Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & The New Year Begins With A Bang

The countdown to midnight has already begun, and it's time to say your farewells to 2018 in preparation for the new year headed our way. Are you feeling bittersweet about the change? Totally ready for something new? Indifferent about it all? All of these perspectives are valid, especially considering how difficult the past year has been, but one thing's for sure: The first week of 2019 is bursting with cosmic energy, and your December 31, 2018 weekly horoscope will tell you all about it.

On Dec. 31, Mars — planet of aggression, vitality, and drive — enters its home zodiac sign of Aries, encouraging us to reign in the new year with an extra dose of courage and truth. Aries knows what it wants, and when 2019 begins, it's time for you to put your whole heart into every move you make.

As of Jan. 4, it'll be time to settle even more deeply into Capricorn season, because Mercury — planet of cognitive function and communication — will join the sun in the zodiac sign of ambition, hard work, and coming out on top. It's time to focus hard on your goals, to lay one brick on top of the other, and instead of being discouraged by failure, let it feed your hunger for success.

You have the power to truly shape the reality you'd like to manifest with a solar eclipse taking the place of our new moon in Capricorn on Jan. 5. Remember that eclipses signify major awakening and significant changes. Use this energy to truly catapult your life forward. Sometimes everything collapses at once, sometimes everything comes together at once. The point is to never remain stagnant.

And if you were hoping the unsettled feelings and inner-turmoil would finally find some level ground, you're in luck. Uranus retrograde comes to an end on Jan. 6, helping you commit to your truth and see yourself more clearly. Get to know who you've become and thank yourself for everything you've survived.


Mars, your ruling planet, has officially entered your first house of the self. As of this week, you're fully in touch with your gut instinct, helping you make all the decisions that reflect your inner truth. An energy boost is on its way. With a solar eclipse in your 10th house of career, that energy will help you make some big changes when it comes to achieving success in your work. Recognition and admiration is on the way.


With a solar eclipse taking place in your ninth house of adventure and wisdom, you're on the brink of a serious perspective change. You may be changing belief systems, or feeling prepared to embark on a journey full of risk and excitement. Mars is now in your 12th house of spirituality, and your actions and drive is in search of deeper meaning and truth. You're not searching just for material success. It's more than that.


Mars is officially in your 11th house of friends, endowing you with an instinct to protect your community, fight for others, and meet new people. You're not just thinking of yourself and your selflessness shows. With a solar eclipse lighting up your eighth house of reincarnation, you're shedding the old you and facing the you yet to come. This may feel scary and uncertain, but progress arrives when you prepare for the unknown.


With a solar eclipse transforming your seventh house of relationships, you're on the verge of making new connections in exchange for potentially losing old ones. If a relationship comes to an end, trust that it's not meant to serve you in this next phase of life. Mars is now in your 10th house of reputation, pushing you to work towards accomplishment and recognition. It's time to make the world realize what you can offer.


With Mars in your ninth house of adventure and expansion, you're hungry for new experiences and in search of a wilder and more spontaneous reality. Monotony and rigid routine will bored you, however, a solar eclipse arrives to change your sixth house of work and health. It may be time to find to start a new fitness regime or find a new way of getting things done that suits you. Think about the ways in which you work best.


You're in the middle of an especially fun and creative time in your life, and it will be so much more apparent with the solar eclipse occurring in your fifth house of art and pleasure. You're realizing what you truly enjoy in life, and you may be lead down an avenue of joy that's new to you. Mars marches through your eighth house of spiritual sex, making this an incredibly sensual and intimate time for you. Your heart is fiery with passion.


A solar eclipse will show you a whole new meaning of home when it takes place in your fourth house of family. You may be realizing that a change in your family structure is on the way, or that "home" is starting to mean something else to you entirely. Mars is also in your seventh house of partnerships, meaning that your greatest work will come when you cooperate with and team up with others. Help and be helped in return.


You're in the middle of a very brainy and alert time, especially with Mars is in your sixth house of work and health. Use this energy to accomplish loads of important tasks, declutter your life, and rearrange your priorities. With a solar eclipse changing your third house of communication, you're in the middle of realizing how you can be more honest about your needs and speak up to others. Brilliant ideas may also be on the way.


A solar eclipse is electrifying your second house of finance and possessions. You may be on the brink of a lot of money, or on the brink of realizing how you need to make more money. A change in your foundation and idea of comfort is about to take place. Mars is in your fifth house of pleasure, and creating art and interacting with the universe in a childlike way is your main motivating force as of late. Let color flow into you.


Unbelievably major changes in who you are will soon be arriving. You're in the midst of your solar return, and it's being intensified by a solar eclipse in your first house of the self. You're going to experience a turbo-charged shift into the future, so prepare to grow up fast. Mars is in your fourth house of home and family, and your satisfaction in life is found in your tenderest and most loving center. Tend to those who reside in your heart.


You're on the brink of a spiritual awakening, because the solar eclipse will shake your 12th house of the unconscious. You'll be receiving the truth you already know, but may have been avoiding, and it's time to quiet your mind, quite your surroundings, and look within. With Mars in your third house of communication, you'll be compelled to be vulnerable with others about what you find during your reflection. Through connection, you'll learn too.


You're hungry to earn more money, to surround yourself with luxury, and to make yourself feel more secure in this chaotic world. It's time to take care of your life and leave nothing to chance. Prepare for a rainy day. With a solar eclipse bursting through your 11th house of community, you're about to make tons of new friends, but possibly lose some old ones. Your circle is a central focus, and through others, you'll find a deeper truth.