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Things Are Dramatic & Intense In Your September 30 Weekly Horoscope


The sun is in romantic, beautiful, and harmonious Libra, so have you got love on your mind yet? When you think of Libra, I bet you picture Cupid shooting arrows, poetry written under starlight, and flirtatious conversations over freshly popped bottles of Champagne. After all, Libra wants to make everything more pleasant, no matter how many complications it's trying to avoid. Oh, and believe me, not even Libra season is without complications. Luckily, you've got your September 30, 2019, weekly horoscope to guide you through it.

This week begins on a dramatic and intense note with Venus — planet of love and luxury — forming a square with dark and possessive Pluto on Oct. 1. This can stir up feelings of jealousy and insecurity in your relationships as well as initiate power struggles. However, this can also spark a thrilling but potentially obsessive whirlwind romance, so be aware you may be more attracted to danger during this time.

Speaking of Pluto — on Oct. 3, this generational outer planet is officially stationing direct after a long retrograde. Since Pluto tends to promote more long-term effects, you may not initially feel the effects of this planetary shift. But if you look back to Apr. 24 (the day Pluto retrograde began) and reflect on all the introspection and inner transformation that may have taken place, you may understand what Pluto is doing. Now that Pluto is surging into the future with its destructive and creative tendencies, it's time to own your desires. Your touch is a powerful one. Pluto never wants you to be afraid of leaving your mark on the world.

The darkness does not stop there. On Oct. 3, Mercury — planet of communication and thought process — will enter morbid, secretive, and strategic Scorpio. This takes your mind to darker and more truthful places. Stirring your interest in taboo subjects and your desire to connect with others on a deeper level, Mercury in Scorpio will be a dose of depth in the midst of Libra season's superficiality. Let this transit help you get to the bottom of things and intensify the passion in your conversations.

Things might slow down a bit when Mars — planet of drive and ambition — enters Libra on Oct. 4. When Mars is in Libra, it's in detriment and in a somewhat weakened position. This could make you feel as though you're having trouble charging forward, however, this transit is not without its positives. Mars is a fighter down to its core, but Libra prioritizes peace and harmony above all. Why not let Mars in Libra help you see things from someone else's perspective instead of fighting so hard to prove yours? Compromise may just be the solution you're searching for.



You may be experiencing power struggles and emotional intensity in your relationships. Remember that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. In love, there is no winning or losing. You either come together or you don't. Try to let go of your need for absolute control. You desire depth, but don't mistake something that's insignificant for something major.


There may be conflicts in the workplace that are absorbing all your attention. You might be tired of your day-to-day and feeling as though you want more meaning out of life. However, you should take care not to behave impulsively just to make a point. Instead, let these feelings show you what it is that you truly need. Just think on your decision first.


You're on the verge of falling head over heels for a hot fling, but be careful not to fall too hard or too fast. There are still things yet to be revealed when it comes to love. Time will tell. Creative inspiration is surrounding you and pulling you in more deeply. Let an idea spark in your head. Make sure to lay down plans to bring this idea into reality.


You may feel more vulnerable than usual this week, but don't let your defense mechanisms flare up when there's truly nothing wrong. Not everything is an attack on you. With that being said, it's time to acknowledge who really does have your back. Let beauty be your guiding light, so don't go out of your way to search for darkness.



You may have conversations this week that border on manipulative, so be careful with how you use your words and believe things with a grain of salt. Only ask questions you truly want to know the answers to. You are, however, an incredibly soothing presence to be around. Use your empathy and openness for good. Don't try to control any outcomes.


You may have the desire to make some risky purchases this week. Strongly consider the reasons behind the way you spend your money, as it can only buy you so much happiness. You're experiencing a spike in your intelligence and you're learning rapidly and speaking eloquently. Use this energy to network and get so much done. Who knows who you'll meet?


You're an incredibly alluring presence right now. Even though you're attracting so much attention, consider whether the attention is positive or negative. Not everyone has the best intentions. You're quite industrious this week and you're feeling clever with your money. Use this power to build a more stable and balanced life for yourself.


Your mind may drift over to dark places this week, so be sure to practice positivity and cleanse your energy whenever possible. You have the power to transform your subconscious, so treat yourself with love and care. You're receiving a boost of motivation and you're starting to come out of your shell after a long period of introversion. Get out and play.



Don't let your fear of missing out encourage you to do something you don't really want to do. You are wanted, needed, and valuable. You don't have to go along with your friends just because you're scared of being left out. You may feel shier than usual and more in the mood for solitude. Give yourself what you need. The world will be ready when you're ready.


You may feel as though your position is being threatened. This can instill competitive or controlling feelings within you. Remember that integrity and self-worth shine brighter, helping you appear like the bigger person. Be a leader and set a positive example for others. Even if you don't receive recognition right now, it will pay off at the right moment.


Think very carefully on what you choose to believe. You could be convinced that something dreadful is happening when there's really nothing to be concerned with at all. Try having faith in something that serves your highest self. You're projecting a more authentic image of strength and power, so use that to your advantage in your career this week.


You may feel an intense desire to merge with someone else. However, don't lose yourself in the process. Remember that boundaries are vital, no matter how romantic "belonging to someone" might sound. You're thinking about the big picture now and seeing all the possibilities before you. Go the distance. Take a chance on something beautiful and unknown.