Intimate moment between a lesbian couple.

Your June Monthly Sex Horoscope Is *Explosive*

by Valerie Mesa

A brand new season is upon us — the summer solstice is happening on June 21 — which means it's time to turn the page and prepare to start fresh. And though sex has probably been the last thing on your mind these past few months thanks to, well, everything else going on, your June 2020 monthly sex horoscope should come as a welcome surprise because it's overflowing with passion.

There's a series of important transits taking place in June (Mercury retrograde on June 18, Neptune retrograde June 23, Venus going direct on June 25, and the beginning of Cancer season on June 20) but the eclipses — happening on June 5 and June 21 — will undoubtedly make the most noise. With the North and South Node activating the axis of knowledge — Gemini and Sagittarius — there's greater emphasis on what you experience firsthand versus what you assume to be true. The North Node in Gemini needs to see to believe, and this mercurial ways of thinking will be reflected onto your personal life.

Once Venus stations direct on June 25, things in the romantic sphere will be back in motion, but if you think Venus in Gemini knows a thing or two about mentally stimulating connections, just wait until you get a taste of Mars in Aries' sizzling libido. Red-hot Mars (God of War) enters its home sign Aries on June 27.

June's astro-weather will certainly heat things up in the bedroom, but leave it to Venus in Gemini to play a little love game. This will spice things up, as long as you don't let the games get the best of your ego.


Aries: You're Fired Up And Ready To Rumble

It's going to be a sexy summer, Aries. Though there are a few things you need to settle within your immediate circles and perhaps with regard to your communication style, June will show you something that's been right in front of you all along, and it's going to be a real treat when you figure it out. Your ruling planet Mars will also enter your sign and this will not only turn up the heat, it'll also turn up your sex drive.

Taurus: You're Secretly Indulging In Vivid Fantasies

Remember who you are, Taurus. There's a lot of excitement stemming from June's astro-weather, starting with your planetary ruler Venus stationing direct, of course. This will heighten your senses and evoke your sensual desires, but Mars' shift into Aries will bring the fire. The God of War will light up your mystical 12th house, so I hope you can keep a secret.

Gemini: Your Come-Hither Eyes Will Speak For Themselves

What's a birthday without birthday sex, Gemini? In addition to the lunar eclipse — taking place via your relationship sector — luscious Venus will station direct in your sign. So if you lost your mojo for a minute there, don't be discouraged. Things are about to take a turn for the better. Once Mars enters Aries, you'll be back to your mischievous ways, so try not to break any hearts in the meantime.

Cancer: You're Glimmering With Pride And Delight

Don't be afraid to dominate the situation, Cancer. You love portraying the "submissive" role when in reality, your cardinal water is incredibly fluid and versatile. Though you've been keeping secrets with regard to your love life these last few weeks, Venus direct and the sun in your sign will bring you some much-needed confidence. Mars will also charge up your ambitious 10th house of authority, which means it's your turn to be on top.

Leo: You're Catching Everyone's Eye And You Know It

You, more than anyone, know there's no better feeling than being desired, Leo. Venus will station direct via your socialite 11th house of friendships, and you'll be back to being the life of the party. Red-hot Mars will also enter your sister sign, Aries, and this will ignite your passions and desires. Feeling adventurous? Your bold moves will inspire your peers, and that's hot.

Virgo: Your Passion And Focus Is Turning Someone On

You always play to win, Virgo. You prefer to do things right or not at all and someone in your social network — whether it be personally or virtually speaking — will find your ride-or-die perseverance incredibly attractive. With Venus stationing direct in your career sector, this sexy prospect could turn out to be someone you work with; however, once Mars enters Aries, the intensity stemming from this attraction could easily skyrocket.

Libra: You're Admiring Your New Eye Candy

Your ruling planet, Venus, goes direct this month and you're going to feel the difference, Libra. Though you've likely been reflecting on your long-term goals and professional aesthetic these past few weeks, Venus direct has something sweeter in store for you. More importantly, red-hot Mars will be activating your relationship sector, and this will ignite your one-on-one partnerships and turn up the heat. You're not a player, you just crush a lot, so enjoy the sizzle.

Scorpio: You're Indulging In Your Sensual And Physical Delights

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Scorpio. With luscious Venus retrograding through your sultry eighth house of sex, things might've felt a bit grim for your sex life, but that's about to change. Venus will finally station direct and your smoldering sexuality will be back to its carnal ways. Your traditional ruler, Mars, will also slide into your health-conscious sixth house, and this will feel incredibly energizing.

Sagittarius: You're In A Love-Making Mood And It Shows

Follow your heart and indulge in your passions, Sagittarius. In addition to the powerful eclipse happening in your sign, Venus will also station direct in your partnership sector and bring harmony to your one-on-one relationships. Spicy Mars will also charge up your fifth house of passion, love-making, and primitive lust, so don't wig out if sex starts seeping out of your pores.

Capricorn: You're Lusty And Supercharged With Desire

To say you'll be feeling yourself in June would be an understatement, Capricorn. Though there are a number of things you need to release during the lunar eclipse, there's still an opportunity for love, lust, and passion in your day-to-day, thanks to Venus stationing direct in Gemini. Aggressive Mars will also shake up your domestic fourth house of home and foundation, and this will ignite your inner fire.

Aquarius: You're Wearing Your Colorful Sex Appeal With Pride

Your charisma is electric, Aquarius. This is especially true with Venus stationing direct via your expressive fifth house of fame, passion, and love, so don't hesitate to wear your galactic heart on your sleeve in June. More importantly, aggressive Mars will slide into your chatty third house of communication, so you'll be dazzling your peers with your brilliant delivery. P.S. Sexting is Mars' fave hobby when in this area of your chart, so I spy a few fire emojis in your near future.

Pisces: You're Full Of Adrenaline And Sultry Desire

You get what you give, but it all starts with you, Pisces. You have so much love to give and though you'd much rather share it with the rest of the universe, Venus direct will empower you to find the abundance you seek within yourself. Once Mars enters your pleasure-seeking house of indulgence, however, you'll be greeted with a smoldering rush of adrenaline and sultry desire. Indulging in your five senses will feel like a 5-D experience.