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Despite Quarantine, Your New Year's Eve Horoscope Is Still A Blast


2020 was not an easy year. In fact, 2020 was so strange and difficult that it put all previous years to shame. Even if you managed to enjoy your time and garner success during the past 366 days, you can't deny that society as a whole was dealt a pretty challenging set of cards. There's even astrology to back that up, because 2020 was the year of the heavy-handed Saturn-Pluto conjunction that evoked plenty of creation as well as destruction. Thankfully, you're about to close the chapter of 2020 and finally start putting it all behind you. I bet you're already initiating the countdown to 2021, but don't get ahead of yourself just yet, because your New Year's Eve 2020 horoscope proves the year still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

On this year's New Year's Eve, the moon will be transiting glamorous, ostentatious, and romantic Leo, which will really make those sparklers sparkle. Leo wants everything to be shimmery, golden, and beautiful, making this the perfect atmosphere for New Year's Eve. Feel free to spend some extra time on your makeup and hair, painting some extra glittery shadow above your eyes. Turn up some fun dance music, go all out on the decorations, and make sure to take some photos to commemorate the last night of this roller coaster ride of a year.

However, just because the moon is in Leo doesn't mean the astrology will feel perfect. In fact, this Leo moon will form an opposition with the restrictive and overwhelming Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, which may leave you feeling afraid of expressing yourself. You may also feel somewhat ungrounded in your emotions, thanks to the moon forming a square with shaky and unpredictable Uranus. Expect the mood of the night to ricochet into several different directions, which may feel just as exciting as it does unsettling. Luckily, messenger Mercury will also be forming a sextile to kind and empathetic Neptune, granting you an ease in communication that will soothe the environment.

Here's what to expect, according to your sun sign and your rising sign:



Sound the alarms, Aries, because you're in the mood to party hard and be seen during this year's NYE. Get in touch with your playful and free-spirited nature, because you'll probably be in the mood to play games, dance to your favorite tunes, and unleash all your emotions through fun and pleasure. Don't hold back.


This year, you don't need some over-the-top NYE experience, Taurus. In fact, the people you really want to spend the night with are the people you love most: your family. Whether your family is blood-related or a family that you chose, you know deep in your heart that you want to be surrounded by the people you trust on NYE (even if it has to be virtually).


Talking and learning is what you do best, Gemini, and this year's NYE is encouraging you to do more of what you're already so good at. Chat up some new people via apps, reconnect with old friends on social media, and indulge in a stimulating conversation or two. Show off your charismatic chops and regale everyone with all your fascinating ideas.


All you want during this year's NYE is to feel calm, steady, and chilled out. Instead of partying it up, you might prefer curling up on the couch and indulging in a yummy meal. Just because it's NYE doesn't mean it has to be a wild night. All you need in order to feel good is a night of smooth sailing, so indulge in it, Cancer.



It's your party and you'll cry if you want to, Leo. This year's NYE might leave you feeling overwhelmed with whatever it is you're feeling. After all, the sensitive moon is transiting through your zodiac sign, which is putting you in touch with your feelings and encouraging you to rethink who you are and where you're going next.


You may be in such a dreamy mood during this year's NYE that you fall asleep before midnight, Virgo. However, you might prefer daydreaming instead, so give yourself a moment to meditate or ponder, even if that simply means excusing yourself from the room for a moment to be alone. This year, your spiritual side is calling.


All you want for this year's NYE is to be surrounded by your community, Libra. If you're unable to do that this year, you may want to organize a Zoom party or a group chat that will connect you to the community in which you belong. This year, you're the string that ties everyone together.


Instead of lazing around and indulging on NYE, what you've got on your mind this year is ambition and success, Scorpio. You may be in the mood to compete hard and go for the goal. Whether you're aggressively competing in a NYE game or tapping into your career prospects, NYE is bringing out your inner boss.



Adventure is on your mind on New Year's Eve, Sagittarius. It may sound cliché for a Sagittarius to want an adventure, so embrace a definition of adventure that you wouldn't normally abide by. What's outside of your usual wheelhouse? How can you introduce something a little different to your usual NYE plans? The sky is the limit.


Your heart may be in an intense place during this year's NYE, Capricorn. You may be thinking about everything you went through over the past year and how ready you are to leave it all behind you. You're a phoenix rising from the ashes of your past and the experience is leaving you feeling so motivated to transform.


Your relationships will most likely be on your mind during this year's NYE. It's a beautiful night to spend it with a committed partner or friend; someone you can pour all of your attention onto and receive their attention in return. Rather than socializing with the whole room, you'll probably want a little one-on-one time, Aquarius.


This year's NYE has got you really planning out your resolutions for 2021, Pisces. Carving out time to map out everything you want to accomplish in the year ahead of you will be an extremely validating experience. While you're off having a good time, make sure to reserve a moment to envision where you want to be.