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Your July New Moon Horoscope Is Here & You're Ready For A New Beginning


Another new moon? I know it may feel sudden, but that's the nature of the phases of the moon. They're constantly helping you grow during its ceaseless 28-day lunar cycle. While each phase carries its own significance, the two most powerful ones will always be the full moon and the new moon, and their meanings mirror each other. While the full moon is about culmination, completion, and change, a new moon is about letting go, forgiveness, and starting over. Think of the new moon as a plot of fertile soil. During this phase of the lunar cycle, you can plant a seed and watch it grow. And when the full moon finally takes place, you get to see what that seed has become. But don't get too far ahead of yourself, because the next new moon takes place on July 20 at 1:33 p.m. ET and your July 2020 new moon horoscope holds all the details.

This new moon takes place in cardinal water sign Cancer, a zodiac sign of compassion, intuition, and emotion. Cancer is ruled by the moon, making this new moon that much more significant. Representing an internal shift, this new moon asks you to look deep in your heart and identify what matters most to you. Let the deep, soulful, and protective vibrations of Cancer help you understand and identify what means the most to you so you can stop worrying about everything else.

Here's how it will affect you, according to your zodiac sign:

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Get in touch with your heart. Allow yourself to feel. Give yourself permission to care. It's time for you to let down your guard and be honest with yourself about what truly matters. Compassion will always be a risk, but it's a risk worth taking. Your heart should always feel at home.


There's so much you have yet to learn. Open your eyes to all the knowledge there for the taking. Talk to new people. Read new books. Fill your head with information it has never known before. You're constantly growing, so don't be afraid of absorbing something new; something that might change everything.


The world will always try to convince you that you need something else in order to feel completed. However, it's all a lie, because the world doesn't want you to know you were already born with everything you need. Remember what you're made of, because you're made of something money could never buy.


When someone asks you to tell them about yourself, what do you say? Do you respond with what everyone thinks of you or with what you think of yourself? It's time for you to reject everyone's opinions and decide once and for all who you're going to be. No one knows you better than you know yourself.



So many of your problems would vanish if you let go of your desire to be right. While your ego may feel bruised and your pride damaged, none of that is real. What's real is in your heart and soul. Think of whether this issue will matter in the grand scheme of things. Why not let go of it all and heal?


You have so many dreams you plan on manifesting into reality. So many hopes and dreams that infiltrate your imagination. Why not let the world know you're serious about these dreams? In fact, why not let likeminded friends help you accomplish them? They might be holding onto the missing ingredient.


The world wants to see you. It's scary to put yourself out there because it means risking failure. However, you can't expect to win anything unless you sign up. If your goals matter enough to you, then you should be willing to fail over and over again as long as it means you're a little bit closer to winning. Here's a hint: You're closer than you think.


You're sick of monotony. You're tired of knowing exactly how things are going to turn out. What you're craving is drama, wisdom, and adventure. You want experiences that change you from the inside out. Open your heart to spontaneous opportunities that land in your lap because they might take you exactly where you want to be.



Commitment is a terrifying thing. It means being willing to sacrifice so much of your time, energy, and heart just to see something through to the end. It's time to make a decision. Either you dedicate yourself to something completely or you don't. There's no point in hanging out in the middle. It gets you nowhere.


Think of the relationship you want to have. Think of what you can do to become a better partner. Think of what they can do for you in return. A relationship is an equal give and take, but the only think you have control over is yourself. Act as if you're already existing in that beautiful relationship and it will most certainly find you.


When you think of your errands, you probably groan in stress because it's a mountain of work you've been putting off. Rearrange your perspective. Getting your work done is like giving yourself a beautiful gift. It's the gift of no longer having to worry about your to-do list anymore. You deserve this gift and you know it.


You were born with wings. All children were. As you've grown, the world has tried to clip them. However, they can't be severed completely because your wings will always grow back. Give them a chance to, and let yourself believe in magic just for the sake of believing in magic.