Here's Your Official Valentine's Day Horoscope To Remind You To Spread The Love

by Cosmo Luce

From the super blue blood moon on Jan. 31 to the Aquarius new moon solar eclipse on Feb. 15, the stars are going to be in alignment for romance on Valentine's Day. The Valentine's Day horoscope for every sign will also be influenced by the loving energy of Venus, which moves into Pisces on Feb. 10. There's no better signifier of universal love than Venus in Pisces, because this aspect is pretty much the embodiment of loving thy brother. And with Valentine's Day occurring at the tail end of Aquarius season, the Piscean lifelong quest for deep, pure, all-encompassing love is sure to be a collective one.

The combination of Venus in Pisces, the solar eclipse in Aquarius, and the sun in Aquarius means that the love that rises to the surface on Valentine's Day will be both healing and originating from a deep wellspring of pain. This love will feel like a fresh spring rain that washes away the grit of winter, or the release that comes when, after a long period of anger, you are finally able to cry. It will be both cleansing and painful and will teach us that joy is a bedfellow of grief. Surround yourself with the people who can really hold you. This isn't a day to isolate yourself with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other, but to be around the friends and chosen family who have stood with you through thick and thin.

It's also a time to look to those in your community, who might be feeling particularly alone on Valentine's Day. If you are in a relationship right now, look outside of it. Do you know someone who has gone through a breakup lately? Do you know somebody who has lost someone close to them — a parent, grandparent, family member, or friend? Someone who has fallen on economic hardship, like losing their job? On Valentine's Day, Venus in Pisces wants you to take inventory of the places in your life when you have a little more than you need and give it to those close to you who could really use some extra love right now.

The super blue blood moon in Leo on Jan. 31 has further amplified this Valentine's Day message of universal love and healing. Leo is the polar opposite of cool-headed Aquarius, warming and humanizing this often aloof fixed air sign. Aquarius is also a positive influence on Leo; the sun lion can become egocentric and prideful if it's not kept in balance with the needs of the collective. Aquarius checks Leo and makes sure that the center of the universe isn't burning so brightly that it obliterates all of the other planets and their signs.

If not for the influence of the super blue blood moon in Leo, individual needs might be abandoned in the interest of collective pursuits. But the lunar eclipse in Leo has, essentially, insisted that we don't need to choose between the self and the other. That when we work on improving ourselves, when we follow our true heart's desires and fuel our inner passion, our light sheds warmth on all who surround us.

So how does this cosmic energy actually translate on Valentine's Day itself? It looks like creating loving, safe spaces where you and the people who matter can hold each other. The stars want you to have a big slumber party with your nearest and dearest, especially those who would otherwise be spending the holiday alone. Love is all around you, and the most intimate partnership you can be in is the one that exists between you and the universe. That's what this Feb. 14 is going to be all about.

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