Your Super Bowl Love Horoscope Nails What You Can Expect After The Final Touchdown

When you hear the phrase "Super Bowl Sunday," romance is not likely to be the first thing that comes to mind. However, it tends to be a rather important opportunity for a date night or even to meet your bae's friends for the first time. There's something about the simultaneously casual, laidback, and celebratory atmosphere of Super Bowl Sunday that could have a significant impact on your love life. And, as a result, you might want to take a second to see what your Super Bowl love horoscope is so you can be prepared for whatever this weekend holds.

Maybe I am biased because my first kiss was at a Super Bowl party, but I feel like whenever there's a chance for friends to get together and celebrate, there's a chance for sparks to fly with your crush, as well. Astrologer, Spirit Daughter Jill Wintersteen has shared insights with Elite Daily on what is happening in the cosmos during this Super Bowl Sunday. "This Sunday, the sun, moon, and Mercury (the planet of communication) will fall into Aquarius," says Wintersteen. "Aquarius inspires us to be free-spirited, independent, and even rebellious." According to Wintersteen, this influence of Aquarius's energy just may open your mind to someone you would've never initially been drawn to and also give you the confidence to make a move.

"Venus, the planet of love, will be moving into Capricorn moments before the coin toss of Super Bowl 53," she says. "Venus in Capricorn inspires us to bring form to what we love. Capricorn is all about order, and when Venus takes on this vibration, it opens up the door for us to make definitive actions concerning our love interests. Venus in Capricorn also urges us to commit to what we love, so the Super Bowl will be a great time to make a play for that special someone you’ve had your eye on."

According to Wintersteen, the energy of Venus combined with the influences from Aquarius and Capricorn, sets the stage for you to take a chance, put down your inhibitions, and confidently approach someone new with the same energy Gronk spikes the ball.



Take a chance and make a move.

"Aries, you are naturally competitive and thrive when there is competition in the air. This will be an exciting day for you, as everyone will join you in cheering for a victor," says Wintersteen. She also says that your planetary ruler, Mars, is also currently in Aries, making you feel even more passionate than usual. "If you do have a specific person in mind take a moment, and a breath, to gather your thoughts, before approaching them. All the excitement in the air may leave you feeling motivated but lacking in direction. Just trust yourself and make your move.



Take some space to check in with yourself.

"Aquarius season tends to already feel a little restless for you, Taurus. Now that the Moon, who rules our emotions, has moved into this sign you may be feeling even more unsettled. Not to mention, the turbulence caused by everyone shouting and hollering at the TV screen.," says Wintersteen.

She also recommends that you take some grounding moments for yourself today, even if they have to occur in the privacy of the bathroom. Once you feel centered, she says, it is actually a great day for you to break free from your comfort zones and do something out of the ordinary. "This just may include making the first move, and talking to someone who normally makes you retreat to your defensive position," says Wintersteen.



Work your charm and see where it takes you.

"Gemini, you love a good gathering, and what better occasion to show off your party skills than the Super Bowl?" says Wintersteen. You thrive under the energy of Aquarius, as it’s a fellow air sign. She recommends that you let the energy of a party or gathering to really renew your spirit.

Just when you think you might be ready to retreat into yourself, stay open to others and see if you can connect with someone in a meaningful way. "You tend to float around the room like a butterfly, making your way from conversation to conversation. Work your usual charm today, but stay a little longer than usual in those exchanges that really matter," says Wintersteen.



Look for that kindred spirit in the room.

"Football most likely isn’t your favorite past time, and neither is the season of Aquarius, Cancer," says Wintersteen. It’s not that you don’t like, or appreciate, either, you just prefer life a little more quiet than a Super Bowl Sunday party. That's valid, and honestly, it makes sense. Wintersteen recommends that, if you head to a party, keep an eye out for another shy soul in the crowd — they might just want to ditch the party with you.

LEO (JULY 23 TO AUG. 22)


Lean into the energy and invite your crush along.

"You naturally sit opposite the zodiac wheel from Aquarius, making you two sides of the same coin, Leo," says Wintersteen. You might be feeling a bit tense today because of the way that Aquarius is your polar opposite. Use that to your advantage, Leo, because you know you love a good competition. "Enjoy this time to shine your brightest just like Tom Brady, a fellow Leo. You might even throw a party of your own as you’re one of the best hosts out there," says Wintersteen. Make sure to add your crush to the guest list, or bring them as your plus-one.



Let your hair down and see who notices.

The overabundance of Aquarius energy today can ruffle your normally well-organized feathers, Virgo," says Wintersteen. You carry a mature and refined energy with you wherever you roam, and the loudness of Aquarius can feel unpleasant to your sophisticated personality, according to Wintersteen.

"Challenge yourself to break out of some of your habits today, which could include lining up every piece of celery on the vegetable plate to perfection," she adds. Consider channeling the free spirit of Aquarius season and don't overthink approaching your crush. You might just be surprised by what happens.



Enjoy the party and see who's ready to join you on the dance floor.

Libra, you definitely love a party and will likely be watching the big game. "As far as love, you are always in an amorous mood and in search of your perfect partner. Your ruling planet, Venus, just moved into Capricorn inspiring you to settle down and make a commitment with your heart," says Wintersteen. These aspects combine to show you that you're on track to take a big step with a partner or meet a new special someone.



Give vulnerability a try, and you might just luck out.

Other than the fact that it's a huge competition, the Super Bowl most likely has little interest to you, Scorpio," says Wintersteen. "Pluto, your ruling planet, is helping you in Capricorn find a deeper meaning to everything in life and also providing grounding energy for any anxiety which surfaces in social situations. Wintersteen recommends that if you see your love interest today, use your intuition to help you decide the best approach, and overcome that little voice inside which may tell you to hide.



Live it the heck up.

"You tend to be the life of the party and spread positive vibes everywhere you roam, Sagittarius," says Wintersteen. "The energy of Aquarius today only enhances your naturally social disposition, and your incessant need for freedom." Aquarius will have people feeling less emotional than usual, making it a good time to have a good time according to Wintersteen. So go with the flow, now is your time to shine and maybe make out with someone at this party.



It's time to be honest about what you're looking for.

"You are perhaps the most serious sign of the zodiac, Capricorn," says Wintersteen. "While you enjoy a good time, like the Super Bowl, your goals are always on your mind. Not even the rebellious energy of Aquarius is able to rock your center. You are generally in control of your emotions and your mind."

That means it's a great time to really focus your energy towards something, or someone, you've been interested in. If your interest is a person, this could be the time to shoot your shot. Just make sure to pause before approaching and resist the urge to plan your wedding before even speaking to them.



It's your time to shine, baby!

"This is your season, Aquarius!," says Wintersteen, "Along with the Sun, the Moon and Mercury are in your sign. Meaning, your natural tendency to speak up, be you, and inspire those around you is enhanced today." This is a great chance to feel like your best, most confident self.

If that calls you to host your own Super Bowl party or to make the best recipe for your friends' party, lean into the impulse. "Speak your truth and rely on your strong sense of self to help you deliver your message," says Wintersteen. Here's to hoping your crush is in attendance at whatever Super Bowl celebration you attend.



Be gentle with yourself.

"The Super Bowl? Is it that time again? Pisces, you tend to live in your own world, and flashy things like the Super Bowl may not be a priority to you," according to Wintersteen. That being said, maybe give a fun celebration with friends, food, and football a try. "There will be a lot of excitement in the air, give yourself space when you feel you need it. If your love interest happens to be around, take them outside with you for some air and away from the crowd where you can be yourself," says Wintersteen.

Super Bowl Sunday is bound to have some sort of energy in the air for you to use to your sign's advantage. Whether you stay in, or go out, I hope that it's a great time all around.