Your Weekly Horoscope Outlines Your Next Adventure & You Have Everything You Need To Fly

The solar eclipse in Capricorn may have taken place last week, but that doesn't mean all the intense cosmic energy has calmed down. Do you feel the transformative waves continuing to crash all around you? Eclipse season may involve specific lunar events, but in all honesty, eclipse season truly lasts an entire season. You may be reaching the end of an era, but it's also the beginning of a beautiful new journey, and your January 7, 2019, weekly horoscope goes to show that there's still so much work left to be done.

However, just because it's disciplined Capricorn season doesn't mean that the work has to be boring. As a matter of fact, Venus — planet of love, romance, and luxury — enters spontaneous, wild, and open-minded Sagittarius on Jan. 7, catapulting your love and social life into an adventure that never stops being interesting. This means that Venus joins Mars — planet of primal instincts and drive — in the element of fire. After undergoing so much emotional introspection through water signs and analytical stress through earth, I think we can all use an energy shake-up, don't you think?

Remember to beware of rushed and aggressive thinking when Mercury — planet of cognitive function and logic — forms a tight square with Mars on Jan. 8. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, but save the major decisions for later. When the sun overflows with the energy of a conjunction with transformative and secretive Pluto on Jan. 11, you'll begin to understand where these feelings are stemming from. With Mercury conjunct Saturn taking place on Jan. 13, you can manifest the outcome that you desire.

No matter how trying these times may feel, the week ends on a positive and driven note because Jupiter — planet of luck and expansion — forms a square with artistic and dreamy Neptune. Allow this to fuel your artistic expression.


Venus has entered your ninth house of expansion and adventure, taking your life for a romantic and stimulating journey. Feel free to ride with the wind and let yourself fall in love with the unknown. With Mercury in your career house squaring Mars in your first house of the self, you're feeling especially sensitive about where you're going in life. Don't fall prey to irrational feelings you're having about your success.


Venus is in your eighth house of sex, making you overwhelmingly desirably and in need of true intimacy and romantic connection. Allow this to bring you closer to yourself or someone else. Jupiter is also in your eighth house of sex, bringing luck to your sexual expression. However, as it forms a square with scattered Neptune, it may be time to see your romantic delusions for the truth. Let this week bring you clarity.


Pairing up is all that's on your mind now that Venus is in your seventh house of partnerships. You're looking to forge lasting connections with your loved ones and nurture loyalty, as well as romance. As Mercury in your house of sexuality forms a square with Mars in your social house, you may feel sensitive and in the mood for intense conversations. Make sure to think what you're expecting from others through. Save battles for later.


With Venus moving through your sixth house of work and health, your love language has immediately become acts of service. You're in the mood to help others, and you're turned on by being helped in return. With the sun and Mercury in your seventh house of partnerships, you're rethinking what makes your relationships work. Concoct a plan to remedy any lingering issues or figure out how you can cut your losses.


Your fifth house of play and pleasure has been activated by Venus, setting you on a lovely and fun-filled journey in your social life, as well as your love life. Go on creative dates and indulge in childlike wonder. With Mars in your ninth house of adventure squaring Mercury in your house of productivity, however, you may feel pulled between wanting to expand and wanting to stay focused. Don't let it overwhelm you.


Now that Venus is in your fourth house of the home and family, you're craving a deep, calm, and safe type of love. It may also be time to spruce up your home environment with the luxury and aesthetic that you desire. With Mercury in your fifth house of pleasure squaring Mars in your sex house, you may be feeling especially in the mood for romance and intensity this week. Don't let it morph into stressful aggression.


Your third house of communication is receiving all of the energy from Venus, making you the conversationalist, not the mention the best flirt. Use this energy to express how you're feeling and thinking and everyone will listen. However, with Mars in your partnership house squaring Mercury in your home and family house, you may be experiencing negative energy towards your closest relationships. Think your decisions though.


You're all about luxury and wealth right now with Venus in your second house of finance and possessions. You're in a great place to make more money or surround yourself with the decadence that you deserve. With the sun in your communication house forming a conjunction with Pluto, your thoughts may drift to dark and shadowy places. You'll be interested in intense and serious prospects, but it can take you far.


Venus has drifted into your first house of the self and you're currently the hottest item on the market. Everyone is looking to you for love and beauty inspiration, so revel in the self-admiring energy. Jupiter is also in your first house, making this Venus return incredibly lucky. However, as Jupiter squares Neptune in your fourth house of family, you could be facing the reality of a dream you've had for your home life. Things may not be as they seem.


Your romantic aura is especially mysterious with Venus in your 12th house of spirituality. You appear like someone who knows a secret, and you do. Right now, your subconscious is bursting with beauty that deserves your attention. With Mercury and Saturn both in your first house, you're going through a great deal of rapid and serious transformation. Take yourself and your dreams seriously. It's time to grow.


Your social life is on fire in the sexiest way now that Venus is in your 11th house of community. You need to get out there and connect with others in a meaningful way, because you're someone everyone wants to know. However, with Mercury in your house of the unconscious squaring Mars in your communication house, you may be mixing fact with fiction. Make sure your thoughts and feelings are stemming from reality.


You're someone everyone wants to hire now that Venus is in your 10th house of career. You're radiating power, success, and ambition in the sexiest way. Use it to show the world what you're made of. With Neptune in your house of the self squaring Jupiter, also in your 10th house, you may not be aware of how much power you have, or how to use your power. Do the work and trust that the universe will take care of the rest.