Venus In Retrograde Is The Perfect Time To Drop Toxic Dating Habits & Here's How

Oh Venus, why must you play these games? She may be the planet of romance, flirtation, luxury, and pleasure, but don't be fooled. Venus is capable of seducing you into destruction, simply for the fun of it. And once you realize what she's done to you, it'll be too late. You'll have to look in the mirror and accept that you've been duped by Venus. Now that we've established just how dangerous Venus can be, there's one important question that needs answering: When does Venus retrograde 2018 end? That's right, you guessed it. There's a good chance this retrograde could create a ton of drama in your love life.

However, just because a retrograde can turn your life completely upside-down doesn't mean it doesn't serve an important purpose. Beginning on October 5, 2018 in Scorpio and ending on November 16, 2018 in the previous sign of Libra, Venus retrograde can actually be a time of thrilling creativity, healing introspection, and finding closure. Remember that when a planet moves backwards through its astrological orbit, it's because we're being weighed down by unresolved issues that still need our attention. It's a chance to go back in time and deal with our baggage so that we can finally be set free. If you're willing to look on the bright side of the situation, you'll find that Venus retrograde can help you forge a love deeper than anything you've ever known.

Reevaluate The Way You Give And Receive Love

In astrology, Venus rules over the language of love that you speak. When Venus is in Scorpio, love becomes serious, deep, spiritual, and fearsome. As Venus moves through retrograde in Scorpio, you'll find yourself drawn to finding intense and fiery passion in your relationships. However, this passion won't come easy. What does love mean to you? Are you lowering your guard enough to be loved? Is the person you're in love with loving you on a deep enough level? Ask yourself these questions during this time.

When Venus retrograde enters harmonious Libra on Nov. 16, much of the intensity shall be lifted, but the challenge will remain. Libra rules over the seventh house of partnerships, making one-on-one commitment another central theme of Venus Rx. During this time, explore whether or not you're putting enough effort into your relationship. Is your partner as dedicated as you are? Do you have commitment issues that need resolving?

By contemplating these questions, you'll find all the answers during Venus retrograde.

Break Toxic Patterns In Your Love Life

Once you come to terms with the personal conflicts weighing your love life down, you'll begin to think about how you can solve them. Do you keep going back to your toxic ex? Are you attracted to the wrong people? Are you giving your love away to people who take advantage of it? During Venus retrograde, you'll be forced to face the shadows weighing down your love life and you won't be able to ignore them.

Even if everything goes wrong during this time, allow your choices to resonate deep. If you fall back into toxic patterns, try not to avoid the repercussions. Instead, look them straight in the eye and ask yourself if this is truly what you want out of love. If it isn't, then Venus retrograde will have taught you a valuable lesson: That you deserve better.

Fall For A Deeper And Healthier Understanding Of Love

If you take the lessons that Venus retrograde has to offer, you will leave with a renewed sense of self-love and affection for others. Remember that there is not one definition of love. It means something beautiful and unique to each of us, and this retrograde is about deepening your understanding of the love that you desire. What love makes you a better person? What love makes you a better person for others? Get ready to have these questions answered, because even though this retrograde can be rife with heartache, it never fails to take you through a journey into the heart.