Your Venus In Cancer Love Horoscope Is Filled With Juicy Details

When you think of summertime, doesn't your heart swell up? There's always an emotional line running through the warmest and sunniest season and it all has to do with the vivid memories you make with the people you love. It has always made so much sense to me that the beginning of summer is often when Venus — planet of beauty, love, and friendship — enters sensitive, empathetic, nostalgic, and romantic Cancer. This year, this gorgeous transit begins on July 3 and ends on July 27, and your Venus in Cancer 2019 love horoscope will describe just how beautiful it will be for you.

Now, if you've heard about the upcoming eclipses and the Mercury retrograde slated to take place in July, you may be wondering how this could possibly be a wonderful time for love. Well, the cosmos works in mysterious ways, and even though Mercury retrograde is rife with communication issues, reconnections with the past, and an overall sense of confusion, it doesn't mean there won't be beauty in the midst of it all. Even though eclipse season is when your relationships tend to take unexpectedly sharp turns, remember that the heavenly and destiny-oriented North node is in Cancer. This essentially means that whatever happens in your relationships is meant to be, and that you're moving forward in the journey that is your life.

As dramatic as that sounds, let's not forget just how fun Venus in Cancer can be. When I think of Venus in Cancer, I think of holding hands and watching the sunset. I think of cuddling on the couch all night with a Netflix marathon. I think of finding someone who makes you feel like you're at home. Read on to find out how this transit will affect your zodiac sign:


You're feeling at home and you want to cozy up with your loved ones. You're in the mood for cuddles, home-cooked dinners, and a whole lot of staying in. As long as you're with someone you love, it doesn't matter where you are. You just want to be with someone who makes you feel safe and sound.


You're in the mood to be intellectually stimulated in your love life and you want to dive into fascinating conversations with someone who's got your heart. Even if the conversation turns into a fun debate, it's all flirtation to you. You're impressed by someone who can charm you with their wit.


Is it time to go shopping or what? You're in the mood for a little gift exchange with someone you love because you're in the mood to pamper and be pampered in return. Why not start thinking more seriously about a relationship? This is a great time to establish some goals together.


You're more attractive than ever and everyone is stopping in their tracks to look at you. Now's the time to indulge in your beauty and fill up on self-love. Spend time with loved ones who appreciate you and feel free to put yourself out there. Suitors are definitely taking notice to you.


You're connecting to your inner wisdom and rediscovering how beautiful it feels to indulge in solitude. This is an ideal time to connect with someone spiritually and to simply enjoy being alone together. Deep feelings may reveal themselves during this time and you may have a secret admirer.


You're in love with people lately and you're in the mood to get out there and be social. To you, romance means nothing unless you can be friends first. In fact, a friendship might turn into something more. You might even meet someone special on the internet. Keep your mind open.


Your name is rolling off of people's tongues and you're the talk of the town lately. Your image is bright and shining, attracting so many people your way. Not only is this bringing positivity to your career, it also means you might meet someone at work. It means a power couple could be in the making.


You're in love with adventure lately and you don't want to stay put. You want to go out, explore, meet new people, and create new experiences. If you're in a relationship, it's time to try something new and spontaneous. If you're single, follow the wind and you'll meet someone interesting.


You desire depth and emotional intimacy lately. You want to feel truly understood by your lover and you want to get to know every part of the. Light, pointless, and superficial dating just isn't going to cut it. You want something real and you're ready to open your heart to a deep love.


Your love life is on fire lately and you're ready for a one-on-one connection. If you've been dating around, you might be ready to make things more exclusive. If you're already in a relationship, you can expect a deepening of your bond if you desire it. Make your loyalties and commitments solid.


You have so much power to be productive with your partner. Now's the time to run errands with someone you love and find ways to help each other out. Your work life is experiencing a boost and you want to take care of your wellbeing. You might start crushing on someone at work or in class.


Romance is bursting in your heart and you're feeling more loving and expressive than you have in a while. This is a beautiful time to go out on dates and keep things light and fun. Why not do something creative together, like a night out dancing or painting out in the garden? It will bring you so much joy.