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You're Experiencing So Much Growth In Your September 2 Weekly Horoscope


Virgo season is off to a wild start. With the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars joining forces in this analytical and communicative zodiac sign, you're likely feeling way more intellectual and logical than usual. This energy can help you decipher the truth behind your feelings, organize the trajectory of your life, and learn everything about everything. Even though your September 2, 2019 weekly horoscope is full of opportunities for long-term growth and chances to hone in on your power, there are still a few obstacles to be aware of.

You can expect a spike in your desire, so prepare to be swept away by a willingness to indulge when Venus — planet of love and beauty — forms a square with expansive Jupiter on Sep. 2. This will make you feel like living your life to the fullest and you definitely won't want to hold yourself back from having fun. However, be careful not to fall for an idea without considering all the facts because on Sep. 4, Venus will form an opposition with dreamy Neptune, which creates quite the illusion. If something seems too good to be true, trust that it very well might be. Make sure you also set up boundaries to protect yourself from people who may want to take advantage of you. However, by Sep. 6, you'll have a better idea of which relationships are deep and which are superficial when Venus forms a trine with truth-telling Pluto.

You have the power to truly solidify your plans when both the sun and Mercury — planet of perspective — form a trine with steady Saturn by Sep. 6. Luckily, so many brilliant and beautiful ideas will flood your mind with Mercury forming a square with Jupiter on Sep. 6. This transit will expand your horizons and encourage you to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Use this energy to see everything from a new angle. However, take care that you're not overlooking any details when you make your plans, especially when Mercury also forms an opposition with Neptune on Sep. 7, creating plenty of miscommunications and lots of wishful thinking. When Mercury connects with Pluto through a trine on Sep. 8, your thoughts will turn toward transformation, creating a space for deep and meaningful conversations.

Here's what's in store for the zodiac signs this week:



If there's anything you should remember this week, it's that hard work pays off. Even the tiniest of decisions can make the biggest impact, so choose wisely. If you fall off track, go back to square one and reform your plan. Make sure you pay special attention to your physical and mental well-being this week. You may be sacrificing your energy for meaningless things.


You have the power to transform your life through creativity this week. Open your heart, let go of self-judgment, and allow yourself to connect with the world through artistic expression. Romance may even ensue in the process. However, make sure you're not falling for something (or someone) without getting all the facts straight. You might be on a different page.


You're deep in your feelings this week, but ready to get in touch with them and figure out a way to harness them for a positive purpose. You're especially in need of emotional security, so make sure you forge firm barriers to protect your vulnerabilities from those you can't trust just yet. In the meantime, take matters into your hands and create your own home.


You're not in the mood for anything superficial. Instead, you want to understand the deep, dark depths of a situation. You're interested in digging to the bottom of things and you're not afraid of asking questions. Just make sure you're asking questions you're ready to receive the answers to. Ask yourself why you feel so curious. What's the end game?



You have the focus and the drive to lay down some long-term financial goals this week, so think about the big picture. Certain purchases may seem like a good idea in the moment, but consider whether it will sustain you for the future to come. Build your self-worth through hard work that produces tangible results. That confidence can't be taken from you.


You're understanding why you've had to suffer so much and let go of the past. It's brought you to where you are now and you shouldn't have any regrets. You're willing to make difficult decisions that serve your highest self, so commit to the person you're becoming. Don't let others' opinions of you sway your belief in yourself. Remember to maintain control over your identity.


Your powers of healing are especially acute this week, so nurture others and allow yourself to be nurtured in return. If you're feeling lonely, know you're not alone, but you might need to be on your own in order to decipher the intense feelings you're currently experiencing. Don't be afraid to acknowledge your wounds. It's part of the healing process.


You are an epic force of positive change this week, so dedicate yourself to a worthy cause. Whether you're in the mood to volunteer or simply get together with a community you care about, your presence is leading everyone toward the right direction. However, take care that you aren't devoting your energy to something that isn't what you think it is.



You're learning from your mistakes and using them as fuel for the successes in your future. It may be a whole lot of work and may take a whole lot of time, but you're feeling very serious about your goals. You may be harder on yourself during this time, so don't judge yourself too harshly about where you're at in life. Instead, forgive yourself and take stock.


You're in the midst of a deep and spiritual journey. The memories you make this week have the power to leave a deep imprint on your soul, so don't be afraid of delving further and further into life's mysteries. Remain open to spontaneous adventures, but remember, if an idea seems like it's going to solve all your problems, don't be so quick to fall for it.


You're letting go of the past in a major way this week, so let it bring you peace. Even if it can feel like you're prying your fingers away from something important to you, sometimes letting go is the best thing you can do for yourself. You're feeling highly intimate and sexual around this time. Just be careful with your heart and don't compromise your feelings.


You're reaching a point in your relationships this week that can signify a strengthening bond. You're willing to put in the hard work and commit to someone. You're in the mood to open your heart and be vulnerable. Don't be afraid of being tied down. However, you should make sure to really think through your decision and give it time beforehand.