Your Weekly Horoscope Is Full Of Chaos, But Here's How To Cope

Do you want the bad news first or the good news? Well, I usually go with bad news first: Mercury will be going into retrograde this week on March 22. Now for the good news! Your March 19, 2018 weekly horoscope is full of advice that will help you get through it.

Before you start panicking and canceling all your plans so you can hole up in your bedroom for the next three weeks, let me remind you that Mercury in retrograde is no reason to stop living your life. Astrology is not a weather forecast and Mercury in retrograde is not the next hurricane. Major astrological phenomenas merely point to patterns in your life that are likely to emerge and horoscopes are suggestions for how you should deal with those patterns. Remember that the future is never set in stone. You always have the power to change your fate.

In the case of Mercury in retrograde, you'll likely to notice communication errors, transportation fumbles, technological breakdowns, and the resurgence of emotional baggage in your life. It's recommended that you don't sign any contracts or make any permanent decisions until it's over. Expect the unexpected — it's the only guarantee.

In lighter news, Aries season also begins on March 20, injecting all of us with stamina, courage, and vitality. The combination of this fire sign energy with Mercury's retrograde will more than likely take you on one wild ride.


Happy birthday, Aries! The sun is shining in your name and you'll be powered up like a firework, ready to explode in the sky. You'll feel a storm brewing in your heart, adrenaline coursing through your veins, and you'll want to let it all out. Make sure you think twice before making any brash decisions. You'll feel even more impulsive than usual this week. Keep yourself in check.


Your head will be drifting into the clouds this week, Taurus. You'll feel like daydreaming, escaping from reality, and getting in touch with your spiritual side. Soothing your soul is always a great idea but make sure you take enough breaks from your meditation to check on real-life matters. Things can go awry when you're not paying attention.


What can I say, Gemini? Mercury is your ruling planet and its retrograde affects you harder than most. This week, you'll feel like your social life is a bit of a mess. You might bicker with loved ones and feel drawn to new people. Make sure you find a moment of calm and take these conflicts in stride. Your true friends will stay by your side during retrograde.


This retrograde is going to make you feel tired and cranky, Cancer. You'll feel like sleeping in late, napping in the afternoon, eating junk food, and saying "screw it" to any sort of health regime. Don't fight it. The least you can do is stick to a simple routine such as taking your vitamins, drinking enough water, and eating health foods that actually taste good.


Mercury is your financial planet, Leo. Retrograde could take a toll on your bank account. You might overspend without realizing it, lose your wallet, or land yourself in a situation where you need to fork over a chunk of money on something annoying, such as taxes or a parking ticket. This is a good time to keep the spending to a minimum and focus on the essentials.


Mercury is your ruling planet, Virgo. These retrogrades are an especially confusing time for you. You'll likely feel pulled in several different directions by your loved ones. It may even be exciting, but then there might also be moments where you feel like social pressure is crashing down on you. Reserve some alone time for yourself to reflect on things.


You're going to feel inspired to get your life together. You'll want to go the extra mile at work, take care of your body, and do something creative. However, you might procrastinate or fail to follow through with your plans. Don't let disappointment dictate your moods and try not to put too much pressure on yourself during this time.


Your love life may give you whiplash during this retrograde. You might be contacted by former flames, turning your world upside down and confusing your heart. If you spend time with your loved ones and listen to their advice, it will detangle the mess. You know what the right thing to do is, even though you might be tempted to do the wrong thing.


All this energy from Aries is making you feel alive, Sagittarius. You'll feel like keeping your schedule busy, like conquering the world. You may stretch yourself so thin that you're in aching pain by the time things slow down. Try not to overwork yourself. If you make sure to reserve time for some calm and quiet, you'll be able to get a lot more done in the long run.


You may feel anxiety swarming the pits of your soul during this retrograde, Capricorn. You might feel pessimistic and hopeless. That's why committing to a spiritually rejuvenating routine is essential to your well-being. Put your needs first. If you need to cancel plans to focus on your mental health, do it. There are more important things to worry about.


Your social life may slow down during this retrograde. This is going to annoy you with Aries in the sun, Mercury, and Venus. Your plans might not be exciting and your friends may bore you. Instead of focusing on the negatives, spend some quality time with yourself and make your own fun. You're really quite good at being your own best friend, Aquarius.


You're going to feel like taking charge at work and some may think you're being a prima donna by telling everyone what to do. It's not your fault you're feeling so energized and confident right now. To prevent conflicts with your colleagues, try to soften your tone and instead of being the boss, act more like a concerned friend full of great suggestions.