Your Solar Eclipse In Cancer Horoscope Will Help You Stay True To Your Heart

Are you ready to honor the person you're becoming? Prepared to feel a shift from within? It's only human nature to resist change, but it's often change that starts the process of growth. If you stayed the same person forever, you wouldn't get very far. You'd remain stagnant. Who wants that? Luckily, there's a very strong chance you'll feel different after this summer, and your solar eclipse in Cancer 2019 horoscope is here to help you make sense of what these changes mean. Taking place on July 2 at 3:16 p.m. EST, this eclipse will shine a light on your inner-truth, revealing a layer of yourself that might surprise you.

The most important thing to remember about the changes an eclipse evokes is that there's no way to prevent them. This is the universe taking matters into its own hands and bringing you closer to where you're meant to be. Whatever happens during an eclipse tends to be irreversible and uncontrollable. Even if you don't like these changes at first, you'll often appreciate them in time. This is because an eclipse connects with the lunar nodes, which moves you away from the past and speeds you up to your future.

This eclipse takes place in nurturing, emotional, intuitive, and moody Cancer. Chances are, you'll feel more sensitive than usual, but also spiritually connected to the path you're meant to take. This has the power to reshape your relationship with your family, refine your potential for empathy, and allow you to be true to your heart. Since the North node — AKA the goal that you're ultimately striving towards — is also in Cancer, these changes will feel destined.

If you'd like to know what your destiny might hold, read the horoscopes for both your sun and rising sign:


This solar eclipse will affect your perspective of your family and home life. Let it bring you closer to the people who matter most to your heart and help you create a space that you enjoy living in. You deserve to feel safe with people you love and accepted in the place you call home.


Your communication sector is being transformed by this solar eclipse. There may be a desire to speak your mind and refine the way you express yourself with others. Your mind will be racing and a desire to be productive and knowledgable will overtake you. There could even be a shift in a sibling relationship.


There are financial changes in the works taking place during this solar eclipse. Whether this signifies a loss or a gain, it's all shifting your perspective of what you need in order to feel more stable and autonomous. This will also refine your ability to feel more self-accepting.


This solar eclipse has the power to completely transform your identity. You're leaving behind a perspective of yourself that may be holding you back from success. You're becoming the person you're meant to be and radiating your truth. The universe won't leave you behind. It's time to grow.


There may be a desire to spend some time alone on this solar eclipse, as it activates the sector of your chart that has to do with your secret world. You may be reckoning with revelations that take place within and replenish your spiritual nature. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.


This solar eclipse will shift your view of the people you spend time with. You might leave behind a community of people you no longer vibe with and become closer to a group of likeminded individuals. You might even become passionate about a certain cause or charity. Make the world a better place.


A career transformation may take place during this solar eclipse. You're putting yourself out there and demanding recognition for all your hard work. You want the world to see you for your accomplishments and you want to be successful in what you're passionate about. Take a chance on a new path.


Your horizons will expand on this solar eclipse. A narrow perspective of yours will widen and you'll feel hungry for more. This may mean the start of a journey that brings you a wealth of experience, such as traveling or studying a new subject. A spontaneous opportunity may rock your world.


You're shedding your spiritual skin on this solar eclipse and a deep and powerful internal transformation may take place. This means something must be sacrificed in order for something to be gained. You will desire depth and true intimacy in your relationships and love is on the way.


Your partnership sector is being affected by this solar eclipse and this may bring you closer to forging a commitment with someone else. However, it's also possible that you might break a commitment to someone else. This is all meant to bring healthy and fruitful relationships into your life.


Your overall health and work style is the spotlight of this solar eclipse. It's time to focus on living a lifestyle that prioritizes your needs and level of productivity. Find balance between your responsibilities to yourself and others. Create a daily routine that is organized and manageable.


Romance, fun, and creativity are the main focus of this solar eclipse. You may feel inspired to include more enjoyment in your life as well as embark on an artistic endeavor. This eclipse will bring your inner-child out to play and reacquaint you with the purest form of your happiness.