Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here To Bring Out Your Inner Romantic, So Feel The Love

The past few weeks have been plagued by Mercury retrograde, and chances are, you've been feeling more disorganized, disoriented, and disheveled than usual. Do you feel like you're moving backwards? Are you struggling to find some motivation? Fear not, because Mercury retrograde comes to an end on Mar. 28, and that's not the only positive news your March 25, 2019 weekly horoscope contains.

However, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Mercury retrograde is going to get way worse before it gets any better, namely because on Mar. 24, Mercury — planet of communication and thought — will form a conjunction with Neptune, planet of dreams, illusions, and mysteries. With Mercury in emotional and artistic Pisces, this is probably going to make you feel like you're living in an alternate reality. You may find yourself questioning what's real and what's not. Things will feel more irrational than usual and it won't be as easy to trust your thoughts. Ride these waves of weirdness as best as you can. Don't take anything too seriously and don't make any serious decisions if you can help it.

It may be fiery, energetic, action-taking, and competitive Aries season, but the sultry and sensitive waters of Pisces are still flooding the cosmos. Venus — planet of love and luxury — has joined Mercury in Pisces, enriching your relationships and sense of self with emotion, depth, creativity, and romance. Feel free to take bubble baths filled with rose petals, drink glasses of champagne on a Tuesday, write a love poem to your crush, and dive into anything that makes your heart flutter. When Venus forms a sextile with Uranus — planet of rebellion and individuality — on Mar. 27, it will not only help you embrace your eccentric and quirky side, but it will also encourage you to nurture unique, off-the-wall friendships.


When Mercury goes direct, it will reset your 12th house of spirituality. You will begin understanding the deeper layers of your life in a way that brings you closer to your pure, unadulterated self. Blast through mental blocks and discover the truth that lies in your spirit. Venus also enters your 12th house, infusing your relationships with depth and encouraging soulful connections.


Your social life will be glittering with excitement now that Venus has entered your 11th house of community. Find inspiration in conversations with others and work together to create something beautiful. When Mercury goes direct in your 11th house, conflicts and miscommunications will sort themselves out, leading to stronger relationships.


You will begin sorting through issues relating to your career and public image when Mercury goes direct. Uncertainties will begin to make sense and you'll soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. When Venus enters your 10th house of reputation, you will attract praise and accomplishment, so use your talent and ambition to find success in your passions.


Venus has entered your ninth house of adventure, adding so much frivolity and open-mindedness to your relationships. This is a beautiful time for cross-cultural connection as well as spontaneous escapades with friends. As Mercury goes direct in your ninth house, you'll begin to understand how your belief systems and opinions are growing and expanding.


Issues relating to intimacy, shared resources, and depth will come to a conclusion now that Mercury goes direct in your eighth house of death and rebirth. You may be saying goodbye to something for the sake of a new beginning. With Venus in your eighth house, you're being charged with sexual and intense energy. You're searching for love that's tantalizing and all-encompassing.


Venus is now in your seventh house of partnerships, making cooperation, commitment, and compassion your central focus. You desire togetherness, but only if it is forged from mutual respect. With Mercury going direct in your seventh house, you're working through miscommunications and making sure you're on the right track with someone else.


Now that Mercury is going direct in your sixth house of work and health, you're revamping your routine and priorities. Do what's necessary for your well-being at the same time as you carve out time for hard work. Procrastinate no longer. With Venus in your sixth house, you're organizing your life in the most romantic way. Find beauty in the process.


With Venus entering your fifth house of fun, you desire a childlike and playful connection with others. You want to create art, dance, sing, and spin around like there's no tomorrow. Inspiration bursts from your social life. Now that Mercury is going direct in your fifth house, you're working through blockages that have prevented your happiness. You're seeing a new shade of beauty.


You're ready for your beauty sleep now that Venus is in your fourth house of home and family. You want to relax, redesign your living space, and spend time nurturing your closest and most important relationships. Now that Mercury is going direct in your fourth house, you're sorting through familial conflicts and issues that stem from your childhood and upbringing.


Mercury goes direct in your third house of communication, helping you speak more clearly and pick up on information more easily. You're sorting through issue relating to the way you deal with anxiety and conflicts with siblings. Now that Venus is in your third house, you're a wordsmith, a poet, and a flirt. You can talk about anything and connect with others beautifully.


With Venus entering your second house of finance and possessions, money is flowing to you easily and freely. You're in the mood to shop for things that make you happy and surround yourself with luxuries. As Mercury goes direct in your second house, you're working through your dependence on material possessions and your relationship with money.


You're radiating beauty, attractiveness, and charm now that Venus is in your first house of the self. This is a time to delve into the deepest self-love. Everyone will want to romance you, so why not romance yourself first? As Mercury goes direct in your first house, you're working through your identity. How do you see yourself? How would you like to be seen? The answers will come.