Zara's Edited Collection Lets You Personalize Your Denim, & I Suddenly Feel Like A Fashion Designer

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As a frequent Zara shopper, I tend to hit up my local store instead of shopping online — what can I say, I like to try things on! However, if I hadn't treated myself to a moment of impulse-online-shopping this week, I would've never known about Zara's Edited Collection, a new line of denim and basics that shoppers can personalize for a one-of-a-kind touch. How fun is that?

If you live in a big city like New York City, as I do, you've no doubt showed up to a party at which multiple girls were wearing the same Zara dress. Practically everybody shops there, so it's bound to happen a time or two! That's why the brand's decision to create a customizable drop is so cool; a friend and I can order the same denim jacket or wide-leg jeans, but the way we customize them will ensure they still feel unique. Don't get me wrong, I love a twinning moment, but I'm all about a personalized touch. Typically, anything with my name on it is the result of a DIY, but with the Edited Collection, that extra-special touch is easily achieved just by typing in your word of choice, choosing your font and color, and clicking "Add To Cart." No messy craft supplies required.

Zara announced the collection on Instagram, where they showcased a few styles, including this oversized denim jacket:

"Customize your favourite garment. Embroider your ideas or personality. Your creativity matters," the brand captioned one of their posts, and TBH, I really feel that. Shout out to Zara for putting such a fun, personalized spin on their basics!

And now, a little tutorial. First, search "Edited" on the Zara site, and the collection will reveal itself:


Next, select your product of choice. I'm going with the Edited Hi Rise Denim Shorts (, because ~summer~:

Select your size, then click "EDIT," and let the fun begin:


These shorts allowed for personalization on the waist, the back, and the front, so I decided to test out a trifecta. First, I wrote my name on the waist:


Next, I wrote "#OOTD" above the front pocket. How fun am I?


Finally, I left a cheeky message on the bum:


Why not, you know? with that, my shorts were complete, and I added them to my cart to be styled with everything and anything I can think of for the rest of the summer.

If you need some more info, the ad campaign video shows a ton of cute pieces, too:

Also, it's worth noting that Zara didn't jack up the prices, even though these pieces are personalized. The jeans and denim shorts range between $30 and $40 a pair, with a $20 tote being the most inexpensive item, and an oversized denim jacket clocking in at the priciest at $70. Denim for $30 bucks is already a steal, so the fact that I can put my name on the pieces at no additional cost is honestly thrilling. Shout out to Zara for keeping it fun and fresh, and catch me in my new customized shorts real soon!

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