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Your January 25 Weekly Horoscope Includes A Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde


This may be the week that you exert your independence and discover something new about yourself. After all, the sun will form a square with innovative and revolutionizing Uranus on Jan. 26, which may induce sudden changes and inspire you to rebel against constricting forces in your life. However, this also means the universe is reverberating with erratic energy, making it clear that your January 25, 2021 weekly horoscope is one that might just change everything.

Passion and intensity may be a driving force this week. On Jan 28, romantic Venus and transformative Pluto will form a conjunction, which will deepen your feelings and prioritize depth over harmony. This is not a transit that favors superficial dalliances, because now is the time to embrace the truth. And if there's one thing that's true about the Venus-Pluto conjunction, it's that secrets will be revealed and a light can be shined on even the most pitch black of shadows.

Jan. 28 is also when the full moon in Leo takes place, exuding an energy that encourages you to let your creativity shine and stand out in a crowd. However, with imposing Saturn opposing this full moon, you'll also be facing the fears that have been preventing you from expressing yourself. And whatever you're feeling will only be emphasized, as the sun will also form a conjunction with expansive and exaggerating Jupiter on Jan. 28.

All of this is just the build-up to a grand finale: Mercury retrograde. Beginning on Jan. 30, this Mercury retrograde takes place in Aquarius. Since Aquarius is the zodiac sign of philanthropy, progressive values, and humanitarian causes, you can expect this retrograde to highlight the issues that matter most to you and how you can improve your impact on the world. This will be a beautiful time to look inward and identify the ways you may be contributing the problem and how you can remedy that. While you can't change the world alone, your actions will ripple outward, touching and inspiring people in the process.



There is some mega-intense energy surrounding your career this week. You may have been dealt a few blows lately, but you're picking yourself back up and trying again like never before. Ask yourself where you truly want to take your career next. A creative revelation is also coming into fruition this week, which may indicate that the next career path you will take is an artistic one.


Rumors may be swirling and you may be surprised to hear what people think of you and your work. You may be prone to focusing on a few bad reviews instead of remembering the long list of accolades you've got. You may have trouble knowing exactly what project you're meant to take on next, but that's the beauty of your situation. Let go of your need for a plan and let the unknown sweep you off your feet.


You know better than anyone that it's OK to change your mind. However, this week, strange experiences may open you up to perspectives that feel frightening, revealing an aspect of your reality that leaves you feeling uncertain. Take new information with a grain of salt and try to be more cautious of what information you decide to spread. Consider the impact of your words.


There may be a power struggle in a relationship this week. Instead of maintaining equal balance, one partner may leave the other feeling drained and dominated, which will only allow resentment to brew. How you deal with this predicament could either strengthen your bond or leave you ready to distance yourself. Is this relationship worth it? Are you prepared to set your ego aside for the sake of mutual respect?



People may surprise you this week. Relationships that you've long relied on may begin to come unglued as relationships you've never given a second thought to reveal more depth than you realized. It may feel like others are changing, but the person who may truly be changing is you. Prepare to come to a more honest understanding of who you are and how you express yourself to the rest of the world.


You may be craving a romance that's so penetrating, it's borderline dangerous. If this love feels addicting, as though you can't live without it, it may be time to reassess whether this brand of love brings out the best in you. Old patterns may be resurfacing and unhealed pain may be resurfacing. You're ready to let go of all the guilt you've been carrying, creating space for your emotional freedom.


Pain from your personal life may be consuming your thoughts this week. Trauma from your upbringing or your childhood may be at the forefront of your mind as things remind you of memories that may feel hard to relive. It's a beautiful time for therapy, nurturing, and self-care. Remember, where you come from will always be a part of you, but it has no say on where you will end up.


There is tension surrounding your home life, leaving you feeling vulnerable to change that you may not be ready for. However, sometimes the deepest uncertainties can encourage you to discover your strongest certainty. This week, you have so much potential to overcome career hurdles and take a measured step toward accomplishing goals in your public life.



Conversations may veer off into strange territory this week, so be careful what you say and how you interpret what is said to you. It may not be the best time to make promises or state your beliefs on an official level, as you're in a period of mulling things over. You may find that your perspective changes in a major way before you know it. Give yourself time to learn, understand, and process new things.


Your ability to love yourself is what's on your mind this week. You may find that you're coming face to face with your shadow self this week; the part of you that criticizes yourself or obsesses over your flaws. Even as you're trudging through darkness, remember that it is always darkest before the dawn. You're embracing some major transformation this week and soon you'll see strength in your reflection.


You're breaking away from other people's expectations this week. The person you've been is very different from the person you're becoming; from the secret parts of yourself that you're haphazardly embracing. You may find that these changes are rocking your relationships, which comes with the territory of embracing your authenticity. Watch as new relationships begin to arrive.


Your intuition may reveal startling information this week as unexpected bouts of insight rush through your heart. Let these revelations guide you toward your spirituality and your ability to process healing. This week is also revealing how well you've been taking care of yourself in the physical realm. Attempt to find balance between work and rest. Productivity is important, but not at the cost of your well-being.