Your St. Patrick’s Day Horoscope Is All About Planting The Seed For Something Big

Are you as pumped for St. Patty's day as I am? With Venus and Mercury currently making a splash in Aries, I feel so inspired to get out there, make some new friends, and be seen. With a holiday so centered on indulgence coming up, I know all of us are about to be brought a whole lot closer together. It's also a day powered by intense planetary activity, and your St. Patrick's Day 2018 horoscope is full of promise.

Mars, ruler of our primal instincts, is all about taking action and making an impact. On Mar. 17, it will be moving into one of the most groundbreaking signs that Mars can be in: Capricorn. This will charge your impulses with ruthless, unstoppable energy, which will also run at a much deeper current, infusing your perspectives with patience, hard work, and strategy. Instead of running with your first thought, you'll think it over and transform it into something even bigger.

St. Patrick's Day also happens to be taking place during a new moon in Pisces. During this particular lunar event, we are often emptied of our concerns and worries and handed a clean slate upon which we can write something new. And when a new moon happens in the emotional and romantic Pisces, a sign that spends most of their time in their own head, all of us will be having visions of the future we each want to have. This St. Patty's Day is all about revitalizing ourselves from the inside out, and planning for a much brighter future.

Your Emotions Will Be Powerful, But Subtle

The new moon always leaves us feeling clean and refreshed, albeit maybe a little hollow. When a new moon occurs in a sign like Pisces, the void within is infused with emotion, and you might start feeling a sense of loss. It's while you're feeling this emptiness that you are most in touch with your naked self, making your purest needs apparent. You'll be feeling a lot of things, but don't worry; these emotions will be tucked far behind your eyes, where you can nurture them in private.

This is the perfect time for some stimulating conversations with loved ones, perhaps even with some new people. You'll be speaking straight from the heart with a coherent voice, uninhibited by emotional strain. Let your mind guide your heart through this replenishing time, because during the waxing moon phase, your heart is going to begin taking the reins anyway.

Daydream Of New Things To Come

This new moon in Pisces is going to turn your mind into a blank canvas that's waiting for colorful paint to be splattered upon it. Ideas, visions, and daydreams will fill your soul, motivating you to try something new, or see yourself in a different light. Allow your identity to be challenged, because the Pisces new moon will show you a thousand different ways to live.

This is a great day for some alone time before you get out there and celebrate St. Patty's Day. Take a bath to soak in your thoughts and feelings. Find some time to write a long journal entry. Go for a walk through nature. Listen to some stimulating music. Any quality time with yourself will do wonders for you and your mind.

Long-Term Goals Vs. Short-Term Gratification

Mars in Capricorn is about to make us all a lot more ambitious. It's also the most patient cardinal sign, causing us to think very strategically when going after our goals. You'll want to make sh*t happen, but you'll also be OK with allowing your dreams to manifest slowly and steadily so that you can really do your best work. You're also going to be attracted to powerful, influential people so that you can glean as much insight from them as you can.

Take things one step at a time, knowing that eventually, everything will pay off. It's when Mars is in Capricorn that we don't let our emotions get the best of us, that our impulses are turned down to a warm simmer so that we can focus as clearly as possible. This is a composed, patient sign, but don't underestimate its power. When Mars is in Capricorn, we see everything and we are capable of anything.