Another Mercury Retrograde Is Coming This Month, But Here's The Good News

by Valerie Mesa

So sorry to break it to you, but it's that time again, folks. Oh, and for the record, Mercury Retrograde July 2018 will not be a walk in the park. Although, when is it ever? The truth is, this retrograde period is about to spark some serious ego trips, passionate reactions, not to mention loads of drama. However, before we get into this Mercury Retrograde madness, here's a quick recap on this planet's vibe and overall purpose in the cosmos.

For starters, Mercury is the ruler of all things related to communication. It basically governs everything that goes through our minds on a daily basis, as well the insignificant details we encounter in our everyday lives (i.e. notes, reminders, telephones, routine, automobiles, text messages, emails, technology, import, export, cell phone carriers, chargers... you get the picture). Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system and also the fastest, as it only takes 88 days to orbit the sun.

When I say fast, I'm not only talking about speed, I'm also referring to its overall agility. In Roman mythology, Hermes, aka Mercury, was said to be the most clever of the Olympian gods. Hermes was their messenger and interpreter, hence the term "Mercury, the messenger."

Mercury Stations Retrograde In 23° Leo

On July 26, at exactly 1:02 a.m. ET, Mercury will begin to move backward in the sign of Leo. Now, we all know what happens when Mercury stations retrograde. Our cell phones freeze, some of us might miss an appointment or perhaps run into an ex, but trust me, that's not all that comes with this retrograde cycle.

The term retrograde means the planet is slowing down, but when observed from Earth, it appears to be going backward. (The differences in orbit create an optical illusion.) When a planet stations retrograde, its energetic theme is reversed and turned inward. Imagine, Mercury is literally taking its time in Leo. It's kicking back and re-evaluating the entire situation. In other words, what happens when you add wood to the fire? Exactly.

When Mercury is in the sign of Leo, our communication becomes bigger, bolder, and brighter. Of course, Leo loves to be center of attention, and with Mercury in this fire sign, our thoughts and words are expressive, colorful, and extra Leo-like. Many of us will be a lot more talkative than usual, to say the least. Passionate conversations will fill the air, and our authentic thoughts will be flowing freely.

On the dark side, this Mercury retrograde period could be a bit of a headache, and I'll tell you why: The same day Mercury goes retrograde, the confident sun will oppose aggressive Mars. (FYI: Both of these planets are egotistical and strong-willed.) This could spark unnecessary arguments, especially with those who like to take charge; therefore, it is important to be patient and honest with others during this retro cycle.


The sun will square rebellious Uranus, which creates nervous tension, outbursts, and unpredictability. This energy is pure chaos, guys. Make sure you remember to breathe and take it easy. Mars will also be making a square to Uranus while opposing the sun, and this only enhances the rebel factor. That said, pay attention to last minute plans and details, and by all means, do not sign any important contracts until the end of August.

Channel Your Creativity

Truth is, all of this excess energy can be incredibly draining, so it's important to find an outlet during this Mercury retrograde chaos. Despite Leo's overbearing drama and pride, this energy is also highly passionate and artistic. Don't ignore your sporadic urges and intensity during this time. On the contrary, this is your chance to turn it into something amazing.