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Every Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected When March Comes To An End & April Begins


The astrological energy this week is pure, unadulterated magic. After all, it begins with the Mercury-Neptune conjunction on March 29. Mercury is the planet of communication and thought, while Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasy, and compassion. When these two planets come together, your ability to spread kindness and empathy receives a boost. Your connection with the spirit realm is strengthened. The creative potential becomes as vast and expansive as the ocean. However, this energy can also leave you feeling daydreamy and distracted. It can leave you feeling overly sensitive and vulnerable to deceit. Let your March 29, 2021 weekly horoscope help you harness this energy for artistic output rather than let it drown you.

Even though Mercury conjunct Neptune can feel disorienting, the cosmos are providing you with plenty of support as you embark through it. On March 30, Venus — planet of love and friendship — will sextile stable and steady Saturn, grounding your relationships and helping you spread dependable and reliable energy. On March 31, the sun will also sextile Saturn, giving you the strength to stick to your word, remain committed to your goals, and maintain discipline and diligence.

When Mercury forms a sextile with Pluto — planet of transformation — on April 2, it will deepen your intellectual power as well as your desire for intimate connections. This energy will make you feel incredibly investigative as you search for deep hidden meanings and solve all sorts of mysteries. It will even help you get to the true crux of a conversation.

As the week comes to a close, Mercury will later enter passionate, impulsive, and determined Aries. This will add intensity to the way you communicate, creating the perfect atmosphere for heated debates, wholehearted declarations, and the desire to go with your gut. Your pride and ego may get in the way of your thinking, but there's no way you won't feel the extra motivation and courage this transit will give you.



You're swimming through a dreamworld this week. In fact, you may feel like taking some time off so that you can explore your inner reaches freely and without pause. Your community is coming through with the support this week, so let your healing be based in the knowledge that you are loved and admired. Repressed pain may rise to the surface this week, so give yourself the space to feel it and heal it.


You may feel attracted to social groups this week as you're ready to open your heart and engage in extroverted connection. Your presence is a healing one, so let yourself be a shining example of how to treat others. If people are taking advantage of your kindness, remember to place your own well-being above all. You don't have to rush your work in order to be successful. Sometimes your success just needs a moment to marinate.


You're witnessing the power of your goals and aspirations. It may feel as though anything is possible, even your wildest dreams. This is not the time to be practical; it's the time to imagine yourself doing exactly what you've always wanted to do. However, other people may have different plans for you, so make sure you take authority over your career. Don't let others project their desires onto you before you've truly given credence to your own.


Your vision is coming to life. If you've been staring at the wall, wondering why it's so hard to come up with ideas, that's about to change. Your perspective is opening wide and you're seeing so much more than you were before. These are breakthrough moments, but only if you use them wisely. Think seriously of how you can take your newfound revelations and apply them to your work. Don't let this energy pass you by.



You're embracing an incredibly deep level of intimacy. You're yearning for a connection that goes way beyond the surface; a connection in which you feel comfortable sharing your secrets and keeping someone's secrets in return. However, this level of trust is earned, so take your time before you get there. It's time to be more openminded about what a relationship means to you. Step outside of your comfort zone.


Your ability to connect with someone is expanding beyond your wildest dreams. You may find your interactions with others becoming more compassionate and kind. Let this remind you that everyone just wants to be loved. However, relationships require balance, and if someone is giving while the other is taking, make sure you stand up for yourself. Selflessness is a beautiful thing, but self-love and self-protection is just as beautiful.


You may feel dreamy rather than driven this week. It may be difficult to keep up with a set routine and force yourself to produce work as though you're a machine. Instead of judging yourself based on productivity, judge the meaning and intentions behind your actions. One small act of kindness that helps someone else may be much more important than keeping up with your goals and proving you're the best.


The creativity coursing through you this week is downright over the top. If your desire to paint, dance, write, sing, craft, and create has been pulling at you, it's time to scratch that itch. Not only is your imagination coming to life, but you also have the power to make something of it. Inspiration may strike once, but it's not always reliable. It's time to learn how to tap into your artistic side when you're not feeling artistic.



You may feel nostalgic for a better time this week. You may feel drawn back to your hometown and the desire to see old friends and family will tug on your heart. Give yourself time to create a cozy and sentimental environment. Your heart is craving that feeling of belonging somewhere. Your love life is also receiving a boost of romance and communication. Let your relationships be supported and enriched by self-expression.


You have a way with words this week that's infectious. People will be indulging in conversations with you and your voice has the power to heal deep wounds, both in yourself and others. However, anyone can say anything and that doesn't mean they mean it. Be careful of believing over-the-top things that don't have the evidence to support it. What you need is to feel grounded, so choose stability and peace over chaos when you can.


The world feels more beautiful this week. It's as if you're seeing things through new eyes and colors seem brighter. This may lead you to spending money and engaging in retail therapy. Treat yourself. However, be cautious of spending so much that you regret it later. You're regaining a deeper connection with your voice this week. Let yourself have the courage to speak your mind and say your piece when it calls for it.


Your spiritual vibrations are otherworldly. Your intuition is fully activated and your connection to something higher than yourself is unreal. However, things may not be entirely as they seem. Even though you're feeling more artistic and enchanted, it's important to remember the facts when it feels too good to be true. You don't want to come crashing down to reality once the high wears off. Keep one foot on the ground, but don't let that stop you from playing.