Your New Moon In Aquarius Horoscope Will Help You Rise To Any Occasion

It's that time of the month again. On Feb. 4, 2019, the moon will reach its darkest state and disappear into the sky, refreshing your emotional slate and pointing you in a new direction. It's your chance to set an intention to guide you through this next phase of your cosmic journey, and your new moon in Aquarius 2019 horoscope will help you form a plan to get the most out of it.

Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac wheel and it carries with it the power of philanthropy, friendship, and individualism. When a new moon takes place in the sign that's never afraid of being its brazen, strange, and unapologetic self, it's time for you to harness your truth and let nothing stand in the way of your own feelings. Instead of doing what everyone else tells you is the right thing to do, search within yourself and decide what you think is the right thing to do.

It's worth remembering that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolution and dramatic change. This planet is known for rocking n' rolling at random, causing things to shift in a way that no one expected. On this new moon, prepare for radical energy to take over the world, pushing you in ways that surprise you.


This new moon lights up your 11th house of friendship and community, setting you off toward social exploration with like-minded people. You're feeling inspired to connect with and learn from others. It may be time to dedicate yourself to a cause that you care about deeply.


Your career and reputation are on your mind as the new moon galvanizes your 10th house of social status. You're on the verge of receiving recognition for your work, or perhaps you're gleaning insight on the type of work you should be doing. Put yourself out there.


You're leaving behind your comfort zone in a major way with the new moon glowing in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy. You're craving new experiences and you can't help but see outside of the box. It may be time to go traveling or to sign up for a new course of study.


All that's on your mind is depth, because the new moon bleeds into your eighth house of death and rebirth. You desire true intimacy and desire. Shallow aspects of life are revolting to you. You're opening up to a deeper understanding of yourself and a deeper connection with others.


The new moon sparkles in your seventh house of partnerships and you're interested in benefitting from one-on-one relationships. You're feeling loyal to and focused on someone, whether it be a lover, a friend, or a business partner. Allow relationships to heal and inspire you.


You're rearranging your priorities and knocking things off your to-do list with a new moon in your sixth house of work and health. Are there projects that you've been procrastinating on? Messes you need to clean up? You're in the mood to tackle all of it with so much productivity.


As the new moon glitters in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, you're on the verge of an artistic breakthrough. You're seeing colors more vividly, experiencing life more joyfully, and you're rediscovering your ability to express yourself creatively. Dance more, sing more, play more.


You're in the mood to spruce things up in your living space with the new moon in your fourth house of home. You want to recharge, get cozy, and spend time with those who matter most. You're infusing your home with loving, spiritual energy and focusing on that is what you need.


You're connecting the dots at a rapid rate with the new moon sending lightning to your third house of communication. Intelligence is booming within you, complex concepts are easy for you to understand, and you're in the mood to tell everyone all about your brilliant ideas.


Pouring money into your bank account and surrounding yourself with luxury and safety is on your mind when the new moon sparks your second house of finances. What do you need in order to achieve happiness? How can you work harder for a steadier life? Form a plan.


When the new moon sends fireworks into your first house of the self, you'll ask yourself: "Who am I?" Think about how much you've grown as a person and how much you'd like to grow. What kind of relationship would you like to have with yourself? What kind of person do you want to be?


Your intuition is awakening with the new moon sending magic into your 12th house of spirituality. You're knowingness is sprouting open, sending you revelations about your world and everything in it. You have so much power to manifest your reality, so set a powerful intention.