astrological aversion to compromise put a strain on their relationship, too.

They're Steady Through The Ups & Downs

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Earth signs aren't big fans of change. As their element suggests, they like to stay grounded and feel rooted. Still, even though Malik and Hadid took a break from their relationship, they came back together, which adds up. Leave it to two earth signs to find such a perfect fit in each other and, ultimately, want to stick with it.

Safe to say, Zigi is proof that dating someone of your own element can be challenging at times, but ultimately rewarding and a rock-solid pick.

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