Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It's Feeling A Little Spooky

You've reveled in the splendor of September, but now October has arrived to prove its spooky reputation. When this month is known for the magic of Halloween, the shadow of horror stories, and a history entrenched in honoring the dead, you know that the cosmos are cooking up something terrifying. Luckily, your Oct. 1, 2018, weekly horoscope will help you overcome your worst nightmares.

As of Oct. 5, 2018, Venus — planet of romance, luxury, money, and love — will enter retrograde for the next six weeks. Occurring every 18 months, the backwards tailspin of this inner planet has an unbelievable impact on our universe. Venus is responsible for all the beauty in the world. She's always there, encouraging you to fall in love, spend money on some well-deserved self-care, flirt with your crush, and open your heart to friendship. When this planet is enduring apparent retrograde motion, all these aspects of life will suddenly experience challenges. However, these challenges blossom from long-existing problems. When Venus is no longer functioning properly, you may feel tempted to act on risky impulses that you're usually in control of. It could also remove your rose-colored glasses altogether, showing you the ugly truth. Do with it what you will.

However, this week is not without blessings, because Pluto retrograde ended on Sept. 30, 2018, setting you off towards a brighter future full of self-acceptance and positive change. This planet has immensely transformational power; however, Pluto takes you to hell and back before allowing you to metamorphose into the person you're meant to become. Trust that, over the course of the past year, you've grown by leaps and bounds. Soon, you'll begin to understand just how much stronger you've become.

With a third quarter moon in Cancer (the most harmonious and powerful sign the moon could ever possibly be in) taking place on Oct. 2, 2018, you'll feel deeply rooted in your soul, sensitive to cosmic vibrations, and emotionally tender enough to power forward. Listen to your heart. Its whispers contain all the answers.


Because Venus retrograde will take place in your eighth house of mystery, sex, and death, this transit is bound to affect your love life in a multitude of ways. Driving you through deep emotion and overwhelming passion, you'll find yourself craving unquestionable commitment. Occurring at the same time the sun is in your partnership house, you may find a relationship falling apart if it's not meant to be. Remind yourself that your heart is especially tender right now. Don't force anything that's not working.


Not only is Venus your ruling planet, its retrograde will also be twisting through your seventh house of love and partnership. With the sun in your anxious sixth house of order, you may feel stressed and overwhelmed by every disturbance in a relationship, pushing you to overanalyze every situation, possibly even bicker over small issues. Remind yourself to consider the bigger picture. Nothing is perfect, and to focus too deeply on every single flaw may drive you to sabotage something worthwhile.


When Venus retrograde spins through your sixth house of service and well-being, you're could experience several different disturbances. In relationships, you may find yourself overcompensating for problems while your efforts are being taken for granted. You may also find yourself indulging in gluttonous behavior that adversely affects your health. With the sun in your creative fifth house, artistic inspiration may suddenly become harder to find. Remember that you can't solve everything.


As Venus retrograde rolls through your fifth house of pleasure, fun, and creativity, it's clear that you may be tempted to overindulge and face consequences for it. You may feel inclined to engage in promiscuous behavior or take on multiple romances, leaving you with a lot on your plate. There's also the possibility that you may suffer for the sake of art. With the sun in your fourth house of family, these complications could affect your innermost circle. Remind yourself of what's truly worth protecting in life.


Your fourth house of home, family, and core values will receive the brunt of Venus retrograde's disturbances. Finding comfort, love, and harmony in your home environment will prove a far more difficult task than usual. It could also create disharmony amongst your closes family members, namely a mother figure. With the sun in your third house of communication, the discord could manifest through impulsively spoken words. Think twice before you speak and commit to working through any problems.


With Venus retrograde causing a storm in your third house of communication and connection, there's the chance that you may behave irresponsibly with your penchant for words. Take care to speak with integrity and use your voice for the highest good, because you may be tempted to manipulate or lie. At the same time as the sun is in your second house of value and finance, you may also spend money on lavish things you can't afford. Make sure you consider whether or not a purchase is worth it.


Venus is your ruling planet, making the fact that its retrograde is sending fire through your second house of finance and worth an especially tricky situation. This could create a lot of stress when it comes to your bank account, as you may feel insure about your monetary state or compelled to spend more money than you have. Occurring while the sun is in Libra, this financial insecurity could affect your entire perspective, potentially causing you to rethink the way you take care of your foundation in life.


As Venus retrograde creates a whirlwind in your first house of the self, it could potentially make you feel insecurity about your overall appearance and level of likability towards others. It may compel you to give other people's opinion of you far more importance than you should. While this takes place when the sun is in your 12th house of spirituality, it's imperative that you practice self-love and commit to practices that remind you of how magical you truly are. Remember that your beauty is unique and irreplaceable.


Because Venus retrograde will send ripples through your 12th house of spirituality and the unconscious, there's a possibility that you may delve so far into solitude that you get stuck there. There's also a chance that you may feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for having pride in your accomplishments, pushing you to hide your shine. Remember to reach out to others when your mind starts to play tricks on you. The sun in your 11th house of community is asking you to find balance between your social and private life.


Your 11th house of friendship and community will receive the most complications from Venus retrograde this time around. If you're in a relationship, there's a chance you may place your social life on a higher pedestal than your love life, leading to imbalance. Make sure you don't forget to take care of those who lie closest to your heart. With the sun in your 10th house of career, you may feel more concerned with your reputation than your true feelings. Take time to remember what's most important.


As Venus sends its backwards energy through your 10th house of career, reputation, and popularity, there's a chance you may rely too deeply on work to bring you a sense of pride. Take care not to let your personal life suffer because of your workaholic tendencies. Success in your field does not equal happiness. With the sun in your ninth house of adventure, you may feel inspired to take an idea too far. Remember to think practically when the moment calls for it. Spontaneity can have negative consequences.


Because Venus retrograde will take place in your ninth house of adventure, philosophy, and higher learning, there's a chance this transit could create challenges in your studies if you're in school. You may become lazier when trying to achieve your personal goals, especially if they have to do with personal advancement. Combat this by staying focused on the finish line and remembering why you're studying these things in the first place. With the sun in your eighth house, it's clear these challenges are meant to help you grow.