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There's A Lot Of Unfinished Business In Your July 6 Weekly Horoscope


After surviving the chaos of eclipse season, you're dealing with the intensity of so much change in such a short amount of time. Even if your life doesn't look too different than it did before, I bet it feels different. That's because, in astrology, an eclipse always pushes you closer to your ultimate destiny, removing anything standing in the way of where you're meant to be. However, even though eclipse season is over, your July 6, 2020 weekly horoscope is proof that so much more is yet to come, so don't get too comfortable. Let's not forget Mercury is still retrograde and things are going to get a little bit more difficult before they get better.

This week begins with Mercury forming a square with Mars — planet of combat and aggression — on July 8. With Mercury retrograde underway, increasing the potential for missed connection and conversations gone awry, there's a chance it may be harder to control your instincts to argue this week. You may feel hot-headed and easily frustrated or annoyed. In order to avoid conflict, try to take a break when the going gets rough and give yourself a chance to calm down before taking action. Chances are, you may be overreacting or taking something personally that you shouldn't.

You might be feeling extra sensitive when Chiron — the wounded healer — stations retrograde on July 11, where it will remain until December 15. Chiron governs your insecurities, scars, and vulnerabilities. During its retrograde, these feelings are all brought to the surface, and if you've been avoiding them or pretending they do not exist, this retrograde will be more difficult than you might be prepared for. But don't be afraid of this process. Chiron is called "the healer" for a reason, and while this planet rules over your deepest weaknesses, it also rules over your most powerful strengths. Chiron proves your weaknesses are irrevocably tied to your strengths, because when your scars heal, they make you even stronger than you were before. So let Chiron retrograde not only help you heal your wounds, but grow even powerful in spite of them.

Even though Chiron retrograde is probably the last thing you want, this week does contain good news. Mercury retrograde comes to an end on July 12, putting an end to the confusion, disorganization, and chaos this transit always brings to light. Let Mercury direct help you take what you've learned during this retrograde period and put it into action. It will be much easier to start new projects and get things done without errors. Plus, on the same day, the sun will form a trine with empathetic, creative, and dreamy Neptune, sending so much magic all across your universe. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and let go of all your worries. The world is beautiful. Never forget that.



There are a few issues waiting for you at home, and if you decide to work through them, it'll be so worth it. Whether it's a conflict with someone you love that must be resolved or a messy room you've been procrastinating on cleaning, focus your efforts on working on it one step at a time. There's a reward for your efforts on the other side of this problem and it's yours for the taking.


It's time for you to finally speak your mind. However, if you've been repressing your feelings for a long time, your instinct may be to explode and come on strong. That may not get the desired result. Think carefully about the effect you want to have when you speak your truth. Remember Pandora cannot go back in the box once it's been released. But no matter what, it will set you free.


Your finances are under scrutiny and you may be dealing with the loss of possessions that meant a lot to you. While you can't fix the past, you can learn from it and make smarter decisions going forward. However, you're also learning things come and go, but your strength will always remain. Getting too attached to material things is a waste of your time. Focus on your wellbeing and on the big picture.


There may be toxic energy surrounding you at the moment. This is a chance for you to learn how to disengage when the toxicity is begging for your attention. However, you'll only end up emotionally exhausting yourself when it's not worth it. Focus on yourself and all the beauty that lies ahead of you. There's no need to let toxic energy snag your attention when there are better things to think about.



Be careful who you trust this week, because there may be dark energy surrounding you that you're unaware of. If you get a weird feeling about something (or someone), trust it, because your intuition is more powerful than usual at the moment. Set yourself free from your subconscious anxiety. Letting go of your ego will be the greatest gift you can give yourself this week.


You may be rethinking the people you spend time with and how you relate to them. You're realizing you may be outgrowing certain social circles or changing yourself to suit the environment. The right people will make you feel like becoming a better version of yourself. Don't be afraid of being alone, because being surrounded by people who make you feel lonely is even lonelier.


You may be involved in a power struggle this week. Whether you're competing against someone or comparing your work to theirs, this competition may be detracting from the point. Focus on the end goal and don't let your pride get in your way. Even if you make mistakes or fail completely, you're one step closer to success than before. What people think of you is their business.


You may feel as though you're getting lost and bumping into walls. However, trying too hard to follow the thread may be confusing you more than simply winging it would. Let go of your need for direction and trust your instinct to take you there. Sometimes, you need to get lost before you can truly find yourself. Sometimes, getting lost is an important part of the process you can't skip.



You may be struggling to detach from something that has hurt you or drained your energy. You've been told never to give up, but it's important to remember that sometimes, giving up is the best thing you can do for yourself. Learn to tell the difference between giving up on something worthwhile when the going gets tough and giving up on something that's done nothing but drain you.


There may be an imbalance between you and someone you care about. Remember that relationships are not about power, but compromise. They're about listening and understanding. They're about fairness and equality. It doesn't matter who's right or wrong; it matters whether or not you're willing to forgive. No one will ever be perfect, so being kind in spite of your flaws is what really matters.


If you've let go of your routine, you're probably feeling the consequences. Right now, you're craving stability, organization, and self-care. Giving in to your impulses when the moment strikes feels good, but only until reality sets in. This week, work on overcoming your impulses and keeping the goal in mind. Your anxiety will slowly dissipate as you make healthy decisions.


You're in the mood to indulge; to throw away your responsibilities and let your passions overcome you. If it's been a long time since you've felt this inspired, so you can't blame yourself for wanting to tip the scale and go hard. But remember: In order to make this passion last, it's important to focus it on something that will last. Take this spark and light a fire that will keep burning.