Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It'll Take Your Mind To Dark Places

Dark and spooky things overtake the month of October. If you're not a friend of mystery and mysticism, then October is not the month for you. The cosmos are making that very clear, and as we creep closer and closer to Halloween, we dip further and further into a different world. Don't believe me? Just read your October 15, 2018 weekly horoscope and find out. As of last week, Mercury — the planet that rules over communication, coordination, and cognitive function — entered Scorpio, coloring the rest of the cosmos with its enigmatic and shadowy heart.

Remember that Mercury is one of the innermost planets, changing zodiac signs every two to three weeks, and its influence affects the way the rest of the planets do their business. When Mercury is in secretive, sexual, sharp-as-a-knife Scorpio, our minds are geared towards the dark and taboo in life. Nothing is too strange to be understood and nothing is without passionate and obsessive depth. Scorpio is literally ruled by Pluto, aka Hades, god of the underworld. Stay tuned, because you're about to understand just how much beauty lies in the unknown.

And, while Mercury is in Scorpio, Venus retrograde is in Scorpio as well, causing both planets to form a conjunction as of Oct. 15. This essentially means that Scorpio's energy is sinking our souls, as though water is flowing through leaks in our boat, slowly pulling us under. Can you sense that there are creatures swimming beneath us?

Although Scorpio wants to dig us deeper, a first quarter moon in steady, determined, and goal-oriented Capricorn on Oct. 16 will bring us up for air. However, Capricorn is no less dark and heavy-handed than our dear friend, Scorpio. Ruled by Saturn, the great punisher in astrology, this zodiac sign invites karma your way, showing you that what goes around, comes around.


With Mercury in your eighth house of passion and intensity, you're mind is hungry for depth and willing to go the distance in order to find it. With the waxing Capricorn moon in your 10th house of career, you can breathe fire into your longterm goals and make serious moves towards your success. However, this depth won't translate as easily into your social and love life. Take care not to rush into new romantic prospects, nor should you give away your trust so easily.


Your seventh house of partnerships is absorbing Mercury's passionate energy. Right now, you're seeing the benefits of cooperating with another individual and combining your power. Whether your commitments are forged by love or business, it will teach you so much, especially while the Capricorn moon glows in your ninth house of wisdom. However, you should spend time reflecting on your relationships instead of rushing into major relationship decisions.


With Mercury in your sixth house of routine and work, your mind is ready to tackle every item on your to-do list, replenish your health, and get back into the groove of a productive routine. And, as your eighth house of darkness and intensity is powered by the waxing Capricorn moon, you'll feel all your hard work strengthening your soul on the deepest level. However, don't get bogged down by insignificant details. Overanalyzing everything could steal your thunder.


It's bound to be a creative and artistically fulfilling week with Mercury in your fifth house of fun and pleasure. Your perspective is geared towards opportunities to interact playfully with the world and create something meaningful out of your experiences. With the Capricorn moon in your partnership house, you may join forces with someone on a project. However, don't sacrifice rational thinking for the sake of your art. It could land you in a sticky situation.


With Mercury in your fourth house of home and family, you're getting in touch with your roots, immersing yourself in emotional comfort, and staying in. Right now, give yourself the rest you deserve. Your heart needs it. The Capricorn moon in your sixth house of productivity will help you replenish and rejuvenate your mind and body. However, don't allow yourself to succumb too deeply into solitude. You should still go outside for some air when you need it.


Your third house of self-expression is receiving all of Mercury's energy. It's time to speak your rawest truth, articulate your brilliant thoughts, and coordinate plans. This is the perfect week to accomplish short-term goals. The waxing Capricorn moon in your fifth house of creativity targets you with the spark of inspiration. Make use of it. However, be careful what you say, because you may be tempted to use your voice impulsively. Practice honesty and integrity.


With Mercury in your second house of finance and possessions, you're all about making more money, establishing yourself, and building a life. Whatever it takes to surround yourself with the comfort and security you need, you'll do it. The Capricorn moon in your fourth house of home and family guides your energy towards intimate matters. Don't allow materialistic thoughts to dominate your happiness, however. You're a lot more successful than you think.


Now that both Mercury and Venus are in your first house of the self, you're feeling fully engaged with your truest self. It's time to refine your image, get in touch with your secrets, and put your heart into every move you make. As the waxing Capricorn moon moves through your communication house, you can express your feelings with purest clarity. However, don't spend your time overanalyzing every single one of your flaws. You'll forget how beautiful you are, warts and all.


With Mercury in your 12th house of the unconscious, you're mind may feel foggy and dreamlike. However, it will be a beautiful week to connect with the universe on a deeper level. Nurture your imagination and enjoy all of its splendor. With the Capricorn moon in your second house of sensuality, you can connect with the world both physically and spiritually. However, make sure you protect your energy, as you're especially susceptible to energy vampires and draining vibrations.


The first quarter waxing moon will be in your first house of the self, granting you with emotional realignment and internal organization. Prepare for a respite from the chaos. With Mercury in your 11th house of community, this week is asking you to be a social butterfly who brings your circle of friends even closer. However, take care not to sacrifice your individuality for the same of harmony with others. Define your boundaries as best as you can.


With Mercury now in your 10th house of career, your level of determination has skyrocketed. Your reputation and longterm goals have come into focus, leading you to think wisely about how you can further your success. The Capricorn moon in your 12th house of spirituality gives you a break from all the work, asking you to calm down and find your introspective center. Take time to meditate and dream. Don't allow career concerns to control your idea of yourself.


Your ninth house of adventure and expansion is now being powered by Mercury. It's time to set your inhibitions aside and search for deeper meaning in the great beyond. Embark on a new journey. Try something that scares you. Watch how amazing it feels. The Capricorn moon in your social 11th house will have you thinking of how you can help others and connect with people on a new level. However, don't stray so far from your priorities that you get lost.