Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It's A Huge Reminder To Never Look Back

Make no mistake: We're in the middle of some extraordinary times in astrology. As we continue to grapple with the profound changes initiated by the partial solar eclipse in Cancer that took place on July 12, we now have a total lunar eclipse in Aquarius slated to bring intensity and transformation into our world on July 27. All the while, five planets still remain in retrograde, with Mercury joining the backwards tailspin on July 26, making things infinitely more complicated. The cosmos are clearly brewing something major, and it's forcing you to leave behind a chapter in your life that's ready to end. If you're ready for a climactic showdown, then your July 23, 2018, weekly horoscope is here to deliver it.

If there are shivers currently rolling down your spine at the thought of so much intensity, try not to worry. This week won't be won't be made entirely of deep introspection and drama. As of July 22, the sun has officially entered lively, artistic, and vivacious Leo, casting a gilded sheen of light across everyone's sense of self. This is the season of confidence, risk-taking, creativity, and inspiration. If you feel like holding your energy back and hiding your awesomeness from the world, you're wasting what Leo season is all about. Let us have the privilege of seeing your power.


With the sun entering your fifth house of pleasure, Leo season is one you should look forward to with all your heart. Bringing you artistic wonders, simple pleasures, and a delightful perspective of life, you're about to understand what summer is all about. However, as the lunar eclipse dawns in your 11th house of community, you will be pushed toward more serious matters. You may be forced to be the spark of chance for the collective. It may encourage you to leave behind association with people who no longer serve your best interests. It's time to get to know the right individuals.


You're turning inwardly toward your core world as the sun enters your fourth house of family and the home. Now is the time to focus on what makes you feel safe, secure, and loved. Spend time with your closest allies and make a home out of your world, whatever that means to you. As the blood moon raises intensity in your 10th house of career, you'll be pressed to make a change that puts you on the right path towards success. Are you truly doing what you want to be doing? Are following your heart? If not, its time to embrace what's true to yourself.


The sun is now in your third house of communication, the astrological house you feel most comfortable in because it is ruled by you. Now is the time to get in touch with your rawest self and be honest in your every move. Express yourself clearly and authentically, no matter what anyone thinks of it. The truth you receive in return is alighted by the lunar eclipse in your ninth house of knowledge and expansion. You are learning a key understanding that will transform your world into a world better suited for you. Some things must be let go of, but something will also be gained.


You're focus is now concentrated on self-worth, material comfort, and forging for yourself a life that's full of wealth and prosperity. With the sun in your second house of possessions, you are decluttering your world, removing what no longer has value, and replacing it with what does. This is a time of confidence-building and putting yourself first. When the lunar eclipse glows in your eighth house of transformation, you can expect this week to be brimming with unbelievable change. You may be whisked through shadows, but remember that you will always return to the light.


I know you've been waiting for this moment, Leo. This week launches the beginning of the sun entering your first house, crowning you queen of everything. You're taking a close look at who you are, where you've come from, and where you're going. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for all you've survived, because it's a testament to your lion-strength. As the lunar eclipse brightens your seventh house of partnerships, you can expect to feel something changing in your closest relationships. This can entail an ending, but it can also announce the beginning of a close bond with someone.


As the sun enters your 12th house of spirituality, your concern is drawing away from material matters and zoning in on internal ones. What is the purpose of it all? What does this life mean to you? It's so much more than just money and career success. Now, you're understanding this in a new light. When the lunar eclipse reddens your sixth house of cleansing, the house you rule over, you'll be able to take the transformations in your life with stride. A change must be made in the way you get things done. Perhaps you've been lazy or disorganized, and you need to become more focused.


You're starting to find people more interesting lately, with the sun entering your 11th house of community. Becoming involved with group projects and attending events that allow you to be part of a larger circle is what you're being encouraged to do. As the lunar eclipse brings a revolution to your fifth house of pleasure and fun, you're embarking on an incredible journey full of creativity, art, and creation. You're learning a new understanding of what makes you happiest, of what your work requires in order for it to truly mean something to you. You are supposed to enjoy life, and the blood moon wants to help you learn how.


As the sun glides through your 10th house of career, it's time to prove your worth and harness your energy to make serious moves in your reputation. Try not to let meaningless drama distract you from the finish line, because all your focus should be on accomplishing your goals and achieving an overall sense of success. With the lunar eclipse casting magic into your fourth house of family and the home, you're on the verge of a major change in your nest. Perhaps relationships will change. Maybe you'll be pushed to move out and embark on your own. More than anything, your comfort is being reshaped.


With the sun in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy, you're feeling focused in your energy, as this astrological house is ruled by you. It's time to feel reinvigorated and inspired, because now is the time to leave behind your comfort zone and traverse unknown territories, gaining wisdom through the process. When the lunar eclipse giving intensity to your third house of communication, you'll be learning at an extremely rapid rate, leading the transformation of this eclipse to be focused on inspiration and mental growth. What do you want to learn? What do you want to teach?


As the sun pours energy into your eighth house of death and rebirth, you're growing deeply in touch with your shadows and your light. Raw instincts float to the surface, and you may be feeling more sexual, mystical, and connected to the universe than usual. When the lunar eclipse sparks a transformation in your second house of finance and self-worth, you'll begin understanding how to make more money and surround yourself with security. Is your income enough? Are you happy with what you've gained so far? If not, now's the time to work even harder.


You are starting to become more concerned with your closest relationships now that the sun has entered your seventh house of partnerships. What makes a true friend? Are you as good of a friend as you could be? Who do you want to forge a true connection with? Perhaps you already know the answers. Perhaps you'll find out. When the lunar eclipse bursts through the sky in your name, you'll find the experience transforming everything about who you are. You're undergoing some major growing pains and leaving behind an aspect of your identity that you've outgrown. Now is the time to embrace the person you're becoming.


With the sun in your sixth house of work, productivity, and organization, it's time to leave the fun and frivolous antics aside and get down to business. If there are any messes in your life, now is the time to clean house. If you've been procrastinating on a project, now is the time to get back to work. When the lunar eclipse sparks change in your 12th house of spirituality, you're downloading data into your subconscious that realigns your perspective of the world. As you rule over this astrological house, the changes that follow will be nothing you can't handle. Expect your dreamworld to become far more colorful.