Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Libra Season Is Bringing Love To Your World

During Virgo season, it's easy to get bogged down by meticulous details and stress over the tiniest of flaws. Despite how eye-opening Virgo's focus can be, it often comes at the cost of appreciating the overall picture. If you're tired of overanalyzing every little thing and seeing the glass as half-empty, then your September 17, 2018, weekly horoscope could not have arrived at better time.

As of September 22, the autumn equinox will bless your universe with seasonal transformation, as well as initiate the beginning of a beautiful and romantic Libra season. This cardinal air sign is known for its penchant for beauty, helping you see all the liveliness, color, and poetry that got lost in translation when the sun was in Virgo. If you're in the mood to see stars in your eyes and feel so overwhelmed with lust that you may as well be floating a few feet above ground, then Libra season is here to shower you with its Venusian vibes. The fact that the autumn equinox takes place when the day is just as long as the night only reinforces how much more balanced and harmonious the world becomes when the sun is in Libra, so let the peace sweep you off your feet.

And that's not all: Mercury — planet of communication and connection —will also be entering Libra on September 21, infusing public situations with diplomacy, one-on-one commitment, and the ability to find something in common with people who are nothing like you. This launches a period of serene social graces, so make sure you get out there and befriend someone new.

The week ends with a waxing gibbous moon in Pisces, right before a full moon in Aries galvanizes the cosmos with intense energy during the week after. With a plump Pisces moon raining its dreamy and imaginative magic all over your soul at the same time that Mercury forms an enchanting trine with impulsive and combative Mars, you can expect to feel like everything is right with the world.


With the sun and Mercury infusing your seventh house of partnerships with Libra's charming and harmonious vibes, you'll feel yourself becoming closer to a special someone, whether they be a friend or a lover. As Mercury forms a trine with Mars in your 11th house of community, you'll become a social maven who can inspire anyone. Take care when Mars forms a square with Uranus in your money house. You could overspend.


The Libra sun and Mercury slide into your sixth house of health and work, cleansing your mind and body as well as inspiring you to accomplish necessary tasks. However, when Mercury forms a square with Saturn in your ninth house of wisdom, you may find yourself feeling inhibited at work. Lucky, Mercury forms a trine with Mars in your career house, allowing you to blast through barriers and keep the grand idea in mind.


Prepare for a lively and artistic Libra season with the sun and Mercury swirling through your fifth house of pleasure and creativity. It's time to create beauty and enjoy the spice of life. However, a bump in the road could occur when Mars squares Saturn in your eighth house of intensity, possibly inhibiting you sexually. Not to fear, because Mercury forms a trine with Mars in your adventure house, giving you plenty of energy to move forward.


As Mercury forms a square with Uranus in your social 11th house, you could be dragged out of bed due to drama with your community. However, when the sun and Mercury cozy up in your fourth house of home and family, you'll feel unbelievably safe in your own skin. The fourth house is your ruling house and its energy suits your desire for intimacy and calm. Even better, the trine between Mars and Mercury will help you overcome any conflicts.


When Mercury forms a square with Uranus in your career house, you could potentially experience disturbances in your reputation. However, you're entering an era of self-expression and the reawakening of your voice now that the sun and Mercury are in your third house of communication. Time to speak your truth and don't hold back. As Mercury trines Mars in your partnership house, your truth will be understood by someone you trust.


Now that the sun and Mercury are both radiating through your second house of money and luxury, your concerns are shifting towards achieving your monetary goals and establishing the wealth in life that you desire. However, your eye for creativity in the process could be snuffed out when Mercury squares Saturn in your pleasure house. Luckily, Mercury will form a trine with Mars in your productivity house, helping you stay on track.


The time has come, decadent Libra! The sun and Mercury are now in your first house of the self, crowning you royalty of the zodiac. It's time to feel fully in touch with your most confident and enchanting self. As lovely as this will be, stress could form when Mercury squares Saturn in your fourth house of home. However, Mars in your fifth house of pleasure forms a trine with Mercury, making sure this week is filled with joy, creativity, and exhilaration.


Sexy and affectionate Venus is still in Scorpio, making you a magnet for love. With the sun and Mercury in your 12th house of spirituality, you're absorbing the good vibrations deep into your soul where no one can take it away. However, you may find yourself struggling to find the right words when Mercury squares Saturn in your communication house. Luckily, Mercury trines with Mars in your family house, putting your confusion at ease.


Now that the sun and Mercury are both harmonizing your 11th house of community, Libra season will be about forging a connection with a wide circle of people and inspiring others. However, when Mercury forms a square with Saturn in your money and luxury house, you could feel as though you can't keep up with your social desires. Fortunately, when Mercury trines Mars in your third house, you'll have the power to charm your way through it.


You're feeling true to yourself now that the sun and Mercury are in your 10th house of career, the house that Capricorn rules over. Now's the time to make moves in your hustle and receive recognition for your work. But when Mercury squares Saturn, your ruling plant, you could feel as though your plans have hit a wall. However, you'll get through the challenge when Mercury trines Mars in your money house, sending luck to your bank account.


Since Uranus is in your family house while it squares Mercury, you could experience disarray at home. But the drama is nothing compared to the sun and Mercury shifting into your ninth house of philosophy and expansion. Libra season is about embarking on a wild and exciting adventure. Say yes to new opportunities and don't let fear hold you back. With Mercury and Mars forming a trine in your house of the self, you're fully embracing your power.


With the sun and Mercury intensifying your eighth house of reincarnation and sex, Libra season is sure to be a sexy and passionate time. Whether you're falling madly in love or giving diving into a new project, you'll feel so alive. However, when Mercury squares Saturn in your community house, you may feel at odds with others. Fortunately, as Mercury trines Mars in your spirituality house, you'll prefer your own company anyway.