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Things Are Beyond Intense In Your January 6 Weekly Horoscope


It may be a new year, but the cosmos are just getting started. You won't need to commit to those resolutions before you see change, because 2020 is starting off with a major, life-altering bang. Prepare for unexpected twists and turns in your January 6, 2020 weekly horoscope, because you may embark down a path from which there is no return.

I know this all sounds intense, and trust me, it is, but the cosmos never leave you empty-handed when you're in the midst of a transformation. By Jan. 8, both the sun and communicative Mercury will have formed a sextile to dreamy and compassionate Neptune. This spreads a certain magic and spiritual connectivity throughout the cosmos and encourages kindness as well as creativity. This energy eases you into the changes that may take place, giving you a positive and visionary mindset. Things might not go according to plan, but that doesn't mean they wont be beautiful.

On Jan. 10, you'll discover what plans were never meant to be and what plans remain intact (for now, at least). A lunar eclipse in moody and protective Cancer will take place at 2:21 p.m. ET, completing this season of eclipses that began on Dec. 26, 2019 in Cancer's opposite sign, Capricorn. In astrology, a lunar eclipse is so much more than the moment the moon turns red. It's also the harbinger for harsh endings and abrupt new beginnings. It's when a door is slammed shut in your face, only for another door that you would never have imagined opening. This lunar eclipse, in particular, asks you to purge unhealthy emotional attachments. While you should honor the pain you've been through, you still have the power to put the shattered pieces back together. In fact, it will be far more meaningful than it was before it was broken.

By Jan. 12, an extremely rare and powerful transit will finally commence. Saturn — planet of boundaries, rules, and tradition — will form a conjunction with Pluto — planet of transformation, power, and darkness. This transit is so rare that it only takes place, on average, every 34 years. These outer planets shape our collective consciousness and when they meet, a complete and total restructuring of society may commence. When it comes to the individual, it has the power to unlock repressed memories and turn your psyche upside down. This is about facing your darkest depths and accepting your truth. No one can validate you but yourself.

This is some pretty unsettling stuff, so if you're feeling exhausted, anxious, or moodier than usual, cut yourself some slack. In order for you to embrace the true extent of your power, you need to acknowledge all that you are, regardless of how the world may judge you for it.



There's a part of you no one ever sees. All the success in the world won't matter if you don't face your shadow and accept the person you are when no one is watching. Come to terms with a truth that lies just beneath the surface. External validation can only work for so long; true self-acceptance shines regardless.


There are two sides to every story. It's easy to get wrapped up in one perspective and forget there are a million different ways to see something, let alone react to it. Remain open to mental shifts, and be willing to learn, even when your stubborn nature clings onto what you know, because there's something you're overlooking.


You have the power to create your own world. Embracing your independence may come at the cost of your comfort, but it will set you free from strings attached. Even if relying on no one but yourself is unsettling for a while, trust that you have the skills required to not only survive, but thrive. Give yourself a shot at freedom.


Your feelings for someone else are strong, but you may be at a crossroads. It may be time to decide whether you're willing to sacrifice your own personal journey for the sake of a relationship. Staying or leaving is a choice with just as many consequences. Just make sure it's you who makes the decision, not someone else.



The reality you live with is irrevocably tied to the lens you choose to view it through. Your inner voice may narrate the movie that is your life, but you have the power to shift its message. As long as your voice professes its love to you on a daily basis, your reality will not fail. Forgive and be kind to yourself, even when you're frustrated.


You're breaking through barriers that have been preventing you from fully experiencing the breadth of your creativity. Whether it's fear or self-doubt, it's only curbing you from seeing color, hearing music, and telling stories that you're entitled to tell. The world depends on what you can create, so don't keep it to yourself.


It's easy to slip into a cocoon and isolate yourself from prying eyes. There, no one can judge you and no failure can be had. However, you're also giving up the opportunity that, instead of failure, you end up with success — and even success can be scary. Success is a responsibility, but it's a responsibility you're ready to handle.


You may be concentrating too much on one detail of a situation. You may feel so emotional about that detail, it causes you to forget about everything else. However, you're refusing to see the rest of the picture. If you take a step back and admire the view in its entirety, you'll find it's not all darkness; it's every color that can be.



When you've figured out how to survive on your own, it's terrifying to allow yourself to rely on something else. Any investment of your energy is risk that can leave you feeling naked and unarmed. However, literally every good thing that can happen to you in life requires vulnerability. Practice letting your guard down. What's the worst that can happen?


In order for a truly healthy and strong relationship to blossom, you have to be open to all the intensity that love requires. If you give up the moment the going gets tough, you miss out on what could be built by overcoming your challenges. As long as they're willing to meet you in the middle, this love may be worth trying harder for.


If you spend all your time daydreaming about possibilities without factoring in the work it'll take to reach those possibilities, your dreams will remain in your head. Your daily routine dictates so much of your productivity. Are you spending each day loving yourself? (And by loving yourself, I mean putting in the work to better yourself.)


Your identity may be getting absorbed by the whims of others. Don't allow yourself to shrink into a collective mind. By going along with what everyone says and allowing others to shape who you are, you deny your uniqueness only you can honor. Nurture your own talents and strengths, and don't hinder them for the sake of fitting in.