Zach Dempsey's '13 Reasons Why' Instagram Is Finally Live & There Are Tons Of Clues


In high school, we all knew a jock like 13 Reasons Why's Zach. The majority of those baseball players might not be the nicest, and their behavior badly rubs off on the only sweet-seeming athlete — aka Zach — to the point of him developing a pretty sinister, cruel side. As Alex said in Season 1, Zach is capable of mean things despite likely having a good heart. Like all of the show's other characters, Zach had his not-so-great moments last season, but he may have turned a new leaf for the upcoming Season 2. Zach Dempsey's 13 Reasons Why Instagram is finally live, and it seems to have some strong clues about what he's up to in the aftermath of Hannah's death.

Zach's account going public follows Jessica and Alex's character accounts doing the same. While the onetime couple's separate Instagrams dropped major hints that they were getting back together in Season 2 (and Selena Gomez's "Back To You" music video suggests similarly), Zach's page is a little more generic and vague. Firstly, he has the most "bro" bio ever, writing, "Ball is life," alongside emojis of a basketball, baseball, and football. The majority of his feed follows a theme of sports, including pictures of Zach's workouts, equipment, and even a basketball team photo.

However, a deeper look through his Instagram feed definitely hints that Zach is feeling disillusioned about his athlete status in Season 2. His most recent photo shows the message, "Great Day To Be A Tiger," but his caption reads, "Yeah right." Something tells me that he's not just referring to a bad day on the baseball field.

Right now, we can't exactly pinpoint the characters' social media activity to an exact point in the show's timeline. It's possible that the most recent posts equate to what happens right before the new season starts or that some of those details will even pop up in the first few episodes. Maybe we'll have some more clarity when Season 2 launches, but Zach's Instagram post hints that the new episodes will pick up when everyone still feels particularly dark about the terms of Hannah's death and the lawsuit that followed. His preceding Instagram picture even teases Zach feeling frustrated about the drama that has exploded across Liberty High.

The photo features his baseball equipment, accompanying the cryptic caption, "Whatever happened to leaving the game on the field?"

In any other context, the caption sounds as if it'd fit perfectly on any expressive teen's social media, but given Zach's connection to Bryce via the sports teams, Zach has probably seen the brunt of Hannah's case drastically affect any team dynamics. The "game" could apply to any of the craziness that has spiraled since Hannah's death, and perhaps Zach just isn't into focusing on it too much.

Meanwhile, in the official Season 2 trailer, Zach seemingly supports Bryce, fist-bumping him after Bryce is seen saying, "We're all in this together now." Zach later says in the trailer, "It's going to keep happening."

There's plenty of what "it" can mean. The mysterious polaroids? Accusations against Bryce? Insight about Hannah? Whatever it is, Zach totally gives off the impression of being disgusted with what has happened. He seems to be on Team Bryce, but as we saw in Season 1, he has experienced some guilt about his own role in Hannah's death. Compared to characters like Alex or Tony, it appears that Zach will play a smaller part in Season 2, but the new trailer has managed to squeeze in moments with the majority of Liberty High students featured in the first season. Anyone could receive a special moment in the spotlight.

Zach may not be one of the characters sporting a drastic injury or worried expression in the season teaser, but I think it's safe to say that he won't play the part of a happy-go-lucky athlete this year. Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why debuts on Netflix on Friday, May 18.