You're Embracing A New Beginning In Your September 14 Weekly Horoscope

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Things are a little out of control lately, but at least you've got astrology to explain it all. With Mars — planet of passion and vigor — retrograde, you may be struggling to feel inspired and get the engine running. Not only that, but the frustration of sitting still could be leading to bouts of rage and even conflict. Point blank, it's no walk in the park. However, your September 14, 2020 weekly horoscope is here and it will provide you with a flashlight to walk you through the dark.

The week begins with a transformative push. On Sept. 14, the Virgo sun forms a trine with Pluto, planet of death and rebirth. No matter how difficult your situation may be, you will use your strife as encouragement. You will feel like proving everyone who ever doubted you wrong, and even if you're at rock bottom, you will be able to see the light at shining above you, beckoning you to keep fighting. Even though the week ahead may feel shaky and unstable, one thing is certain, and it's that you're not giving up yet.

When Venus — planet of love — forms a square with erratic and unpredictable Uranus on Sept. 15, you may encounter problems in your relationships and obstacles in your social circle. This, coupled with the aggressive volatility of Mars retrograde could encourage resentments to make themselves known. Above all, you may feel a desire for freedom and independence, pushing you to set aside commitments for the sake of your own individuality. This can inject your relationship with an exciting and adventurous twist or it can weaken an already weak connection.

Be careful what you say when Mercury — planet of communication — forms a square with expansive and over-the-top Jupiter on Sept. 17, because you may have the instinct to embellish your statements and bite off more than you can chew. However, this will also help you see the big picture, pushing you to see beyond the flaws in your situation and have faith in all the opportunities and possibilities out there.

The new moon in Virgo represents the beginning of a new chapter when it takes place on Sept. 17. This new moon forms a trine to grounded and committed Saturn, meaning that it's mark on you will not only be deep, but it will last a long time to come. It will also provide you with some solid ground to work from in the midst of this unstable time. Although it may feel difficult to push forward during this time, this new moon encourages you to the seeds of something new. They may not sprout tomorrow, but they will eventually and it will be so worth it.

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There may be an unexpected blast of creative energy headed your way, and although it may be unnerving, it will inject your relationships with romance and excitement if you allow it. You're learning how to infuse spontaneous fun with diligent hard work. Spend some time creating a plan this week. You don't need to sacrifice your free will, but you should follow a roadmap for guidance.


It may be difficult to find a sense of comfort, as your personal space and private life are undergoing erratic changes. This could leave you feeling vulnerable, but there's so much to learn when you step out of your comfort zone. You're planting the seeds of something that will bring you so much joy. Your inner child never colored inside the lines, so why would you?


You're feeling enamored with new ideas and you're ready to tip over the edge and dive into beautiful mysteries. Be careful where you go, and before asking a question, make sure you want to know the answer. This week, your heart is tender and in need of love. Reconsider the way you give and receive nourishment. Are you putting yourself in situations where compassion flows freely?


Take a good look at what's weighing you down. You maybe placing too much focus on something that you truly don't need and it's obstructing your freedom. Liberate yourself. You're learning so many new things and you need to create space for your mind to think. You also have a lot to learn from others, so make a point of speaking your mind and listening to what others have to say.

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Embrace your independence, but be careful not to sever ties with something that you'll regret later. Sometimes commitment comes at a sacrifice, but consider whether the sacrifice is worth it in the end. You're building your self-worth this week, and sometimes, you have to make difficult decisions in order to feel proud of yourself. Let your actions reflect your values.


You may find yourself slipping back into some unexpected habits this week. Perhaps you're rebelling against your responsibilities or taking the easy way out, but you have more control over your situation than you realize. In fact, you have control over your identity as a whole and nobody gets to tell you who you are and who you are destined to be. Only you get to do that. So do it.


You may be discovering that your friendships aren't built to last, but that also means you're meeting new and interesting people who will propel you into the future. Open your arms and dive into all the new opportunities that are headed your way. You're letting go of spiritual baggage because you're healing, and healing doesn't always feel strange. Sometimes it feels like a breath of fresh air.


Watch out for career opportunities that arrive on your doorstep. You may not notice them if you're not thinking big, so keep your goals on your mind. This week, you're getting a clearer picture of your dreams and you may even find yourself making a wish. Make sure you're wishing for something that will serve you well, because your power to manifest reality is exceptionally bright at the moment.

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Your mind might change this week. Consider that your perspective has been wrong all along and you're opening your eyes for the first time. It may feel difficult to admit you were wrong, but the truth cannot be denied. You may have been limiting yourself by stubbornly clinging to your former mentality, but you can make waves if you prioritize your ambitions and your growth over your own personal pride.


You may be set free from a commitment this week before you were truly ready. However, you might also find yourself signing the dotted line and committing to something you wouldn't expect. Connect your mind and your heart and make a decision with them both. You're ready to go somewhere different and learn something brand new. You're ready to take on whatever is destined to come next.


There may be shakeups in your closest relationships this week, so ride these waves as calmly as you can. While these shakeups could indicate a weak foundation, it could also pass just as quickly as it came. This is a test to see how strong your partnership truly is. If it passes, it will enter a new stage of intimacy and trust. You're not in the mood for something superficial. You want a soul connection.


You may find yourself deviating from your usual routine, leaving you feeling off-kilter. However, sometimes you need to take a break from the monotony in order to spark fresh inspiration. Remember that stability isn't the only thing you require in order to thrive. You also require authenticity and a thriving emotional center. Fill your heart up this week. You're in the mood to be moved.