Your June 10 Weekly Horoscope Is All About Opening Up Your Mind

Are you ready to flirt endlessly and laugh until your stomach hurts? Is some lighthearted and noncommittal dating right up your alley? In the mood to spice up a stagnant relationship? As of your June 10, 2019 weekly horoscope, Venus — planet of love and beauty — has sashayed away from serious and sultry Taurus and danced straight into clever and capricious Gemini, and when Venus is in Gemini, it's time to open your mind, let go of your insecurities, and laugh it off. Remember that falling in love is supposed to be fun. It's not all long talks about your future and staring into each other's eyes passionately.

Really rely on your ability to laugh at things this week because the astrological forecast is action-packed, stressful, yet in many ways, quite magical. For one thing, the sun will square delusional and illusive Neptune and oppose larger-than-life and uninhibited Jupiter throughout the duration of the week. This strange mixture can leave you feeling unmotivated and given to bouts of escapism, even though you know you should be working. Instead of pushing and picking on yourself, use this time to ruminate on what matters to you. Some introspection will help you focus more clearly on your goals in the future. It's OK to take a few days and sort through your thoughts.

And boy, will this week help remind you of everything that needs to get done. By June 14, Mars — planet of courage and vitality — will oppose disciplinary and karmic Saturn. This will highlight everything in your life that's blocking you from maturing into the adult you'd like to become. All the ways in which you've been talking yourself out of success and taking the easy way out will become apparent. Let these frustrations fuel you instead of overwhelm you. This is all a motivating process, and at the same time, Mars will also be forming a trine with spiritual and creative Neptune. This will bring a sense of hope and inspiration into the mix, which will allow you to see the big picture.

To further intensify this energy, Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — will also oppose Saturn and trine Neptune by June 16. You may feel like no matter how hard you try to do something, there's something else standing in your way. However, these challenges are only fueling your artistic fire.


You're an inspirational spark of wit and everyone is enchanted by your intelligence. Engage in stimulating conversations and don't be afraid to be naughty when you flirt. You may feel pressure when it comes to your family and home life. You want to be loved, cared for, and safe with those you trust. You know the potential your home has. It's time for you to look within your heart and discover what you need to feel emotionally secure.


Your fashion sense and aesthetic charm is on full blast and you know what looks good and what is luxurious. Surround yourself with wealth and prosperity. Stabilize your relationships with promises. You may find it difficult to tackle a long to-do list this week and you may feel as though you can't find the right words for what you want to say. Don't push yourself. You know all you need to know. Just trust in the slow and patient process.


You're the most attractive person around lately and everyone is appreciating your style, personality, wit, and childlike wonder. Revel in being you and fill yourself to the brim with confidence. You may feel stressed about your financial situation and worried you're not on stable ground. Everything is more stable than it seems, yet it's time to address bad habits holding you back from acquiring the prosperity you desire.


You're connecting spiritually to the world around you and you desire a love that is pure and protected from judgmental eyes. Indulge in necessary alone time and review your inner-consciousness. You may feel that there is a disconnect between who you are and who you want to become. This is not true, as you are made of many people and many shades. Honor all that you are, flaws and strengths, because every part of you is worthy.


You're attracting friends left and right, so don't be afraid to introduce yourself. Be a harmonizing force amongst your friends and lead everyone towards love and community strength. You may feel as though you're bearing secrets and you're ashamed of what's going on within you. Find outlets to sort through your feelings, as keeping them bottled up will only cause them to magnify and distort. If you need alone time, demand it.


Your reputation is brimming with positive energy and you're absorbing all the powerful vibes. People are noticing your achievements and this is a beautiful time to make a major move in your career. You may feel at odds with others, and negative patterns when it comes to your friends and social clique are becoming glaringly obvious. There's no need to force anything right now. Take note of how you feel and incorporate it into your future.


You're in the mood for something out of the ordinary; something that you're trying for the first time. This is a beautiful time to create memories and meet someone new. Your romantic tastes are changing. You may feel like your career is at a standstill or that things are not panning out the way you had planned. You're learning a valuable lesson so pay attention to the results of your decisions. Move forward with renewed strength.


You're drawn towards deep intimacy and intense passion lately. You want to get to know someone and penetrate their mystery. You don't want a shallow fling. You want a love that's transcendent. You may feel bored with your reality, as though you're not living your life to the fullest. Look around you and decide what needs to change. There is spontaneity all around you. Take a path that you normally wouldn't take.


You have the power to forge deep and powerful one-on-one relationships this week. If you're in a partnership, it's being enhanced with beauty and love. If not, a new partnership could be on the way. You may feel as though you're struggling against any financial or emotional ties holding you back. You don't have to untangle yourself all at once. Remember it's a process and it starts with one small step to set yourself free.


You're cleansing and reorganizing your reality. Think of it as though you're rinsing away all the muck clogging your day-to-day life. You're detoxing and cleansing. Focus on one thing at a time. You may be running into problems in a relationship or repeating a negative relationship pattern. You may not be able to solve it immediately, but focusing on the problem and unpacking it will give you all the tools necessary in the future.


You're feeling fun, flirty, creative, romantic, and every adorable thing under the sun. Feel free to go on dates, whip out your paintbrushes, or dance all night long. Your soul is craving it, and the world craves you. There's a strong chance you've been procrastinating and your to-do list is becoming a mountain you're scared to climb. A revamp of your daily routine may be necessary but it won't happen overnight. Take note of what's holding you back.


You desire someone who makes you feel at "home." You want a cozy, cuddly, and caring feeling from the people you spend time with. There is a beautiful opportunity to infuse your home life with love and tenderness this week. You may feel as though you're creatively uninspired or that you're having difficulty enjoying your life. Remember that life isn't made of pure sunshine. Decipher what it is that's inhibiting your joy.