Your Life Is About To Get Way Less Stressful, Now That Mercury Retrograde Is Almost Over

Mercury has been in retrograde since March 22, 2018, and I'm at my wit's end. This has been an especially difficult retrograde for several reasons, the main one being that Mercury also happens to be in Aries, the most impulsive and tempestuous sign in all the zodiac. Miscommunications run rampant during any ordinary Mercury retrograde, but when you're already boiling over with volatile energy from Aries, the pressure is on. If you've been containing your aggression for the past few weeks, there are likely cracks splitting across your veneer by now. Self-control feels nearly impossible and I don't know about you, but I'm about to explode. Just hang tight for a little longer because when Mercury retrograde 2018 ends on April 15, you can let it all loose.

During this retrograde, you've probably experienced some heavily conflicting desires. On one hand, you know that you should plan ahead, double-check every last detail, and remain pragmatic. On the other, you might feel like tossing your responsibilities into the wind and watching your entire world burn to the ground. In trying to be a mature adult while wanting to be a wild child instead, you know the pros and cons of both. There is excitement in drama, but also stress. There is boredom in restraint, but also peace of mind. On April 15, you won't need to worry over your options anymore.

Patience Versus Action

If you want an overall formula for how to focus your energy during Mercury retrograde, it is to practice patience until April 15. Then, take action. Hold your horses for the first half of the month and let them run wild into the great unknown during the second half. Trust me, it will make all the difference.

It's normal to make errors when you're rushing through things. It's even more normal to regret doing something impulsive. During Mercury retrograde, the probability for making mistakes is much higher. Even though you might be bursting at the seams to embrace your instincts, do your best to hold back. Don't make any whirlwind commitments and certainly take time to think twice before taking action. On April 15, you will finally be free to do whatever you want.

Enjoy The Wildness Of Mercury In Aries

You see, Mercury in Aries wants you to lose control. It wants you to become fiery and unapologetic about your needs. And you know what? It also wants the best for you. Making spontaneous decisions and doing things the "wrong" way is sometimes the wake-up call we all need. Mercury in Aries wants to be that call — a call to arms. Its uncontrollable fire might seem daunting at first, but it's also stirring passion in your heart. There's no reason to fear it.

Although Mercury in Aries has spent a significant portion of its time wrecking things in retrograde, feel free to absorb its invigorating energy on April 15 and run with it. It will likely feel like the blast of energy you've been hoping for, the opportunity to encourage all your stormy instincts. Harness that wildness however you see fit; it's good for you.

Get Motivated With A New Moon In Aries

If the past few weeks have been beyond disheartening, then on April 15, you have every reason to look forward to the new moon in Aries. A new moon is a fresh beginning and a brand new start. It's a chance to set your demons free and invite rejuvenating energy into your life.

Since this new moon is also conjunct Chiron, planet of the wounded healer, you might feel sensitive to the pain you've been through. However, your past trauma will inform you of the future you seek. You've survived every disaster so far and this understanding of your journey will remind you of how strong you truly are. You will take this strength and turn it into confidence. The lessons you've learned not only during Mercury retrograde, but also throughout the course of your entire life, will serve you as you embark onto the next chapter. The new moon in Aries will charge you with unstoppable energy and the sky is the limit for how far it will take you.