Leo Is The Most Charismatic Sign In The Zodiac & Here's How All Signs Can Follow Suit

by Valerie Mesa

Cancer season's mystical waves washed away our fears and nourished our hearts. Now, we're in peak summer, and the warm sun is shining brightly, while bringing light to our soul's truth. This is the beginning of Leo season 2018, and the birth of our individualization. Have you ever noticed how a Leo lights up a room the moment they walk in? This is part of their magic and eternal trademark. Leo is ruled by the sun, and the sun is our primary source of energy — hence this zodiac sign is often identified as "the king" and "giver of life." The lion is a symbol of our life-giving father and spirit. It rules the heart, as it is the center of all creation and energetic flow.

In astrology, Leo represents the birth of authenticity, as it is a represents our conscious self. It's where our hearts recognize our consciousness, and where we combine our personality and soul energy in order to radiate love. This is the development of the ego and realization of self. Some astrologers dare to say Leo is the most important fire sign in the zodiac. This is because its solar fire is associated with the soul, and that of a higher mind. Do you see why Leo is zodiac royalty?

Well, now that you've got the 411 on Leo, it's time to take full advantage of this magical season.

Here's how:

Embrace Your Inner Child

This majestic sign is associated with children, creativity, laughter, acting, dancing, and more. In my opinion, Leo is equivalent to having butterflies in your stomach; it's that feeling of utter joy and passion. What makes you happy? What do you do for fun? Admit it: some of you probably can't even remember.

The truth is, it's easy to get distracted with work, bills, and being an adult in general. However, it's still really important that we make time for ourselves, and partake in activities that fill our hearts with joy — like partaking in a passionate romance, for instance. Don't think about the consequences, just be you. It's that simple; let your heart speak for itself. In the mood to sharpen a hidden talent that you often cast aside? Take a singing lesson and sing like no one is watching. Tis' the season, after all.

Besides, where do you think inspiration stems from? Everything is love, and Leo's energy is a perfect example of that. So, whether you're falling in love, learning how to play an instrument, or simply telling your friends a silly joke, go forth and act on your inner desires to let loose and be child-like. This season is all about doing what makes you feel good on the inside.

You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are

What are you afraid of? There's no such thing as another replica of you, and the moment you realize that, your entire life will change. The universe is infinite and so are you.

What do you dream about most in this world? What are you doing to achieve your goals? Being true to yourself is everything. Silence the noise and dance like no one is watching. Being you is your biggest super power. Life is not about the critics and the gossip, it's about your soul's truth. Are you going to hide behind the curtain? Or are you going to perform? Leo is a performer, and its astrological house is the stage of the zodiac. Yeah, you guessed it: It's time to come out of your shell and bask in the light. Why wouldn't you? This is your light. If there's anyone who could shine under it, it's you. Did I forget to mention, there's no such thing as another you? Shine bright like a diamond.