Mercury retrograde begins Feb. 16, 2020, and it will affect every zodiac sign in a unique way.

You're On The Brink Of A Major Change In Your June 15 Weekly Horoscope


Cancer season begins on June 20 and with it comes a major spiritual, emotional, and physical transition. The zodiac sign of home, heart, and the inner world, Cancers care only about what matters. It's not about what other people think, nor is it about reaching society's perception of success. In a Cancer's opinion, to love and to be loved in return are a tier above all the rest. Ready or not, here love comes. Your June 15, 2020 weekly horoscope is going to educate you on the contents of your heart.

You'll be pushed to embrace a deep, soul-stirring change during this time, even though you may not see the literal manifestations of this change quite yet because the tectonic plates of your spirit are just beginning to move. You'll likely feel the intense shock waves of this movement as it starts from within you; trust the outer world is slowly but surely catching up. Mars — planet of drive and passion — will form a sextile to the expansive and transformative Jupiter-Pluto conjunction by June 20 (however, you will feel it in the days leading up to it, too). The universe is pushing you to fight hard, purge negativity, and trust the world is changing for the better.

As you reckon with these changes, you're also being pulled into the past, helping you understand what has come and gone so you'll have a better idea of what you need going forward. Mercury stations retrograde on June 18, encouraging you to relive the good times and feel nostalgia for beautiful memories. While you shouldn't spend too much time wallowing in the past, you should identify what it is about your most vivid memories that you love most. What do you wish you could have done differently in retrospect? How can you incorporate all you've learned as you move forward? Instead of expecting yourself to immediately start making positive improvements overnight, give yourself a moment to map out a plan, meditate with your revelations, and sit with your feelings. You need to give yourself time to let go.

A solar eclipse in Cancer replaces a new moon in Cancer on June 21 at 2:41 a.m. ET, marking this astrological season as a major turning point in your life. Brace yourself for the unexpected, because an eclipse always speeds you up toward the inevitable. Sometimes, your destiny looks very different from what you had in mind, but your life purpose is becoming clearer and clearer with time. During this solar eclipse, you'll catch a glimpse of what you're meant to be doing and where you're meant to go. This journey you're embarking on is long, rife with challenges, and filled with reward. All you're required to do right now is take a step in the direction the universe is pointing you toward, a direction you may have never thought you'd choose to take.



So much energy is being sent straight into your heart. You'll be shown what tugs on your heartstrings and inspires you to protect and nurture. What are you willing to fight for? How can you create a world that matches and honors the contents of your heart? Release what doesn't matter and focus all your emotion on what does. You'll never be led astray if you do.


You're witnessing shifts happening all around you and the truth is making itself known. It may feel shocking or even overwhelming, but you're inspired to learn more and use your voice to say exactly what you believe in. You're realizing how your actions have consequences and you can influence the world around you by doing what you think is right, even if it's uncomfortable.


You may feel the ground slip beneath you, but it's only inspiring you to build the most solid ground you've ever walked on. Sometimes you need to lose something before you realize you don't need it in order to survive. You are resilient and your strength sprouts from within. Spend time understanding the difference between wanting something and needing it.


You're asking yourself, "Who am I?," a lot lately and it's encouraging you to decipher whether the way you've been living truly represents the person you're becoming. Life is too short to keep up with a façade. While it may feel as though something is being torn from you, you're creating space for something new to begin. Growth always arrives in times of immense discomfort.



Pay attention to your dreams and your subconscious feelings. Take note of your thought patterns and the way you feel on the inside, where no one can see you. The spark of a deep, soulful change is being lit from within and it's causing you to see everything in your life differently. Set aside your concern for progress and outward success and accept that you're meant to be right where you are.


Sometimes your identity is rooted in the people you surround yourself with, in the communities you affiliate with. It's time to ask yourself whether these associations suit the person you want to be. A new friendship can represent a major turning point in your life, so be open to fresh social connections. Let them make a splash in your day-to-day life and take you somewhere new.


You're realizing you can't expect others to lead the way for you. Sometimes, you need to take control and lead yourself. Taking on this new responsibility may feel vulnerable and you will likely mess up along the way, but the long-term gratification is well worth the initial weirdness. Trust in what you're capable of. Your potential is shining through and it's telling you where to go.


You're understanding what you want out of life and what it takes in order for you to get there. It may have nothing to do with success or accomplishments and everything to do with the way you experience the present moment. Work on implementing a philosophy that brings out the best in you. Let it seep into your heart and lead you in the right direction.



If you're feeling anxious, it's no wonder. It's as if all your deepest fears are rising to the surface, setting traps all around you. Unless you want to feel terrified forever, the only way you can move forward is by moving past them. Soon, you'll realize there was no reason to be so afraid; so much of your fear was in your head. There are nothing but positive results waiting for you on the finish line.


You're beginning to understand where your relationships stand on a majorly transformative level. The relationships you choose to focus on now will have a startling impact on your life in the long run. Make sure you choose people who choose you back; and more than just choosing you back, make sure they're choosing the best version of yourself and the person they know you'll become.


You're realizing every little decision you make has an overall affect on your happiness. It's time to recognize which decisions are bad habits and holding you back. Change doesn't happen overnight, but if you make small changes now, soon they'll have an impact on every facet of your life. Self-care is your primary concern at the moment. What can you do to truly take care of yourself?


You're thinking about all the reasons life is worth living. What brings you the most joy? What call does your heart never cease to answer? Your dreams aren't stupid, nor are they unrealistic. They are the reason you were put on this earth. Honor your talents, interests, and creative inclinations. It may be time to finally see what you're made of and put these things into motion.