Your Spring Equinox Horoscope Is Bursting With Energy & Delicious Opportunity

by Valerie Mesa

Spring is now in session, and Ariana Grande really couldn't have said it better: "The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole." Guess what, stargazers? Your Spring Equinox 2019 horoscope is here, and this is your cosmic revival, compliments of mother nature, obvi. Which reminds me, IDK about you, but I'm way happier in the spring, and in the summertime. Don't get me wrong; I absolutely love the idea of fall's whimsical breeze, and mysterious aesthetic, but I have to admit, I rarely ever feel like myself once autumn rolls around, and none of this is coincidence. P.S., the same thing happens to you, depending on your ascendant sign. Let me explain.

For instance, my rising sign is Scorpio, which means Libra rules my 12th house of endings and beginnings, closure, and behind-the-scenes work. Now, whenever the sun reaches your 12th house, it's always a weird time, as this is the area of the chart that represents our karma, and subconscious mind; hence Libra season always makes me feel some type of way. (The season of the scales takes place during the fall, and it's the sign that comes before Scorpio.) Spring, on the other hand, just so happens to kick off when the sun is in my fifth house of romance, joy, and creative expression, aka a totally different vibe.

Anyway, I simply wanted to make a point as to why our energy tends to thrive more, or less, during certain astrological seasons, in case you're interested. However, if you are one of those who is suddenly greeted with the blues once spring rolls around, keep in mind that it's just a phase. If anything, there's something within you that needs to be addressed. Don't dismiss it. Instead, welcome it and confront it with open arms. Every season has its magic, but the spring is extra special in the sense that we are given the opportunity to rise again, and see our riches in full bloom.

Moreover, the spring equinox is a highly anticipated astronomical event, and for so many reasons. According to, "the term equinox represents the two times a year, spring and fall, when the day and night are of equal length." During the March equinox, however, as per, "the sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south." All in all, the spring is a collective rebirth, and a celebration of life from the heavens. For instance, the winter is a moment of renewal and darkness, before the spring greets us with more hours of sunlight.

See your Spring Equinox horoscope below:

Aries: You're Finally Feeling Like Yourself Again

Aside from the fact that it's the first day of your birthday season, springing forward is already your favorite pastime, Aries. Some of you might even be presented with a financial opportunity in the workplace.

Taurus: You're Dreaming Of The Possibilities

You're getting warmer, Taurus. Things may or may not be in a flux these days, but you know that there's something brewing nonetheless. Don't over think it too much, and make it a fun day.

Gemini: You're Taking It Easy At Home

You've been out and about these days, hanging with friends and networking your little heart out, but you suddenly feel the need to take a mental health day. Well deserved, Gemini.

Cancer: You're Making Big Moves

Are you ready to show the world what you're really made of, Cancer? Spring will be extra busy, but rest assured, you will leave your mark, so make sure to stay focused.

Leo: You're Ready To Take That Leap Of Faith

Thrive on, Leo. With the sun traveling through your sister sign this season, you will be back to basics in no time. Don't be afraid to take risks. Also, I think it's time for a much-needed vacation. Thoughts?

Virgo: You're Definitely In Your Feels

Like I said, this is a moment of rebirth, and you are doing exactly that, Virgo. Pay attention to what comes up for your during this time. Don't hesitate in putting yourself first either.

Libra: You're In Good Company

You may or may not feel out of place during Aries season, but this is your season of love, in every sense of the word. This particular day, however, could seem a bit strange, but the restlessness won't last long.

Scorpio: You're Mingling With The Right People

Despite your super-introverted ways, you're finally making some much-needed connections, both in the workplace, and via your extended community. It's time to get organized, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: You're Blossoming Beautifully

It's been a lucky year for you, but it doesn't end there, Sagittarius. You're finally getting a glimpse of the fruits of your hard labor, and it's time for you to come out and play. Also, learn to take a compliment.

Capricorn: You're Taking A Step Back

Missing your cozy humble abode, Capricorn? Despite your current lust for life, you're finally considering the thought of calling in sick, because you just so happen to be in the mood to take risks. Carpe diem.

Aquarius: You're Ready To Turn The Page

Let it go, Aquarius. You've been giving this a lot of thought, and it's time to leave the past behind you. Also, stop repressing your feels. Those tears are not allergies, and you're allowed to feel what you want to feel.

Pisces: You're Owning Up To Your Worth

Way to go, Pisces. You're finally learning how to disconnect, and free your mind from the burdens of others. BTW, this is just the beginning, too. In the meantime, feel free to indulge in your new spring fling!