The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide According to Your Partner's Zodiac Sign

by Annie Foskett

Hello there, it's friendly neighborhood Scorpio here to guide you through V-Day gifting. I know what you're thinking: "'Friendly Scorpio' sounds an oxymoron." If you were to pick out a Valentine's Day present for me (thank you!) based on the stereotypes associated with my sign, you'd probably end up purchasing an angry vibrator. (Whatever that might look like.) Or Astroglide. (Get it? Scorpios are sexual and the brand name is like a direct nod to astrology? Cool.) But I'm here to help you utilize the stars to figure out what to get your Valentine based on their zodiac sign.

Despite being a 29-year-old woman without amnesia who has gifted no fewer than 100 presents in her lifetime, I am always surprised at how hard it is to choose a gift for a person you care about. I often know exactly what a person wants that I can't get them — like a trip to Oahu, or a new job with a boss they don't hate. When it comes to what I can buy them, I cower in fear at the prospect of choosing something that they've never seen before and might hate.

The thought of forcing a person I care about to faux-nod and proclaim, "I love this random cactus, thank you!" just so that they don't hurt my feelings makes my stomach ache. I hate fake-liking gifts, and I don't want to subject anybody I love to suffer that fate. Just tell me you hate it! I can take it! (After all, I'm a Scorpio.)

This is why I hope that this gift guide will give you the jumping-off point to confidently choose an affordable Valentine's Day gift for your partner that is a little more inspired than when you wander around a random boutique and walk out with a tub of face cream in wrapping paper. If you start with your partner's zodiac sign, at least you know that you are going to be somewhere in the ballpark.

Rather than look at stereotypes associated with each sign, I consulted Susan Miller's January horoscopes and chose gifts I thought might delight each sign after their respective Januarys. And now, the nominees:


If your partner is an Aquarius, you'll have said HBD either right before or after Valentine's Day. This means you can either A.) totally splurge on a birthday and V-Day gift, or B.) cop out of giving a V-Day gift because you already bought them a birthday present. Miller cites the new moon in Capricorn on January 16 as a great time for your partner to have started on a new project, so chances are by V-Day they're going to need some respite and down time. Music is always an excellent accompaniment to down time, so why not get them a Sonos gift card?


According to Miller, if your partner is a Pisces, they likely had quite the social January. (Hopefully with you by their side?) Either way, focus on something a bit more low-key for your Pisces this Valentine's Day. How about a fancy new cheese board with some aged cheddar and Brillat-Savarin to put the board to good use? Everyone needs a cheese board. Hunker down with some wine and enjoy the calm.


If Miller was correct about January, then your Aries bae is coming off of a fulfilling month ripe with career growth and possibly, a major career change. Take the focus off of work by gifting your Aries something that's just meant for play, like this Polaroid Cube camera. Plus, if there's a major move or new travel opportunities in their future, they can use this to take fun pictures.


If your partner is a Taurus, they were probably traveling a lot in January. Why not welcome them back to normality by taking them to their favorite restaurant in town on V-Day and footing the bill. When I've traveled far and wide, there's nothing like coming back to my favorite neighborhood restaurants and relaxing comfortably.


Geminis had more focus than usual on money throughout the month of January, so if you're dating one, why not load a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or fitness studio? It sounds a little boring, but it's always nice to receive a free month of something you were going to pay for anyways.


Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to Miller, January pushed you and your partner's relationship in either one extreme direction or the other. Since you're reading this article, I'm assuming you're still going strong, and maybe just decided to make it official or get engaged. A succulent or house plant is a great nod to your next step together. I know I called out my "weird little cactus" gift before, but plants trump flowers, IMO.) Plants require love and nurturing, just like your relationship's journey.


Joe Kohen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're dating a Leo, they may have had a hard time coming back from the holidays, and may have spent most of January inside, keeping quiet. Why not encourage some adventure this February and buy bae a pair of concert tickets or set up a pizza-making class for the two of you? Activity dates are always the best after a tough month.


According to Miller, Virgos may have a friend or family member dealing with medical issues near the end of January. If your partner has been focused on taking care of others, it would be so thoughtful to treat them to something entirely for themselves. Why not a massage?


Libras had a productive, sometimes tense January that ended on a note of possible romance, so why not get super cheesy and buy a fancy Diptyque candle for your honey? Attach a suggestive note about when and where you're going to light that candle (in the bedroom). Even if your partner isn't super into candles, anyone can appreciate Diptyque quality.


Alas, my sign. Miller's January horoscope for Scorpio mentioned a difficult time just after the new moon on January 16, and I am here to say that indeed, I had just that last week. An end of month focus on career aspirations means that going into February, your Scorpio partner may want to let loose a little. If your partner enjoys wine, why not get them a Winc wine subscription? Bonus: They'll probably share.


If you're dating a Sagittarius, it seems as though they likely spent most of January worried about, focused on making or intensely managing money. Why not distract them this Valentine's day with the ever sexy lingerie gift? Buy some for yourself and surprise, or gift them with those undies they would never splurge on.


If you're dating a Capricorn, chances are that they had a lot going for them during their birthday month. Maybe you both took a step towards a more serious relationship, or maybe they finished a big contract at work. Either way, why not get them something low-key for Valentine's Day, like a new book. Maybe even choose a young adult novel, something like A Wrinkle In Time, in advance of the new movie, or anything your partner can read with low stakes.

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