This Will Be The Theme Of Your Mercury Retrograde This March, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I know I'm feeling the intensity of the impending Mercury retrograde already because I've retyped the first sentence of this paragraph like, 10 times. Are simple tasks more becoming difficult for you lately, too? If so, you're definitely not alone, because this astrological transit is no joke. However, just because Mercury retrograde is complicated and confusing doesn't mean that you don't have a lot to learn from the experience. In fact, your Mercury retrograde in Pisces 2019 horoscope will prove it. Prepare for a cosmic conundrum, because it begins on March 5 and ends on March 28.

To preface what I'm about to say, Mercury has a huge impact on your every day life. Being an inner planet that rules over the way you communicate and process information, Mercury literally influences your state of mind. When it's rolling backwards through apparent retrograde motion, it has the capacity to make you feel... well... a little backwards, for lack of a better term. When such a retrograde takes place in spacey, dreamy, and sensitive Pisces, it's bound to be even more distracting than it usually is. But, don't some of the greatest revelations take place when you're distracted? Don't distractions often show you a new path? Remain open-minded, because your thoughts will travel to strange, new places.


Since Mercury retrograde will take place in your 12th house of spirituality, you're going to feel deeply tuned in to your subconscious. So tuned in, that you might find yourself disconnected from reality. However, solitude and inner-reflection will bring you so much insight and reward.


Mercury retrograde will be swirling through your 11th house of community, putting all its focus on your friends and acquaintances. You may reconnect with people from the past or have revelations about the social scenes you're involved with. It's time to realize how true your friendships are.


Your career will be the main focus of this Mercury retrograde because it will land in your 10th house of social status. You will understand what has been holding you back from achieving the success you desire, showing you a new path toward accomplishing what you desire. Prepare for more responsibility.


Because Mercury retrograde will take place in your ninth house of philosophy, this transit will challenge your perspective and show you a new meaning of life. You may find yourself traveling to places in your past and gleaning insight from the growth you've experienced. Your truth is shifting.


Mercury retrograde will fall into your eighth house of death and rebirth, causing you to relive so many things that you've lost. It's time to understand why certain things came to an end and why it's important for you to cut emotional cords that no longer have purpose. A new chapter is beginning.


Your relationships will be the main theme of this retrograde because Mercury will be in your seventh house of companionship. You may find yourself reliving relationship issues from the past, causing you to learn from them once again. You may even reconnect with an old friend or lover and find closure.


With Mercury retrograde taking place in your sixth house of work and health, issues having to do with your well-being and you productivity will come into focus. All the ways in which your routine is failing you will come to light, so use this time to review your priorities and cleanse your physical world.


Issues related to the way you experience joy and express yourself creatively will take the center stage as Mercury retrogrades through your fifth house of fun and pleasure. All the ways in which you've held yourself back from being playful and free-spirited will come to light so that you can work through them.


Because Mercury retrograde will take place in your fourth house of the home, your family and living space will come into focus. You will no longer be able to avoid the issues in these aspects of life, forcing you to think about how you can change them for the better. Work through issues on the home front.


Mercury will retrograde through your third house of communication, creating complications during conversations and confusion in your thoughts. Stay grounded and rethink the way you express yourself and the way you think. Practice patience and contemplation before taking action. It could save you.


Mercury retrograde will take place in your second house of finance, pushing you to understand how money makes your world go round. Your relationship with security and luxury will come under focus, pushing you to work through issues with how you spend your energy and what you spend it on.


You might go through a bit of an identity crisis because Mercury is retrograding through your first house of the self. You'll be thinking of who you've been and who you've become. You may feel pushed to make a permanent decision about your appearance or self-image, but don't do anything impulsive.