Your September 21 Weekly Horoscope Is All About Libra Season

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Even though it may seem as though nothing is moving fast enough, you're on the brink of a rejuvenating transition. This change will shake things up and refresh the energy that surrounds you, inspiring you in new ways and bringing out different facets of your personality. Your September 21, 2020 weekly horoscope is all about this upcoming change, so if you've been desperate for some excitement, this astrological shift will surely bring it. The sun enters harmonious, diplomatic, balanced, and aesthetic Libra on Sept. 22 at 9:30 a.m. ET, launching the autumn equinox. Now's the time to rejuvenate your one-on-one relationships, search for beauty in times of strife, and to fight for justice no matter what you're up against. These are all things that Libra loves.

However, you're still dealing with the sluggish frustration of Mars retrograde, and this week, you may feel even more inhibited and emotionally overwhelmed. Mercury — planet of communication, logic, and ideas — is forming a square with dark and manipulative Pluto on Sept. 21, instigating your need for control. Your thoughts may drift to obsessive places, so make sure you attempt to take things with a grain of salt, because this transit may make you feel paranoid.

When Mercury later forms a square with stoic and restrictive Saturn on Sept. 23, you may feel as though you're running into walls and no one is listening to you. These transits can encourage intensity, which can help you make major strides or lead to pointlessly stressful detours. Try to focus on what truly matters, even when your instincts tell you otherwise. Consider your ultimate intentions and when you reach a crossroads, take the high road.

The trials and tribulations of Mars retrograde will gain momentum on Sept. 24, when Mercury forms an opposition with Mars. This will inspire you to speak your mind, even when it's not necessarily wise, encouraging conflict and debates that may turn feisty. There is a way to express yourself without causing additional problems, so focus on your ability to be diplomatic and understanding as you say what needs to be said.

Conversations will become far more intimate when Mercury enters deep, intuitive, and soulful Scorpio on Sept. 27. You won't feel like talking about the weather during this time. Instead, you'll want to share secrets with someone you care about and understand what makes them tick. Your instinct to investigate will be all the more powerful, so be careful what you search for because you will find it. Scorpio can also be quite an emotionally volatile sign, so remember to keep your feelings in check. If you're repressing them, this transit will most certainly cause them to surface. You might as well get to know how you really feel.

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You're entering a period where harmony takes precedence over your desire to be right. Set your ego aside and focus your energy on your relationships. Think about what a healthy relationship requires and how you can contribute to an equal give-and-take. However, remember to set boundaries and decide your limits. It's not fair if you're doing all the work to keep something alive yourself.


It's time to start thinking about how you can increase the amount of self-care in your life. Self-care isn't simply about treating yourself after you've done a good job. It's also about making decisions and hardships that you know will pay off later. Do things with your higher self in mind. A positive mindset will aid you in navigating conflict, as you may find yourself tangled in miscommunications this week.


You've been deep in your feels and sheltering yourself from harm, but now, it's time to live. Give yourself permission to have a good time, because you may have been unconsciously preventing yourself from experiencing pleasure. Actively seek something that makes you feel good inside. While you may encounter issues at work this week, a creative mindset will help you smooth over bumps in the road.


If you've been feeling as though you're spinning through the world without an anchor, it's time to get reacquainted with your roots. This may mean visiting your family. It could also mean going home and organizing your living space. Take time to remember where you're from. You may feel the instinct to indulge this week, so remember your limits. You don't want an emotional hangover later.

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You have so many thoughts lately. You may feel overwhelmed by how fast your mind is running. Take time to talk these thoughts through or write them down. Chances are, there are some brilliant ideas hidden in the chaos of your inner monologue. This week, your heart wants to be understood and you may feel like no one is willing to understand how you feel. Sometimes, you need to tell others how you need to be loved.


Your desire to take ownership over your life has never been stronger. There's no need to depend on others when you can get the job done yourself. If you don't like the way a situation is unfolding, take matters into your own hands and take pride in your abilities. Be cautious of how you make your feelings known this week. Miscommunications are greeting you left and right. Be direct in the kindest way.


You're doing a lot of thinking about how far you've come and whether you're where you want to be. Now's the time to think of how you want to spend your life and what plans will be guiding you forward. However, you may be struggling to see the worth in everything you've accomplished. Maybe you're comparing yourself to others. Remember, this is not a race. You're on your own journey.


If you're having difficulty expressing yourself or finding your truth, it may be time to take a step back. It doesn't matter if other people understand where you're coming from. First and foremost, you must understand where you're coming from. Make your spiritual health your first priority and give your soul what it needs. Even if that means taking a break from all of your commitments for a while.



You're starting to think big this week. Your dreams are revealing themselves and you're feeling inspired to work with other people toward a common goal. Tap into your ability to be a team player. Even though you may be experiencing feelings of isolation lately, it's important to realize you're not alone in these feelings. Open your heart to a support system. You're not the only one going through it.


You don't want your goals to remain in your imagination. This week, you're craving that win and you want a chance to compete. Even though you've got everything it takes, you may be running into more roadblocks than usual. There may be obstacles standing in your way or people who are up against you. Don't let these things discourage you. This is a marathon you're running, not a sprint.


You want your faith to be restored. After experiencing so many hardships that have challenged your belief systems, you're ready to open your heart to new perspectives and adventures. However, this desire may be thwarted by practical matters this week, especially pertaining to your career goals. Try to maintain your authenticity. Don't let the world make you hard when you want to be soft.


You're ready to open your heart to a deeper sense of passion, trust, and intimacy. You're ready to commit further and invest in something long-term. However, you may still be working through your fear of being tied down. Consider what you can get out of this commitment. There is freedom in remaining untethered, but the success of remaining dedicated to something is what you truly want right now.