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There's So Much Magic Surrounding You In Your June 29 Weekly Horoscope


There is intense energy pulling you forward this week, and even though there's no telling where the universe will take you, the desire to go somewhere incredible is making itself known. Your June 29, 2020 weekly horoscope may be full of the unpredictable and the surprising, but it's clear that your past is as much a part of you as your future, and this week, it's making itself known.

When expansive and over-the-top Jupiter joins forces with dark and transformative Pluto on June 30, you will feel motivated by every failure and mistake; by everyone who ever told you you weren't good enough. It's time to prove people wrong, to show your strength in ways you've never been able to pull off before. However, it may be slow to lift off, as Mercury is currently retrograde, making this a better time for introspection than starting a new endeavor. It's far better to return to something you've abandoned out of fear or given up on and pick up where you left off. When Mercury forms a sextile with innovative Uranus on June 30, a fire that has long since burnt out may be reignited, giving you new ideas and a fresh feeling of inspiration. As the sun later meets with Uranus through a sextile on June 30, it will give you the courage to stand out and go against the grain. There's no point in trying to fit in when you were meant to stand out.

However, the past will come into play even more when Saturn — planet of karma and authority — retrogrades back in to Capricorn once again on July 1. This may bring up difficult themes from your past, revealing all the lessons you thought you'd learned but may require a refresher on. If you're repeating mistakes or returning to patterns you thought you abandoned, this is your chance to correct course and allow wisdom to sink deep into your bones.

When the full moon/lunar eclipse in strict, ambitious, and hardworking Capricorn takes place on July 5 at 12:44 a.m. ET, it'll be the last of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses that have been radiating change since 2018. Something may suddenly come to an end, completing a story that has taken up importance in your life ever since. However, an ending is also another form of a new beginning. This week might just contain a transformative moment that changes everything for good.



The truest and most valuable success always starts deep within. Search your heart for meaning. Ask yourself what you truly need in order to feel fulfilled in this life. Success will find you no matter what, but in order for it to bring you the happiness you seek, it has to mean something important to you. Fix what's missing in your heart and everything else will fall into place.


Be open-minded. You may be clinging onto something you've always believed in; something you've always known to be true. However, if you look at it from a different perspective, you may discover you only knew half of the story. One fact can change everything. It's scary letting go of your worldview, but as you adjust to its difference, the world will likely be so much more beautiful than before.


You're learning the difference between providing for yourself and relying on the kindness of others. You may find that nothing gives you more peace of mind than being able to do something yourself. However, training yourself to do that takes work. In fact, it's a transformation. Don't expect yourself to get it perfectly the first time. Make a choice you can be proud of.


You may be on the verge of beginning a very new chapter in your life. Something may be taken away from you, forcing you to relearn how to live in a new way. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but deep down, you know this is exactly what you need. So many things you thought you'd be lost without are turning out to be replaceable. As long as you have your strength, you have everything.



You're learning all of your decisions have consequences. There may be habits in your life that aren't bringing out the best in you. It's time to abide by a routine that inevitably takes you where you want to be. Results take time. Remember the hardest part is always taking the first move. But if you choose to overcome that hard part, the universe will help with the rest.


You're understanding how you're living your life to the fullest. If you're standing in the way of your own potential or talking yourself down from your own happiness, it's time to acknowledge it. What are things you love doing that you've forgotten? What are things you've always wanted to try but never had the guts to go for? Now's the time to take the leap and make your life exciting.


You're creating your own corner of the world; a place where you can unwind, let down your guard, and be surrounded by those who are comfortable with silence. Think of where you are when you don't feel the need to put on airs. Think of who you're with when you feel more relaxed than ever. Pay attention to where your heart wants to be and then go there.


You have so many visions of your future and how everything could be. However, it's time to take a break from your daydreams and learn about how you can get there. It's time to pour your heart into knowledge about a subject you care about and to engage in conversations with those who share your interests. Your vision may be much closer than you think.



You're finding the courage to commit and invest your energy in something that may provide results in the future. But first, you're learning why you're worthy of that commitment and why you deserve it. It's time to identify what's keeping you from building something over time. What negative beliefs about yourself still ring in your ears? It's time to poke holes in the lies you've lived by.


It's time to learn about who you've been, who you are, and who you're becoming. It may be someone you never could have expected. Chances are, you've believed what other people expected of you — what the world expected of you — before you ever believed the voice shouting from within. It's time to take no other opinion into consideration other than your own.


You've been focusing so much on what you can do in the material reality that you've been forgetting to consider your spiritual side. A hollow feeling in your soul can't be filled with material success. It may be time to step away from your commitments and honor your commitment to your true self. Remove your ego from the equation and watch how much simpler it becomes.


You're learning how to set aside your own needs for the sake of others. All the loneliness that has been confusing you has so much more to do with your perspective than whether people love you. Instead of thinking about whether you are loved, focus you attention on how you show your love. Make it an action rather than an expectation. You control its presence in your life.