Your Valentine's Day Horoscope Encourages You To Ditch The Smoke & Mirrors This Year & Stay Authentic

by Valerie Mesa

Can you believe it? Valentine's Day is officially around the corner, and well, if you're anything like me, then you really couldn't care less. More importantly, I've got your Valentine's Day 2019 horoscopes, and things are looking rather interesting to say the least, but I'll get to that in a minute. Also, just so you know, I'm not secretly hating on Valentine's Day. On the contrary, I even call it "Val Day," as if it were my very own holiday. Yes, I have a significant other, and we typically exchange gifts and do our best to make it romantic (and cheesy), but it's still not my fave holiday.

Honestly, I hate when things feel forced, and Valentine's Day can get out of hand — especially when you just want to go out and grab a bite to eat with your main squeeze. It legit reminds me of the Sex and the City movie, when Carrie and Miranda are out to dinner on Valentine's Day, and Carrie could barely move or put on her coat, with all the obnoxious balloons and decorations. OK, whatever, fine. Maybe I do sound like a grouch, but I'm just being honest with y'all. Anyhoo, enough with the "why Valentine's Day can be overrated" banter.

In case you're wondering, there's a whole lot happening in the sky on the most "romantic" day of the year. The curious Gemini moon will be making a square to dreamy Neptune, and this could certainly feel a bit ambiguous. This is a tug of war between your faith, hopes, and dreams vs. the petty details, and general curiosities. The planet of love (Venus) will also be sitting close to serious Saturn in Capricorn, and well, it doesn't get more official than this, especially when it comes to love. This is a "make it or break it" transit, so hang on tight, stargazers.

Here go your Valentine's Day horoscopes:

Aries: Your Reputation Is Top Of Mind

You want someone who can keep up with you personally and professionally, Aries. You don't have time to play around, and you're certainly not in the mood for games.

Taurus: You've Got The Hots For Someone Unfamiliar

Way to go, Taurus. Someone who isn't your type? Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! You're finally breaking free from your stagnant routine, and the best is yet to come.

Gemini: You're Craving Intensity And Emotional Depth

This certainly isn't typical of you, considering you much rather go with the flow. However, the seasons change, and so do people, Gemini. Do you, and forget about everything else.

Cancer: You're Making Things Official AF

You know what you want, Cancer. Don't waste time beating around the bush, and cut to the chase already. Is he, or is he not, the one? The clock is ticking.

Leo: You're Thinking Practically And Rationally

You've got a lot on your mind, and you're not in the mood for small talk. Organize yourself, and do the honors of coordinating something adorably quaint for Valentine. You know you want to, Leo.

Virgo: You're More Than Ready To Fall In Love

You're in love with love, and as charming as ever, Virgo babe. You're not usually this extra, so I say you make the best of this flamboyant energy. Go do something romantic and fun with your boo thang.

Libra: You're Doing Things Low Key

Netflix and chill is all you right now, Libra. You're in the mood for a cozy night in with your love. Not to worry, single Libras! You could always invite your besties over for some chocolate, and champagne.

Scorpio: You're Having Mentally-Stimulating Convos

You're all about the schmoozing and sexting these days, Scorpio. You're in the mood for some mental tennis, and you're avidly looking for your next victim.

Sagittarius: You're Feeling Yourself And Recognize Your Worth

Oh, Sagittarius, who wouldn't run off and marry you? As long as it's a destination wedding, right? You're having the time of your life this year, and you're finally recognizing your worth, too. Stay strong.

Capricorn: You're Ready To Seal The Deal

You've been through so much these past couple of months, and well, I think you owe it to yourself to finally make a decision. Are you in, or are you out? Chin up, Capricorn.

Aquarius: You're Not Really Sure

The ambiguity is making you anxious, I know, but instead of stressing, why don't you spend some time on your own? Re-charge your batteries, Aquarius. You always feel better afterwards.

Pisces: You're Crushing On Someone You Know

I know this sounds gross, but don't sh*t where you eat, Pisces. Trust me, you'll regret it later. That is, unless you decide to make things official between you and your "friend with benefits," of course.