Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here To Remind You To Never Apologize For Who You Are

If you've been feeling tired, stagnant, or unsure of yourself, then the cosmos are coming together to lift you from your stupor. It's been a long and dreary ride through several planetary retrogrades, but now, it's time to finally embrace a dose of stimulating energy. The clouds are parting, the wheels are turning, the horizon is more promising than ever, and your September 10, 2018 weekly horoscope is all about coming together as one and changing this world for the better.

As of Sep. 10, Mars — ruler of primal instincts, motivation, sex, and aggression — enters Aquarius, bringing you closer to your true self and instilling you with a visionary perspective of your future. Energies will merge together and you will find inspiration through others. This is a beautiful week to find like-minded people to share your dreams with, because no matter what, no one will be apologizing for who they are.

This week is also about expanding your mind and accumulating several new experiences under you belt. As the sun forms a trine with soulful Pluto and a sextile with philosophical Jupiter on Sep. 11, you'll be filled to the brim with positive vibrations that will sink well into your psyche. The memories you make could forge a deep imprint on your overall life, and the adventures you embark on will be adventures you remember forever. Jupiter's power is well established this week, and as it forms a sextile with communicative Mercury right before a first quarter moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius on Sep. 16. As we proceed through an important point through the waxing moon phases, edging you toward the great beyond and infusing your mentality with idealistic motivation.

However, this idealistic energy could leave you disappointed if you don't remain grounded. Towards the middle of the week, loving Venus will form an opposition with unpredictable Uranus. Cognitive Mercury will also be opposing dreamy and deceptive Neptune. This could encourage you to have unrealistic expectations towards your social and love life, and if you don't remain focused, you'll forget to find the pleasure in the present moment.


Now that Mars, your ruling planet, is in your 11th house of friends, you'll feel inspired to spread your wealth and love across a wider circle of people. You may find yourself spearheading a new moment or inspiring others to change for the better. With the first quarter Sagittarius moon in your ninth house of adventure, you'll be open-minded and fiercely inspired to try something new and learn so much in the process. Adventures are on the way.


With Venus, your ruling planet, in your seventh house of partnerships forming an opposition with Uranus in your first house of the self, you may experience excitement or conflict in a relationship. A change in your bond may start to form. When the Sagittarius first quarter moon takes shape in your eighth house, a deep passion will be lit within your heart. This could reveal itself sexually as well as emotionally, but you'll embrace the intensity.


Mercury, your ruling planet, forms an opposition with dreamy Neptune in your 10th house of career. This could create high expectations for your reputation in the world, which could be disappointing if the reality is at odds with your vision. However, Mercury will also form a sextile with Jupiter in your sixth house of work, right before a first quarter moon shines in your partnership sector. Cooperating with someone will lead to productivity.


The moon is your ruling planet, and when a first quarter lunation in Sagittarius brightens your sixth house of routine, you'll be inspired to organize your life, cross items off your to-do list, and take steps to achieving your goals. With both the sun and Mercury in your third house of cognitive brilliance, you'll be burning with energy and eager to put your noggin to use. Make sure to find your emotional center if become drained.


When the sun, your ruling planet, forms a trine with lucky Jupiter while it's in your second house of finance and value, there is abundant prosperity flowing your way. This is a beautiful week to surround yourself with luxury and work harder to achieve it. As the first quarter moon in fire-sign-friendly Sagittarius energizes your fifth house of fun, you'll be inspired to find joy in your surroundings and harness your feelings into creativity.


Mercury, your ruling planet, is in Virgo, giving you ample energy and a clear, analytical head. As if forms a sextile with Jupiter in your third house of communication, luck will flow your way if you use your charisma to fight for what you want. Connecting the dots will be no problem for you. With a first quarter moon in your fourth house of the home, the end of the week will bring you back to your sacred space, giving you a chance to rejuvenate.


With Venus, your ruling planet, forming an opposition with Neptune in your seventh house, you could experience confusion in a relationship. Since Venus is in your second house of finance, you're sensitive to overindulging and overspending this week, so be mindful. With the first quarter Sagittarius moon in your third house of communication, you can remedy mistakes by talking conflicts through, listening, and being truthful.


Your energy is being guided inward now that Mars, your ruling planet, is in your fourth house of home and family. This is a great time to take care of personal matters and rest. With the sun in your friendship house forming a trine with Pluto (your other ruling planet), you'll find a great deal of meaning in a higher movement. The first quarter moon in your second house of value brings a sensual end to the week, so take care of your mind and body.


The first quarter moon in Sagittarius will cleanse and rejuvenate your emotional world, allowing you to build something beautiful in your imagination. You're overflowing with luck this week, and as Jupiter (your ruling planet), forms a sextile with the sun and Mercury in your career house, it's time to make a major move that will dazzle your reputation with accomplishment, leaving you with a sense of pride and personal fulfillment.


Saturn, your ruling planet, is officially out of retrograde. You're beginning a new chapter of life where discipline, hard work, and boundaries give you strength. When Venus in your communication sector forms a sextile with Saturn, you'll be buzzing with mental agility that you can use towards your goals. The week ends with a first quarter moon in your 12th house of spirituality, allowing you to visit a dreamworld where you'll receive stimulating visions.


Uranus, your ruling planet, forms a strange opposition with Venus in your 10th house of career, meaning that there's a chance you'll be inspired to rebel against the confines of your journey or possibly even experience a job change. With aggressive Mars in your first house of the self, you'll be fully in touch with your instincts and sensitive to energy. As the first quarter moon lights up your 11th house of progression, it's leading you toward fierce individuality.


You may be experiencing confusion and distraction in your love life, especially with Neptune, your ruling planet, opposing Mercury in your partnership sector. Your loyalties will be tested by your ability to stay focused. However, the first quarter moon in your 10th house of accomplishment will infuse you with courage to take your career to the next level. A profitable business partnership could be on the horizon.