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Your October New Moon Horoscope Is All About Overcoming Challenges


Do you have an intention you'd like to set? A project you'd like to begin? An emotion you're ready to release? The new moon is always a good time to do such things, so mark Oct. 16 on your calendar. This is when the new moon in Libra takes place (at 3:31 p.m. ET, to be exact) and it will help you start the final quarter of the year on a positive note. If you're interested to see how this new moon will affect you, based on your rising and sun sign, look no further than your October 2020 new moon horoscope.

During its 28-day cycle, the moon takes you on a journey toward empowerment, revelation, and reward. This journey always begins on the new moon, when the moon is hidden behind the shadow of night, providing you with a blank canvas to work with. As the moon moves through the waxing stages, your creation slowly begins to take shape and your idea starts to build and build. By the time the full moon happens, your creation is complete; whether you like what you've created or you're disappointed, the full moon is filled with lessons to be learned and truths to be gleaned. As the moon embarks through the waning stages, you begin to release your creation, forgiving yourself for your mistakes and honoring how hard you tried. When the moon reaches the new moon phase, your spiritual slate is wiped clean once again, and the process continues.

This particular new moon may take place in balanced and beautiful Libra, but it's charged with heavy and extreme energy. Forming a square with the Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn conjunction, this moon is razor sharp in its delivery and blunt in its message. You may feel as though there's so much standing in your way, and yet, your desire for more has never been stronger. As it forms an opposition with Mars retrograde, this new moon is also a feisty and hot-headed one, so remember to take deep breaths and count to 10 when it becomes too much to bear.

However, you should trust in the process and have faith in where you're headed, because this new moon forms an exact trine with the North Node (the key that unlocks your destiny). Make no mistake, this new moon is pushing you toward your higher self and helping you overcome challenges that will make you a better person.



Take a closer look at your relationships. How do you function within these relationships? What is your perception of an ideal relationship? Make sure you're not settling for less than you deserve. Make sure you're listening to your partner's input as well. A relationship is created together, so work on it together.


How are you spending your time and energy? Think of all the ways you've been disregarding your well-being as you go about your day. Think of all the ways disorganization is setting you back. This is your opportunity to create a better routine and a healthier system to live by. Strike an appropriate balance between work and play.


Perhaps you don't think you deserve to be happy. Maybe you don't think you're meant to be artistic. However, creativity is what makes you human and it's at the core of your experience. It doesn't matter if you're perfect or if anyone else approves. All that matters is you're finding an outlet to express your perception of art.


What makes you feel at home? What climate do you require in order to feel safe and supported in your sacred space? Now's the time to dream up and envision your idea of a home you'd love to return to at the end of a long day. Don't sell your vision short; imagine the home environment and the family dynamic you've always wanted.



Now's the time to use that noggin of yours. Tap into the part of you that craves knowledge and information. Give yourself permission to engage in intellectual discourse and make your voice heard. You're learning so much from others, but others are also learning from you. Acknowledge just how smart you really are and what you offer.


Before you can truly bloom, you need to have a strong set of roots and a foundation sturdy enough for you to grow from. Work on building this foundation in whatever way makes sense to you. It could mean saving more money. It could also mean DIY-ing something. It could even mean splurging on something you know you deserve.


It doesn't matter what anyone else says or what society thinks. You have a say in who you are and who you'll become. Now's your chance to speak your character into the cosmos, to make a change that reflects how much you've grown, to announce your identity for all the word to hear. Don't be afraid of being yourself.


What still hurts, after all this time? Chances are, you've been repressing this pain or avoiding it altogether, so don't be surprised when it comes back up again. Allow yourself to feel, because feeling is also healing. There's nothing wrong with your emotions or what you're carrying within. Acknowledge your feelings, because they are valid.



How can you work with others to make the world a better place; to make your world a better place? Humans are community-oriented creatures and you may be craving a community that gets you. Take a chance on others, because you may just find a group of people who inspire you to be a better you.


What image do you want to display to the world? How can you forge an image that helps you go after what you want and prove your abilities? It's time to dream of your career goals and start laying down the groundwork for where you'd like your career to go. Don't let fear hold you back from trying.


What do you believe in? What philosophy do you live by? Now's the time to open your mind and experiment with different perspectives and values. An idea may just spark something incredible within you, but first, you need to let go of your preconceived notions of life and consider that you may have an adventure to embark on.


Now's the time to consider what you invest your energy in. Is this investment going anywhere? Have you been afraid of investing in the first place? Start the process of breaking away from commitments that are a waste of time and replace them with a deeper commitment to something else; something that makes sense for you at this time.