Your Weekly Horoscope Will Help You Heal & Forgive Yourself

It's official: Libra season has arrived, and this cardinal air sign is showering your world with beauty and understanding. If you feel as though all your sharp edges are being smoothed and refined, it's no coincidence. Beginning at the moment of the autumn equinox, Libra season brings balance between your light and your dark, allowing you to find harmony within. If it already seems as though you're getting to know yourself on a deeper level, then your September 24, 2018 weekly horoscope is here to help you look in a mirror and love the person reflecting back at you.

It's a myth that healing is a clean and organized process. On the contrary, healing is often disheveled, agonizing, and messy. As the week begins with a challenging full moon in Aries, you may feel as though you're reliving pain from your past. Forming difficult aspects with restricting Saturn and Chiron, ruler of your darkest fears, this full moon will likely dredge up trauma from the past. However strange this lunation may feel, remember that the cosmos always have a plan in mind. By asking you to release all that you've been repressing, this full moon will help you purge negativity and forgive yourself for all that's happened. Allow it to heal you in ways you need to be healed.

The full moon is not the only thing that's testing you this week. When Chiron retrograde enters Pisces on September 25, you will be launched through a new era of growth. Chiron rules over your insecurities, your wounds, and your fears. However, Chiron also rules over your greatest strength. By bringing your anxiety to the forefront, Chiron is presenting you with opportunities to overcome your trepidations and show the universe who's boss. While it's true that fear never really goes away, Chiron is here to show you how to be brave in spite of it.

Although the cosmos may be asking a lot from you, they're also bringing you closure in the form of Pluto retrograde ending on September 30. Since Pluto rules over your shadow world, its backwards tailspin has been forcing you to search deep within, looking your secrets dead in the eye. However, Pluto is famous for being a planet of transformation, so expect the resolution of this healing retrograde to show you just how much you've grown.


Because the full moon shines a light on your first house of the self, it has the power to transform you completely. Although growth never occurs without pain, the results are always worth it. With the sun in your partnership house, this lunation will find its challenge in your relationships as well. Are you sacrificing your truth for the sake of harmony? Do you need to lower your guard and let love in? Allow your heart to boldly lead the way.


Prepare for a week of sensitivity, as the full Aries moon glows in your 12th house of spirituality, making you porous to the energy around you. It's vital that you find time for solitude and meditation because external forces could emotionally deplete you. Instead, spend time listening to your inner voice. With the sun in your sixth house of routine, this full moon is bringing attention to how well you balance self-care with your other responsibilities.


With the sun in your fifth house of creativity and expression, you're partaking in all the splendor of the world, finding beauty through art and creation. However, when the full moon challenges your 11th house of friends, you'll begin to wonder whether your community supports your perspective of life. Are you surrounding yourself with people who inspire you? Do your friends support your ideals? Remember, you are who you hang out with.


The moon is your ruling celestial body, and this full moon shines a light on your career house. Receiving energy from the sun in your fourth house of family, this lunation brings attention to your ability to balance public concerns with your concerns at home. Are you placing too much energy on one aspect of life over another? Are you lingering in your comfort zone too long? Are you forgetting to tend to your inner circle? Without symmetry, something has to give.


With the sun in your third house of communication, the cosmos are reawakening your voice, allowing you to express your thoughts clearly and truly. But when the full Aries moon glows in your house of wisdom, you'll feel conflicted between present concerns and the greater picture. Are you remaining open to new perspectives? Do you let fear stand in the way of adventure? Remember that life is meant to be lived. Don't let negative thoughts rule you.


Because the full moon surges through your eighth house of rebirth, it will challenge your sense of emotional intimacy. Balancing energy from the sun in your house of finance, this week will be about finding stability, both materially and spiritually. What is holding you back from feeling whole? Are you relying on unreliable things to feel steady? It's time to put your trust in someone (or something) that wants what's best for you. Be brave enough to find it.


With Libra season underway, the sun is guiding its rays of light over every aspect of your identity. You're shedding old skin and embracing the new you. When the full Aries moon creates discord in your partnership house, it's time to consider whether or not your relationships are supporting the person you're becoming. However, if you've been isolating yourself too deeply, it's could also be time to grow through vulnerability and open your heart.


When the full moon concentrates its magic on your sixth house of health and work, it's time to face how well you've been structuring your concerns. Are you taking care of your mind, body, and soul? Are you following through with a sense of routine? Receiving energy from the sun in your spirituality sector, remember that although rest and rejuvenation is necessary, don't lose yourself in it. Your daily goals still need to be accomplished.


The Libra sun is in your 11th house community, prompting you to search for a sense of "belonging" somewhere. Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? Are you cooperating with others? When the full moon lights up your fifth house of expression, you'll feel a desire to reveal your truth and profess your love. Make sure you're choosing trustworthy people to be vulnerable with. Not everyone deserves your beauty, so reserve it for those who do.


You're feeling alive in your skin with the sun in your 10th house of career. You're making strides towards your goals and cultivating a strong reputation for yourself. However, when the full moon brightens your fourth house of home, it will be time to consider whether your public persona and your private life are in harmony. Are you living a double life? Do you feel like you're being true to your intrinsic needs? Take care of yourself first and foremost.


The sun is in your ninth house of adventure and wisdom, setting you off on a journey toward distant lands and opening your mind to groundbreaking perspectives. When the full moon centers your attention on your house of communication, you will be forced to consider smaller details you may be sacrificing for the larger picture. Are you skipping over important steps? Are you glossing over the truth? If you rush to the end, something in the middle may fall apart.


With the Libra sun in your eighth house of taboo and mystery, you're being fueled by intensity, prompting you to search for passion and fire in everything. However, when the full moon opens up your sensuous second house, you'll be prompted to find something tangible to hold on to. Whether you're concerned about money, sexual stability, or an overall sense of security, try to find balance between your excitement and the importance of your safety.