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It's Time To Face The Music In Your September 16 Weekly Horoscope


Have you been experiencing growing pains? Has it felt like the past few months have involved one major reconstruction after another? If so, there's an astrological reason for that, and it's called Saturn retrograde. Since late April, Saturn — Lord of Karma, Governor of Time, and Father of the Zodiac — has been channeling its boundary-building, punishment-delivering energy inward. This has likely put you in the hot seat, asking you to start repairing and rethinking the way you've been treating your responsibilities. Your September 16, 2019 weekly horoscope is here to reveal what all that introspection could amount to. Ready or not, the truth is about to come out, because Saturn turns direct on Sept. 18 and there's a new sheriff in town. You're about to gain so much more clarity about your relationships, career, and overall direction in life.

Even though Saturn direct may feel like a sobering dose of reality, it's a positive step in the cycle of acknowledging your shortcomings and enacting meaningful changes in the right direction. When Mars — planet of vitality, sexuality, and ambition — forms a trine with transformative and powerful Pluto on Sept. 19, you won't be discouraged by the obstacles sitting before you. Instead, you'll feel motivated to prove yourself to everyone who ever doubted you. Use this energy to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

But beware of your imagination running rampant when Jupiter — planet of expansion and indulgence — forms a square with foggy and illusive Neptune on Sept. 21. Whatever Jupiter touches is automatically emphasized and expanded upon. When Neptune is always in the mood to create a fantasy and obscure the truth, Jupiter will only run with it. In this case, take care that you're not falling for something that may be too good to be true. On the other hand, you should also make sure you're not rejecting something that seems worse than it really is. Give yourself some time before making a final decision.



If you get your head in the game, you'll be surprised by how much you can accomplish in a short amount of time. Work on banishing procrastination and negative habits this week. You're capable of so much more than you realize. A conclusion regarding your career is coming together. You may have been holding yourself back from achieving a deeper success. Now, it's time for you to own your power.


The art that's pouring from you is powerful, groundbreaking, and more than you bargained for. Do not suppress your creative instinct. Don't fight your desire for romance. Dive into it headfirst and trust the transformative process. Even though you may be losing faith in something that once meant a lot to you, live for the excitement that comes with embracing the unknown. Anything can happen.


You won't settle for an emotionally unavailable life. You can't accept a reality you're not truly comfortable with. It's time for you to own your feelings and make your needs known. Blast through inhibiting mentalities that suppress your heart. Your fear of and attachment to love is coming into question. It's time for you to acknowledge the blockages preventing you from experiencing a deeper intimacy.


You're speaking truths you've long been ready to reveal. Bite your tongue no longer. Don't be afraid of alienating others by standing up for what you believe in. You'll be surprised how influential and powerful your words are. They have the potential to truly define your relationships, which are finally beginning to make sense again. It may be time to cut your losses and accept what is and isn't working out.



You're realizing you have the power to create the reality you want. Expect nothing less than what you deserve. Trust that money, stability, and luxury want to be in your life. Act from a place of abundance and you won't regret it. You may be coming to terms with the long-term results of your daily routine. Don't feel guilty for what you've done — let it inform you of how you should do things differently.


You're vibrating with power, confidence, and emotional truth. Remember that all your mistakes and traumatic experiences have left you with a deeper perspective. Your scars are a testament to your spiritual strength. You may be realizing all the ways in which you've doubted yourself or suppressed your spark. Don't be afraid of standing out. Only then will you see what you're truly capable of.


You're doing some major healing and you may realize that healing isn't all sunshine and rainbows. It requires you to dig deep in your shadow and truly face what's been hurting you. Don't be afraid — this is necessary and you are stronger than you think. As you become vulnerable to the process, you'll begin to understand your roots and where you came from. Then, it's time to decide where you're going next.


You have the power to bring everyone together. Whether you decide to take others under your wing or simply divert your efforts toward the global consciousness, you're helping the world heal one person at a time. Don't be afraid to leave your ego at the back door. You're realizing how you may have been censoring yourself in order to fit in. But you're meant to be the harbinger of change, not tradition.

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You are taking what you deserve and refusing to remain in the shadows. You belong in the light, where everyone can see the talent you have. Seek the recognition you've been waiting for and you won't regret it. You can take your dreams as far as you want. Your self-worth is coming into focus and you may be realizing you've relied on external validation for peace. Know you are already enough.


Your intuition is glittering with possibilities. Let go of your expectations and logic. Your faith is so powerful, it can make the impossible seem possible. If you believe in something, believe in it with your whole spirit; don't commit halfheartedly. It's time to face the ways in which you have repressed your true self for the sake of what's practical and acceptable. You have the power to set your own terms.


If you feel inspired to set fire to everything — in the proverbial sense — so that you can start over, don't fight it. In order for you to truly transform, you must completely let go of the past. Breathe life into something new instead. This urge may feel terrifying, but it's important that you acknowledge what it is you're afraid of. The root of your fear contains all the answers; it holds the key to overcoming it.


You're deepening your bonds and doing some serious thinking about your relationships. Superficiality won't cut it. You want something real, raw, and ravishing. Don't be afraid of vulnerability. You'll never win the love game if you refuse to play. There may be heavy realizations surrounding your community this week. You're understanding how your affiliations have helped and harmed you. You have some big decisions to make.