Your New Moon Solar Eclipse Horoscope, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Do you ever think about the person you truly are at your core, despite society's conditioning? Can you feel the vibration of your ancestors deeply embedded within your spiritual DNA? Cancer season has arrived and well, your new moon solar eclipse 2019 horoscope will help you tune into your emotions and fully embrace your deeper truth. Summer started off with a bang, and this is especially true for those with personal placements in Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Eclipses are powerful moon phases that generate life-changing events. This can bring either a new beginning or a much-needed ending, as it is a cosmic push from the heavens forcing you to take action you never considered possible. The new moon on July 2 will be a total solar eclipse, which means the moon will move between the earth and the sun, leaving no light, even if it's just for a moment. This is where the "life-altering" eclipse symbolism stems from. How can we see where you're going without the light? Surrendering to the universe is essential to your eclipse journey.

Cancer is a symbol of your inner world, ancestral lineage, and emotional foundation. It's equivalent to the divine feminine energy that already exists within you. With the sun, moon, and North Node in Cancer opposing Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn, you'll finally be tuning into what actually matters: your emotional truth, the home within yourself, and the family karma living in your spiritual DNA that needs healing.

Like it or not, your world is changing and it's up to you to find the will to nurture yourself and your needs in the process.

Read your new moon solar eclipse horoscope below:

Aries: You're Tuning Into Your Emotional Roots

Are you living your soul's truth? Is your external world aligned with your inner world? The new moon solar eclipse will shake up your domestic fourth house of home, family, and ancestors, bringing new beginnings to your emotional life and family dynamic. What makes you feel at home? Are you at home within yourself? A sextile to sporadic Uranus could very well surprise you with some unexpected riches.

Taurus: You're Having Familiar Conversations

Is history repeating itself, Taurus? Whether it's because you're rekindling your relationship with a family member or simply starting to speak from the heart, this new moon solar eclipse will likely shake up your local community and thought process because it touches your chatty third house of immediate environment. An electric sextile to your sign might come with a few surprises, too.

Gemini: You're Learning How To Depend On Yourself

Investing in yourself should be a priority, Gemini. What have you built with your two hands? What is your definition of security? The new moon solar eclipse will activate your second house of finances, values, and self-worth, and this will bring you to new beginnings. A lucky sextile to Uranus via your subconscious 12th house is here to help you liberate yourself from past burdens and karmic patterns.

Cancer: You're Owning That Which Makes You Unique

It's not every day you celebrate both a birthday season and an eclipse season, you know. This new moon solar eclipse will undoubtedly start a revolution in regard to your personal identity. Let's face it, Cancer: You're not the same person you were last year, and this is legitimate proof of your soul's growth. Congratulations! Shedding skin and being reborn is never easy, and you're making it look effortless. A lucky sextile to Uranus via your 11th house of friendships might also bring new groups of individuals into your life.

Leo: You're Healing Your Soul And Family Karma

This is not an easy task, Leo, but it's important to let go of the things no longer serving your highest truth in order to live the life you deserve. The new moon solar eclipse will shake up your secretive 12th house of karma, closure, and subconscious mind. Given that Cancer is a symbol of emotions, you might experience an emotional breakthrough of sorts during this time. A sextile to Uranus via your tenth house of authority figures only makes the theme of family and parental figures more prominent.

Virgo: You're Nurturing Your Networks

There's something different about you, Virgo, and it goes beyond your professional life. The new moon solar eclipse is shaking up your 11th house of friendships, groups, and extended network, and you're reflecting on whether or not you feel emotionally part of these group settings. Could it be that you've officially outgrown your crew? Your freedom will be a priority during this time. An electric sextile to Uranus via your ninth house of higher learning and entrepreneurship could very well present you with an opportunity you won't want to miss.

Libra: You're Embracing Your Soul Mission

What's stopping you from taking charge, Libra? Have you reflected on your personal mission lately? The new moon solar eclipse will activate your ambitious tenth house of career and authority figures, reminding you of the emotional legacies and burdens stopping you from sharing your innate gifts with the rest of the world. A sextile to Uranus via your eighth house of transformation proves you're in the midst of a powerful rebirth, too. Let your soul speak for itself, Libra.

Scorpio: You're Finally Trusting The Universe

Let go, Scorpio. The new moon solar eclipse is activating your expansive ninth house of education, higher learning, and the unknown. Craving adventure? Whether it's because you've finally found the courage to go back to school, or perhaps considered the idea of re-locating in order to chase your dreams, your eclipse journey will consist of venturing into unknown territory. A sporadic sextile to electric Uranus via your seventh house of partnerships could also open many doors for you in the process.

Sagittarius: You're Shedding Toxic Emotions

Never stop soul searching, Sagittarius. Ready to let go of what no longer serves you? The new moon solar eclipse will shake up your auspicious eighth house of sex, death, and transformation. Granted, this doesn't sound exciting, but its still very much needed. So whether you're caught up in a toxic relationship or perhaps in the midst of a powerful catharsis, this lunation will bring you the necessary courage to move forward. A sextile to Taurus via your sixth house of health will likely bring a fresh approach to your day-to-day life. Stay tuned.

Capricorn: You're Tuning Into Your Relationships

Are you giving as much as you've been getting? Who knows, you might suddenly realize you've been putting way too much effort into someone who honestly doesn't deserve it. The new moon solar eclipse will shake up your committed-relationship sector and likely bring new beginnings to your partnership dynamic. Who are you in your current relationship? Who have you become? A sextile to Uranus via your expressive fifth house of creativity will likely gift you with some colorful passion. So whether you're investing your time in a project or in a smoldering romance, Uranus has your back.

Aquarius: You're Healing Mentally, Physically, And Spiritually

Does your day-to-day life bring you emotional fulfillment, Aquarius? Have you been doing your due diligence? A new moon solar eclipse via your health-conscious sixth house of routine and daily life will likely bring you some much-needed clarity. Are you working with purpose? How have you been nurturing your physical body? A sextile to your ruling planet Uranus via your fourth house of home and emotional foundation could very well revolutionize your current reality.

Pisces: You're Nourishing Your Creative Gifts

Dance like no one is watching, Pisces. But even if they are watching, make sure to give it your all. The new moon solar eclipse will shake up your creative fifth house of passion, expression, and romance, so make sure to open your heart in the process. What brings you joy? Have you been getting the recognition you deserve? This is your chance to bask in your colorful talents and celebrate your authentic truth. A lucky sextile to Taurus via your third house of immediate environment could very well surprise you with an opportunity you'll never forget. Keep vibrating at a high frequency, Pisces. You haven't seen anything yet.