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Your March 1 Weekly Horoscope Could Help You Come Up With Some Big Ideas

Pisces season is underway and the vibes are stellar, spiritual, empathetic, creative, and brimming with emotional vitality. When the sun passes through the 12th house in the zodiac wheel, it encourages you to let go of your ego and surrender to the universe. Reconnect with your spirit; the part of you that has lives a thousand lives and has a thousand more to live. Pisces is all about the big infinitesimal picture, and as your March 1, 2021 weekly horoscope begins, this spiritual energy will invigorate your love life. When romantic Venus forms a sextile with innovative Uranus on March 3, it will invite exciting and liberating energy into your relationships and encourage you to embrace your independence.

March 3 is also when Mars — planet of courage and ambition — enters clever, intelligent, and communicative Gemini. This will tap into your desire for knowledge and variety, pushing you to learn as much as there is to learn and try everything that's worth trying. During this transit, you may realize just how multifaceted your talents and interests truly are, so feel free to explore. Still, you should take care not to start too many projects at once when you still have so many unfinished ones to tend to. Conversations will also take on a new level of significance while Mars is in Gemini, motivating you to go after your dreams. However, let's not forget that Mars is a fighter planet, and in Gemini, has the tendency to use fighter words. Try to be mindful of the impact that your words have on others.

However, your desire to communicate with others will reach new heights by March 4. This is when chatty and cerebral Mercury will conjoin with expansive and adventure-seeking Jupiter, encouraging big ideas and an open-minded perspective. While this aspect might leave you feeling more positive and optimistic in the way you see the world, it will most likely lead to a truth bomb or a revelation in some way. Don't be afraid of thinking outside the box and seeing things in a new light.

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There's so much social and intellectual energy encompassing you this week. Your might is hungry for information and ready to tackle fresh concepts, so make sure you stay focused rather than let yourself become restless. Your vision of the future is coming together, giving you a better idea of how you can join forces with others and bring a brilliant idea to life. Don't be afraid of sharing the wealth.


You're turning into a business maven right before your eyes. This week, your desire to earn your ideal income and redefine your material needs is beckoning you. Set a financial goal and pour your whole heart into it. However, it's time to generate money and revenue in a way that is courageous and in line with your career goals. Following your dreams may feel uncomfortable at first, but the money will follow.


You're activating your inner power this week. After feeling sleepy and introspective for the past few weeks, you might start feeling like competing, putting yourself out there, and redefining your individuality. However, there are so many different layers to who you are, so don't feel pressured to decide on being one thing. You are many things and right now, and the cosmos want you to explore them all.


You may feel like taking things easy this week and processing all the energy you're carrying within. Instead of pressuring yourself into keeping up with your goals in the physical realm, give your spirit time to heal and process inner transformation. If you feel the need to cancel plans or engage in solitude, worry not, because this beautiful retreat into yourself could lead to trailblazing revelations.

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You may find yourself searching and exploring beyond the confines of your conscious reality this week. Whether you're retreating into your own little world or exploring ideas that challenge your comfort zone, spirituality is calling your name. This open-mindedness will infuse your relationships with a whole new perspective. Let go of your traditional outlook of what a relationship should be and embrace what it could be.


This week, your desire to embrace a career transformation is being activated. You may be thinking of sacrifices you must make in order to create the life you've always wanted. It may feel bittersweet, but you're sensing the strength that's yet to come. You may also be processing revelations about your work life and your routine, encouraging you to explore opportunities outside of your wheelhouse.


Your desire to connect with a whole new world and see what else is out there is being stimulated this week. While there might be an excess of passion and interest, this passion could also lead you astray. If you feel lost, trust that you'll eventually find your way. Besides, creative inspiration is blossoming everywhere you go. Art doesn't flow in a stuffy, monotonous environment. Let yourself be taken away.


You may feel an energetic pull this week. This pull is encouraging you to merge with others; to let go of your guard and let someone in a little more deeply. Let this experience teach your heart how to swim without sinking. Regardless, your heart may be feeling so many different things this week. You may be realizing what your heart needs in order to feel whole. Embrace the idea that you deserve whatever that may be.

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A partnership in your life may carry on even more importance than usual. Even though the energy is highly charged between you, this energy may feel as though it's walking the line between harmony and discord. Let this experience teach you how to navigate conflict when passions are high. A conversation may reveal something that changes your perspective or illuminates something important. Give yourself time to process this truth.


You may be the workaholic of the zodiac, but this week, that aspect of your personality is carrying on a deeper meaning. You may feel compelled to get a lot done and keep your schedule full. Just make sure you don't deplete yourself because you're not giving yourself a chance to rest. Your self-esteem is at the forefront of your mind and you may find yourself taking a closer look at how you take pride in who you are and what you do.


Artistic expression and the desire to have fun are becoming top priorities. After all, if you're repressing or avoiding whatever brings you enjoyment, then you're only wasting your time. Reconnect with your hobbies, interests, and passions this week. Remembering what makes you happy will inform your understanding of who you are. And this week, you may be processing some majorly revelatory self-discoveries.


Your focus is drifting over to your family and your home life this week. Although you may be navigating discomfort in your private life, it's giving you a chance to forge a family dynamic that's compassionate and strong. Talking about the elephant in the room will eventually bring you closer. You're speaking with so much empathy and healing energy this week that sharing kindness with others will inevitably mean sharing it with yourself.